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New 8mm bullets.

In "Montana Musings" in the October issue, Duke mentions two 8x57mm loads using Hornady's new 196-grain hollowpoint boattail bullet. I have Hornady's latest reloading manual and nowhere does it show a .323" 196-grain bullet. I called Hornady and they don't know of such a bullet either. What's up?

Frank Amitrano

Thornton, Colo.

I can't answer for the Hornady phone call, but upon reading your letter, I found the bullet, (Stock No. 3237) listed on the Hornady website ( and loaded amino available in the Vintage Match line (No. 82298). As for the company's reloading manual, perhaps they went to press before the 196-grain bullet was offered.--Jeff John
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Author:Amitrano, Frank
Publication:Guns Magazine
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Oct 17, 2012
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