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ON OCTOBER 21 ADB Airfield Solutions (ADB) announced the introduction of the first ETL-Certified medium-intensity L-861 and L-861E LED runway edge light. The manufacturer says that the LED fixture works for more than 150,000 hours under actual operating conditions and is designed to: "virtually eliminate runway shutdowns and re-lamping expenses, significantly reducing ongoing maintenance costs."


It adds that the L-861 and L-861E LED fixtures' very low power rating and reduced spare parts contribute to lower lifecycle costs.

The manufacturer adds that the new medium-intensity LED runway edge light was designed to reduce the load on airports' constant current regulators (CCRs); can use an existing L-830 isolation transformer, and be powered by any existing CCR architecture type. The L-861 and L-861E LED fixture operates on both three-step and five-step CCRs and is available with a thermostatically controlled heater that cycles on and off when the temperature drops below freezing, reducing total energy consumption.

ADB says the LED medium-intensity fixture is a: "robust, solid-state device that withstands damage if the fixture is knocked over," and: "its internal electronics are ruggedly mounted inside its fixture housing." The fixture is fabricated from corrosion-resistant materials, and all exterior surfaces are painted aviation yellow for added protection and visibility.

At the time of writing no customers had yet been announced.

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Publication:Airports International
Date:Nov 1, 2010
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