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Articles from New African (April 1, 2003)

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"Elections will be held on schedule". (Around Africa: Liberia). Brief Article 276
"Germany has not come to grips with colour". (Diaspora). Hadji, Petar 2054
An unreasonable veto? Pray, what is "an unreasonable veto" in the UN security council, Mr Blair? It is a veto that HE would ignore if it is not applied according to how HE would wish it to be. And he's supposed to be a lawyer! (Not in Black of White). Orakwue, Stella 1526
Austria Nightclubs of hatred: Issa Mansaray a Sierra Leonean living in Vienna, seen here with a police officer, reports on how pubs and cubs in the Austrian capital would not serve or allow in Africans. (Diaspora). Mansaray, Issa 1367
Botswana: repeating the mistakes of history? (Guest Column). Mazower, Jonathan 1601
Congo will rise again! (Lest we Forget). Figueiredo, Antonio de 1485
Czech republic: Nigerian diplomat shot dead. (Diaspora). Mbakwe, Tom Brief Article 368
Don't mention the economy: Pini Jason reports from Lagos how 30 parties campaigning for votes in the 19 April elections have still managed not to talk seriously about the economy. (Around Africa: Nigeria). Jason, Pini Brief Article 382
Fashion it suits you Kevin: Patrick Kevin is Nigerian, and his designer label is turning heads in Her Majesty's Kingdom. Clayton Goodwin went to meet him. (The Arts). Goodwin, Clayton 1111
Films Dirty Pretty Things: Beverly Andrews on a new film depicting life in the African community in the UK. "It highlights a dark nether world, where people are so poor that they have to sell parts of themselves". (The Arts). Andrews, Beverly Brief Article 702
France-Africa: Chirac's new partnership. (Feature). Nabakwe, Ruth 2183
JuJu diplomacy: that a looming massive attack on Iraq which will kill thousands of people was being "traded" around Africa like this, shows the moral principles of Bush and Blair. (Under the Neem Tree). Duodu, Cameron 1699
Kibaki's broom sweeps clean: Blamuel Njururi, in Nairobi, reports on the new government's determination to sweep the stables clean. The chief justice has become one of the early casualties. (Around Africa: Kenya). Njururi, Blamuel Brief Article 437
Land issue heats up: Namibia, like its neighbours Zimbabwe and South Africa, inherited a skewered land tenure system at independence. Now, the government of President Sam Nujoma wants to redress it -- and fast! (Around Africa: Namibia). Seleman, Pricel Brief Article 591
Letters. Letter to the Editor 2796
Madagascar 'government is now fully in charge'. Bazid, Khalid Brief Article 705
Music the King of Rhumba is netted: Papa Wemba is big not only in his native DRCongo, but also abroad. His recent arrest in Paris now threatens to shoot all that fame down. (The Arts). Bafalikike, Lokongo Brief Article 448
Music: water and oil cannot mix. (The Arts). Obayjuwana, Osasu 2123
Non-Aligned Movement "Let America teach by example. (For the Record). Mugabe, Robert 1547
Not in our name, definitely. (Baffour's Beefs). Ankomah, Baffour 1561
Oh dear! "Impressionable" Gambian parents are taking money and handing over their children to Western paedophiles who visit the country to prey on children. Abdoulie Sey reports from Banjul. (Around Africa: The Gambia). Sey, Abdoulie Brief Article 647
Rwanda: "RPF had no foreign support"; Sam Louis Gisagara rebuts Uwe Freisecke's view that Rwanda's 1994 genocide was an international conflict, not an internal one, and thus the blame must be spread far and wide. (Right of Reply). Gisagara, Sam Louis Brief Article 534
Straw quizzed on arms sales. (Around Africa: UK-Africa). Bafalikike, Lokongo 520
Sudan unity in diversity. (Feature). Akol, Jacob 1860
Tanzania Babu - the CIA file. (Feature). 1410
The 'master dribbler' dribbled? (Around Africa: Zambia). Geloo, Zerina 893
The case for not eating GM! S.K. Agyemang-Duah defends his ground on GM food. "GM is an American invention. So let the Americans eat it," he writes. (Right of Reply). Agyemang-Duah, S.K. 1004
The case of the mysterious fugitive: after the war, comes the consolidation of peace. But it is proving to be a bit much for president Tejan Kabbah's government. Mike Butscher reports from Freetown. (Around Africa: Sierra Leone). Butscher, Mike 604
The cheque is in the post: president John Kufuor is a happy man because his citizens living abroad are sending home more money than ever. George F. Asmah reports from Accra. (Around Africa: Ghana). Asmah, George F. 964
There may be trouble ahead: the government of president Patasse is in danger. But France won't help its former colony and ally. It has even withdrawn its troops stationed there. (Around Africa: Central African Republic). Ruane, Christopher 633
USA the battle for affirmative action. (Diaspora). Moonga, Choongo 943
Who killed Samora Machel? (Cover Story: Mozambique/South Africa). Commey, Pusch 2529
Youssou N'Dour cancels tour. (Iraqi War). Mbake, Tom 237
Zenawi runs into London demo. (Around Africa: Ethiopia). Brief Article 237
Zimbabwe -- the way out. (Endtail). Obayiuwana, Osasu Brief Article 798

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