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Articles from New African (May 1, 2005)

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"How Britain undermined democracy in Africa": an exclusive account of Nigeria's first elections. Ankomah, Baffour; Price, Stuart Cover Story 3980
"You know Mr Smith, they have treated you like an African": in every era, William Wilberforces arise in Europe and stand by Africa through thick and thin. Harold Smith of Widbrook is undoubtedly one such character of our time. Not many people, European or otherwise, would sacrifice themselves for principles, values and a foreign continent. New African went to interview him. Interview 3728
Are you educated? Kgwete, Madibeng Letter to the Editor 164
Bamako: city of culture, people of hospitality; Stephen Williams, on a recent visit to Mali, was bowled over by the delights of the capital city, Bamako, one of Africa's great artistic epicentres which, as expected, acts as a magnet for many of the country's artists. Williams, Stephen 1428
Burundi. Brief Article 80
Cote d'Ivoire: light at the end of the tunnel; After months of stalled progress, there is fresh yet cautious hope a new peace accord could begin the tentative process of ending the current stalemate and paving the way towards the presidential elections timetabled for October. Stuart Price reports. Price, Stuart 710
Defenceless Africa. Afele, Herman Kwame Letter to the Editor 359
DRC/Uganda: Uganda in the dock; Hearings have begun in a case brought by the Democratic Republic of Congo accusing Uganda of invading its sovereign territory and being responsible for the killing of thousands of civilians. Tom Okello reports. Okello, Tom 512
Economic policies in Africa. Akomolafe, Femi Letter to the Editor 342
Ethiopia. Brief Article 87
Guinea worm: on the brink of extinction; New funding has boosted the effort to eradicate the last remaining vestiges of Guinea worm. As Douglas Akwasi Owusu reports from Accra, the debilitating disease is poised to be eliminated once and for all. Owusu, Douglas Akwasi 617
Internet telephony: Africa's brave new future. Addai-Sebo, Akyaaba 2696
Kenya. Brief Article 82
Kenya: Sir Edward's crusade has clay feet. Kabukuru, Wanjohi 1870
Malcolm X: when he came to Ghana. Duodu, Cameron 3044
Mbeki and development issues. van Dijk, Peter Letter to the Editor 414
New era for media in the Arab world. 1415
New Pope, little hope. de Figueiredo, Antonio 1618
Nigeria. Brief Article 99
Nigeria: a lesson to African journalists. 1451
Raffia cane victims (part 2): even a cane-happy teacher can sometimes be disarmed by the inability of a "local-foreigner" to comprehend difficult words in a foreign language. And so it happened to Duodu's hard-nosed teacher--he could occasionally find a brain cell to use among the bones that knocked about in his thick skull. Duodu, Cameron 1347
Respect each other. Earnshaw, Eileen Letter to the Editor 134
Somalia: the north must continue to govern itself; With Somalia's new president looking to return and unite the country, Abdullahi Dool takes a sideways look at the prospect of a future, united Somalia. Dool, Abdullahi 813
South Africa: an apology for apartheid; The party responsible for decades of apartheid rule now ceases to exist after its members decided the wheels had well and truly fallen off the National Party's wagon. And as one might imagine, there were few who shed a tear at this particular extinction. Stuart Price reports. Price, Stuart 1076
Spreading truths that are not in the gospels: were Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene an item? Read Dan Brown's book, The Da Vinci Code. It is, writes Brown, historical fact. On the record. Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute. Orakwue, Stella 1607
Sudan. Brief Article 174
Tanzania: battling for Mkapa's crown; The political temperature in Tanzania is slowly rising as the country approaches elections later this year. Ramadhani Kabale reports from Dar es Salaam on the candidates and likely successor to incumbent President Benjamin Mkapa. Kabale, Ramadhani 599
The Truth about Zimbabwe. Maonera, Felix Letter to the Editor 159
UK: tougher on illegal immigration; Once again, as it has many times in the past, immigration has become a major issue this year. Mark Olden writes about the poor Africans at the receiving end of the immigration stick in Her Majesty's Kingdom. Olden, Mark 1347
Zambia: the president vs the preacher; A power struggle and allegations of corruption have rocked Zambia's ruling party. Reginald Ntomba reports from Lusaka. Ntomba, Reginald 561
Zimbabwe: 'election reflects the will of the people'. Mlambo-Ngcuka, Phumzile 2137

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