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New Advertising Product to Cure Online Advertising Ills.

Full Page Banner Ad (FPBA) Promises to Usher in a New Era of Growth

For Online Advertising Companies

LOS ANGELES, July 3 /PRNewswire/ --

The Full Page Banner Ad (FPBA) is a product that the online ad-serving firms can use in their search for technologies to supplement the ebbing banner advertisement. This new product can more than double the ad-serving firms' revenue without needing to increase their current client base, or their sales or technological infrastructures. "This product is the killer app that the online advertising companies need in order to take this industry to the next level." said Co-Managing Partner and Founder Steven Cho. Online ad serving firms such as DoubleClick, Engage INC., ValueClick, and 24/7 Media have seen lowered revenues and battered stock prices as the so called dot-com bubble dissolved and web based companies have lost the resources they dedicated to on-line advertising. These companies relied on advertising generated revenue to survive, but with the decline in ad effectiveness and in turn their CPM rates, these companies have been disappearing quickly. "Banner ads have proven to be ineffective" says Co-Managing Partner and Founder Jonathan Barsade, "The FPBA is the future of online advertising, it requires no investment in new infrastructure and can bring immediate profitability to the online ad serving companies and networks." The ad-serving companies now have a new tool to grow their revenue from their existing client base without cannibalizing other revenue sources as well as the opportunity to increase their list of advertisers and rates.

About FPBA Group, LLC., and the FPBA

FPBA Group, LLC. is a California based company, which has developed and is licensing the rights to use its proprietary and patent pending technology known as the Full Page Banner Ad (FPBA). The FPBA is a full-page advertisement that is displayed on the primary browser session in between page loads. It does not launch a new pop-up session and does not interfere with the main browsing session. The ad is loaded to the users computer after downloading of the main session page, and is cached prior to its being launched when the user transfers out of the main session page. This allows a seamless delivery of web-page -- advertisement -- web-page progression. The advertisement is not cluttered by surrounding web-page content, and is timed to appear when the consumer has nothing else to focus upon, so that the full attention of the consumer is focused on the advertisement. A multimedia version of the ad, incorporating audio and video flash components is also available where the ads play like a short commercial in a rich media environment. Please contact FPBA Group, LLC, for more information and for personalized demonstrations only.


For more information, please call 818-205-9841, or email at You can also visit us on the web at

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Publication:PR Newswire
Date:Jul 3, 2001
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