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Articles from New African (May 1, 2004)

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Africa must act on bio-piracy. Masters, Eliot Letter to the Editor 382
Africa: No G8 invitation this year; African leaders will not be invited to this year's G8 conference to be held in Georgia, USA, because of the "more pressing" issues about the Middle East and "terrorism". Trevor Grundy reports. Grundy, Trevor 698
ANC wins confidence of the nation: the ANC's emphatic victory in the 14 April elections did not come as a surprise. After 10 years of democracy, the party can take credit for the political and economic stability that the country enjoys today. Commey, Pusch 1027
And the winner is ... In Africa, football is a religion, but for 80 years scepticism has kept the world's premier sports event, the World Cup, off Africa's turf. This time it is a given. FIFA has decided to award the 2010 World Cup to Africa, but where in Africa? We shall know by 15 May. Pusch Commey reports. Commey, Pusch 1287
Bravo Stella. Kanu, Unisa Letter to the Editor 391
Colonialism is back in fashion: not long ago, many Western scholars looked down on such terms like "imperialism" and "exploitation". Now a new encyclopaedia on colonialism is about to be published (cover price: $285). It is a sign that Western curriculum on the subject is finally catching up with the times. de Figueiredo, Antonio Book Review 1300
Cynthia the Great; The former US Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney, took Paris by storm during the ommemoration of the Rwandan genocide in early April. Her message: "those committed to truth and justice should speak out about things that matter.". Medina, Rutchie Tete 722
Egypt: crisis of identity; Fed up with living in Toronto, Canada, Franklin Okot (a Ugandan) decided to go "back home" to Africa. He chose Cairo as his new home, but Egypt, sadly, turned out to be a place for everybody "except black Africans", he writes. This is one of the most harrowing tales an African can ever tell. Okot, Franklin 1881
Equatorial Guinea: mercenaries cannot stop our forward march. Bazid, Khalid Interview 1998
Escape from the victimhood syndrome: the aim of this column is to persuade Africa and Africans to accept our role in our oppression. For once, let us turn away from those we have traditionally blamed for our predicament. Omotoso, Kole 1252
Ethiopia: poverty remains main enemy. Berhanu, Wagaye Letter to the Editor 211
Fill in this questionnaire and win a free subscription*. 175
Ghana at 47. Brief Article 189
Haiti, an eye opener. Johnson, James Weldon 2866
I am your fan, Stella! Anaman, Peter Wolfe Letter to the Editor 151
Lennox Lewis: 'I shall not return'; On 6 February, boxing lost one of its finest champions when Lennox Lewis, the world heavyweight champion, announced his retirement while still at the top. Here, Richard Lenton traces the glorious rise of Lewis and the humiliating fall of his comrades who failed to see when a fight was one too many. Lenton, Richard 1969
Lesson for The Gambia. Lowe, Bernadette M. Letter to the Editor 483
Liberia: Liberians meet in Sweden; It's now all hands on deck as Liberia's peace process call for the efforts of all its nationals. Simon Reeves reports from Stockholm. Reeves, Simon Brief Article 226
Liberia: no fears, says Bryant; Gyude Bryant, Liberia's transitional leader, is doing fine. He sleeps well and has no worries, he says. So far, disarmament of the warring factions is on course. And he wants former President Charles Taylor to stay where he is--in exile in Nigeria. Alphonso Toweh reports from Monrovia. Toweh, Alphonso 673
Management training is vital. Boro, Wadada Yamba Letter to the Editor 290
Nigeria: two bans, many views; In late March, the Nigerian authorities banned the live relay of foreign news because some of them. 759
No longer shall they kill our prophets ... (3). Ankomah, Baffour 1657
Rwanda: a time to remember, but ... "Never again" was the theme of the 10th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide. But as James M. Smith and Janet Jere report, to achieve this, the lessons should go far beyond the 1994 genocide. Smith, James M.; Jere, Janet 962
Sierra Leone: the quiet revolution; When thinking of booming mobile phone markets, Sierra Leone is not the first place that springs to mind, but the country is going through something of a telephony renaissance. Nick Smith reports from Freetown. Smith, Nick 745
Somalia: miraculous victory over polio; With the last case of polio reported in 2002, Somalia has been removed from the list of polio-endemic countries. As a major polio immunisation campaign began in late March, UNICEF called this achievement a "miraculous victory for children over conflict and devastation", Julia Spry-Leverton reports. Spry-Leverton, Julia 517
South Africa: 'Our Strength Lies in Secrecy'. Bell, Terry Excerpt 4154
South Africa: no more coasting along softly; Ten years of "coasting" by the ANC is a long enough period. In any case, you don't have to seek the permission of someone sitting on your neck, in order to throw him off and be able to breathe. Viva ANC. Duodu, Cameron 1594
South Africa: on the right track. Ankomah, Baffour Cover Story 1575
Sudan: Darfur, more than a conflict; "It is genocide." That is, at least, how Mukesh Kapila, the outgoing UN humanitarian coordinator in Khartoum, describes the fighting in the Darfur region of western Sudan. Sala Makki reports. Makki, Sala 1204
The Gambia: oil at last; The Gambia has finally hit oil, and judging from recent events, the country will have no truck with corruption from any quarter. Modou Kante reports. Kante, Modou 410
The Netherlands: immigrants beware; A few years ago, it would have been difficult to envisage The Netherlands becoming a society so intolerant of its minority populations. Femi Akomolafe sent this opinion piece from Amsterdam. Akomolafe, Femi 1292
Uganda, DRCongo: there is hope yet. Sisulu, Sheila 1432
USA: life ain't easy; Going to America is the ultimate goal of many Africans. The streets are paved with gold and the taps flow with milk and honey. Not quite, as the hundreds of thousands of African green card lottery winners have found in "God's Own Country". Kwabena Sarpong Akosah reports from New York. Akosah, Kwabena Sarpong 1040
We can't forget the past. Mabunda, Alex Letter to the Editor 391
What arrogance? Kujichagulia, Oya Letter to the Editor 222
Zambia: the IMF or the people; As the IMF and World Bank keep moving the goal posts on Zambia's eligibility for further debt relief, the London-based newsletter, Bretton Woods Update, has published this eye-opening report on the extent of Zambia's predicament living under the grip of IMF conditions. 670

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