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New! Film Extrusion Manual, Second Edition.

The Film Extrusion Manual, Second Edition focuses on the technology and science of polymer film extrusion. The material in this book's 42 chapters can be used to learn the basics of applied extrusion theory, as well as provide troubleshooting guidelines and solutions to many common problems encountered in the fabrication of thermoplastic films.

This book can be used as a stand-along training resource for all levels of professional and operations personnel working in the plastics film industry including: plastic film manufacturing, converting, equipment suppliers, and polymer suppliers.

Order your copy of the Film Extrusion Manual, Second Edition online at or call TAPPI PRESS at 1 866 201-1012 (US); 800 446-1400 (Canada); or +1 770 446-1400 (worldwide).

To receive the latest TAPPI PRESS Catalog, 2005 is available, go online to the Bookstore section of or call TAPPI PRESS at +1 866-201-1012 (US), 800-446-9431 (Canada) or +1 770 446-1400 (Worldwide).
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Publication:Solutions - for People, Processes and Paper
Date:Mar 1, 2005
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