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New 'how to' action guides address housing and more.

NLC has published four new Municipal Action Guides in time for the New Orleans Congress of Cities.

These guides include:

* Housing Trust Funds

* Strengthening Your Workforce

* Working Productively with 21st Century Citizens

* Linking Housing and Community Services

Each guide is four or six pages and is designed to identify a current challenge, outline strategies for addressing the challenge, list action steps that can be taken, include examples of effective city practices and programs and identify other resources that are available.

Previously published guides include:

* Homing Assistance for Municipal Employees

* Building Partnerships for Economic Vitality

* Building on Your City's Economic Strengths

* Greenroofs

* Preparing for Pandemic Influenza

All of these will be available in workshops at the Congress of Cities. They are are all also available on the NLC website,, on the City Practice Resources page.

NLC has also initiated a new publications series, the City Practice Briefs

These are each two or four pages and provide a selection of city practices and programs on specific topics to assist municipal officials. Each brief provides a summary of programs along with contact information and is designed to facilitate networking.

Currently available briefs include:

* Engaging Citizens in Public Work

* Making Municipal Government Work

* Partnering for Public Work

* Working with Governments

* Global Models in Sustainable Energy

* Economic Development: Universities and Small Cities Working Together

* Infrastructure Solutions for Cities and Towns

* Local Workforce Development Programs

* Taking Action to Address Poverty

City Practice Briefs will also be distributed at Congress of Cities workshops and can be found on the NLC website. New guides and briefs will be added to the website as they become available.
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Title Annotation:National League of Cities publishing guidelines
Author:Barnes, Bill
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Date:Nov 12, 2007
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