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Articles from New African (October 1, 2003)

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22 medals for Africa. Goodwin, Clayton 1398
African complicity must end. Aluko, Tunji Letter to the Editor 115
Austria/Africa: police brutality caught on camera: a 33-year-old Mauritanian, Cheibani Wague, was brutalised to death by the Austrian police, all of which was videotaped. Mansaray, Issa 484
Botswana is not working against Zimbabwe: Botswana is not aware of, or party to, any plans to enforce a regime change in any country in the region. Even if the Americans and the British were planning to do so, Botswana would never allow itself to be used for such treacherous activities. Merafhe, Mompati S. 643
Botswana: Basarwa's campaign for their land continues. Corry, Stephen 1690
Bush visit did not fool us. Mabala, Frederick Matlou Letter to the Editor 132
Cameroon: too much oil was bad news for cocoa: the government of Cameroon has launched an initiative to revive the country's cocoa and coffee sectors. Tansa Musa reports from Yaounde. Musa, Tansa 1029
Can I smell a rat? Payin, Ekow Letter to the Editor 171
Cheer-leading Muluzi. Uriesi, George Letter to the Editor 309
Coalition? Forget it! Capa-Cing, Samuel Letter to the Editor 293
Cote d'Ivoire: living on hope: faced with a harsh economic reality, Ivorians are trying to confront the new challenge of survival with one weapon: hope. Akarue, Josephine 1314
Cultural Materialism, born in Africa: Cultural Materialism attempts to explain why throughout history, from slavery to colonial rule, exploitation involved co-operation and partnership with local ruling classes, or why after independence the African middle classes adapted to whatever new order was, and still is, imposed from outside. de Figueiredo, Antonio Obituary 1474
Ecobank on course. 391
France/Africa: no more mercenaries: Paris is fed up with being embarrassed by the mercenary activities of French nationals in Africa, and it has promised to clamp down hard on such activities. Michaud, Paul 493
Idi Amin: hated in life, loved in death? After 24 years of exile in Saudi Arabia, Idi Amin Dada, the former Ugandan president, finally succumbed to high blood pressure and kidney failure on 16 August. Curtis Abraham and Tom Mbakwe look at the man and his times. Abraham, Curtis; Mbakwe, Tom Obituary 1550
Independence a la Muluzi. Achodo, Charles Letter to the Editor 241
John Chilembwe a forgotten hero. Boateng, Osei 2931
Just imagine if they all ran under one African Union flag. 161
Kenya: who wants to be vice president? At the time of going to press, President Mwai Kibaki was yet to pick a new vice president, but he faced a simmering conflict within his hurriedly put together ruling coalition. Otieno, Derek 1077
Land, a God-given right. Tola, Abebe Letter to the Editor 191
Mauritania keenly awaits its elections: Mauritania is expected to hold presidential elections on 7 November, and the people can't wait to show where their loyalty lies, especially after the abortive coup on 8 June. Mbakwe, Tom 1040
New African too one-sided. Reijnen, Cecilia Letter to the Editor 262
Nigeria 'you are no longer the governor. You have resigned!' Have you ever heard about a governor who resigns from his post but does not know that he has resigned? It happened in July in Nigeria's Anambra State. Jason, Pini 1070
Nigeria/Liberia Taylor in, but not welcome: Charles Taylor, the former Liberian president, arrived in Nigeria on 12 August to begin his life in exile. Pini Jason and Tom Mbakwe explain why the people of Nigeria opposed his presence in the country. Jason, Pini; Mbakwe, Tom 1114
Should African countries liberalise at any cost? Restrictions on importation of goods that can be produced locally has become a matter of extreme urgency, writes Professor S.K.B Asante who rather wants African governments to arrogate to themselves the right to define their nations' economic interests, instead of leaving that to the play of market forces. Asante, S.K.B 1649
Sierra Leone: Foday Sankoh as I got to know him: Foday Saybana Sankoh, the Sierra Leonean rebel leader, died in jail on 29 July, survived by his Senegalese wife, Fatou. Here, Ebow Godwin, our correspondent in Lome, Togo, who knew him very well, tells about the lighter side of Sankoh's life. Godwin, Ebow Obituary 1768
South Africa hits oil: Pusch Commey on the joy in South Africa over the country's new oil find deep in the sea. It will cut the country's daily oil import by half. Commey, Pusch 447
South Africa/Ghana: merger or takeover? South Africa's AngloGold is set to "merge" with Ghana's Ashanti Goldfields in the biggest deal to create the world's biggest gold producer. But is it really a merger or a takeover. Commey, Pusch 1100
Sudan squandering the best chance yet for peace? Jacob J. Akol, a Sudanese journalist, on why America should not allow Khartoum and Cairo to scupper the peace process in Sudan. Akol, Jacob J. 727
The lost tribe. 2547
This is no good, sir: "the Baghdad communiques are belated, insincere, incomplete. Things are far worse than we have been told ... We are today not far short of a disaster"--Thomas Edward Lawrence (aka Lawrence of Arabia), writing in 1920 on the then crumbling British occupation of Iraq, which was, as it is today, under guerrilla attack. Ankomah, Baffour 1650
US token measures in Liberia. Wahome, Dennis M. Letter to the Editor 240
What is Africa's economic role in the world? What are Africa's unique selling points? Agriculture? Minerals? A place where stuff comes out of the earth aplenty? What does the global economy think Africa exists for? The ministers who met in Cancun, Mexico, (10-14 September), were not supposed to mull over such things. Orakwue, Stella 1480
When a forked tongue bites itself: "you don't have a stable Iraq. You don't have support for the American presence. You don't have greater democracy in the region ... or a diminution of terrorism." What does George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld have then? "The finest military in the world!". Duodu, Cameron 1664
Zimbabwe: can football kick political animosity into touch? Zimbabweans believe their fist ever qualification for the African Cup of Nations tournament in Tunisia next January, after 23 years of failure, is a sign that they can solve their problems without outside help. Tendai Madinah reports from Harare. Madinah, Tendai 1184

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