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New 'EZ Water Saver Kit' Saves 50% on Water Usage and Monthly Water Bills.

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., Feb. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- The Environmental Protection Agency says the average family uses 400 gallons of water daily, mostly from three sources -- showers, toilets, and faucets. Now there's a way to not only dramatically cut water usage, but also save hundreds of dollars without sacrificing comfort.

The 'EZ Water Saver Kit' replaces three simple parts in the bathroom -- the showerhead, toilet flapper, and faucet aerator. They install easily in minutes and perform so well you can't tell the difference.

"Water, not oil, is our most precious resource. Only 1 percent of the earth's water is usable, and we're running out of it," says Wayne Josephson, president of

The EPA predicts that 36 states will face water shortages within five years. Josephson says his goal is to make water conservation easy, allowing people to cut their water usage and trim t heir water bills too.

"We tested scores of water conservation products for the home and found the highest-quality, best-performing, most-economical products available," he adds.

The turbo massage showerhead saves up to 85 percent of the water of a typical showerhead, but still provides a superior shower experience. The water saving toilet flapper saves 50 percent of the water per flush by closing early, allowing a full flush without discharging all the water from the toilet tank. The water-saving faucet aerator saves up to 65 percent of typical faucet water usage.

The EZ Water Saver Kits are conveniently packaged into Full Bath Kits ($19.95) and Half Bath Kits ($8.95) and are available online at

CONTACT: Wayne Josephson, president of, +1-434-227-2727

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Publication:PR Newswire
Date:Feb 13, 2008
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