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New, harmonic drive gearhead, zero backlash.

The CSF-2UH series high torque gearheads use HD Systems' patented "S" tooth that delivers more than twice the torque, twice the life, and twice the torsional stiffness when compared to conventional Harmonic Drive Gearing. Positional Accuracy is better than 1 arc-min The CSF-2UH series is available in 10 frame sizes with rated torque ranging from 48 in-lb to 8400 in-lb and peak torque ranging from 310 indb to 42.000 in-lb. Gear Ratios 50:1 to 160:1.

The CSF series uses a rigid cross roller bearing to support its output flange. This combination allows the gearhead to be extremely compact while providing high axial, radial, and moment load capacities. Easily interfaced with a servo motor, these zero backlash, high accuracy gear systems are ideal for indexing tables, robots, and factory automation equipment. Flange or shaft output available.

HD Systems, Inc. (800)231-HDSl (631)231-6630

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Date:Feb 1, 2005
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