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New Actiontec Network Attached Storage Appliances Simplify Always-On Media File Access on Home Networks; Wired and Wireless Models in 160GB, 250GB and Add-Your-Own-Drive Configurations.

SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- Actiontec Electronics today announced a new family of wired and wireless Network Attached Storage (NAS) appliances designed to simplify rich media access on home networks. The new Actiontec Network Attached Storage and Wireless Network Attached Storage devices enable video, music, gaming, photo and data files from multiple PCs and premium Internet multimedia services to be loaded onto and retrieved directly from the appliance, eliminating complex file share setup procedures as well as the need to keep home computers running to make files available 24x7.

Once loaded, the files are always accessible to any PC or networked digital set-top box in the home, without having to keep any computer always powered. The Actiontec NAS products also extend network capacity and double as backup hard drives.

Both the Actiontec NAS and Wireless NAS products are available in three configurations: 160GB (enough to store 160,000 photos or 40,000 songs or 1,000 hours of video); 250GB (enough to store 250,000 photos or 62,500 songs or 1,560 hours of video); and unpopulated models with an empty drive bay that can accommodate a 3.5" IDE hard drive of any capacity.

Files can be transferred to the appliance with a simple cut-and-paste procedure and accessed directly from an icon on the user's desktop. Key NAS features include:

--Stackability to permit easy deployment of multiple NAS units to accommodate large media collections. The appliances can be connected through a USB port on each unit.

--An integrated FTP server enabling users to access files stored on the NAS appliance from any computer with Internet access via file transfer protocol.

--A built-in backup utility enabling users to schedule backups from one or more networked computers to the NAS device, or from the NAS device to one or more computers on the network, and have them execute automatically.

--A built-in 802.11g wireless access point in the Wireless NAS units, allowing the appliance to be used to extend existing 802.11b or 802.11g wireless networks or wireless-enable existing wired networks. The wireless models also include 64/128-bit WEP encryption to thwart hackers.

--UPnP (universal plug and play) support enabling easy installation, self-configuration and automatic recognition of the NAS appliance by other devices on the network, as well as a DHCP server that eliminates the need to perform IP address setup manually.

--Folder access management enabling users to control access to different files by user group, such as young or teenage children.

--USB 2.0 port enabling all PCs in the home network to access any USB printer as well as content on USB keychain drives.

"Consumers are increasingly accessing rich media content such as music, video, and photos from the Internet as well as many different devices in the home. This has created a need for a NAS appliance that can serve as a seamless media hub for the entire home," said Dean Chang, Actiontec President and CEO. "Our NAS products allow all digital media to be centrally stored and universally accessed with a single click, without setting up any complicated folder sharing. This furthers our vision of the connected home."

The Actiontec NAS and Wireless NAS products complement the company's other products for high-bandwidth home entertainment applications such as video on demand. Those products include the newest Actiontec Broadband Home Router, which can process up to 80 times more throughput than earlier-generation routers, and the Actiontec MegaPlug family of 85 Mbps powerline networking products, which enable consumers to utilize standard electrical outlets to build home networks with six times the bandwidth of first-generation HomePlug solutions.

Pricing, Specifications and Availability

MSRPs for Actiontec Network Attached Storage products are $149.99 for no hard drive, $264.99 for 160GB and $329.99 for 250GB. MSRPs for Actiontec Wireless Network Attached Storage products are $184.99 for no hard drive, $298.99 for 160GB and $359.99 for 250GB. Volume discounts are available for broadband service providers.

Each Actiontec NAS and Wireless NAS unit ships with a power cord, an Ethernet cable for connecting the NAS unit to the user's computer or router, a quick start guide, and an installation CD with user manual. Minimum system requirements include a Windows 98/SE/ME/2000/XP PC connected to a 10/100 Ethernet network and equipped with TCP/IP. All models are available immediately through telecommunications providers and at

About Actiontec Electronics, Inc.

Actiontec Electronics develops products and services enabling consumers to leverage broadband Internet connectivity to simplify and enrich their lives. Covering the full spectrum of solutions for the digital life, Actiontec's products include broadband modems, home gateways, wireless networking devices, routers, VoIP adapters, and digital entertainment devices, sold through retail channels and broadband service providers; and the VoSKY family of Skype-certified products that allow consumers to make Internet calls anywhere and anytime, sold through online and retail channels. Founded in 1993, Actiontec is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, and maintains branch offices in Austin, TX; Colorado Springs, CO; Basingstoke, United Kingdom; Shanghai, China; and Taipei, Taiwan. For more information, call 408-752-7700 or visit
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