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South Africa remembers its day of infamy: four years after the massacre of workers at Marikana Hill, the families of victims are still waiting for justice. Oct 1, 2016 1044
South Africa's new freight clearing laws: a recipe for disaster: new South African customs legislation has been slammed by private sector business as ill-conceived, a red-tape generator and a time and money waster. Jun 1, 2016 987
Africa's leap of faith into intelligent systems super science: University of Johannesburg artificial intelligence expert Professor Twala will head a trail-blazing institute. Feb 1, 2016 956
South Africa's dirty water problem. South Africa is facing a water crisis if the country ignores the issue of supply and quality enforcement. Dec 1, 2015 1054
Crime and punishment: South Africa's desire to regulate private security firms has fallen foul of World Trade Organisation obligations. Jul 1, 2015 718
Dark days ahead for Eskom: power shortages are killing off South African businesses, but the power utility could be the crisis's real casualty.. Apr 1, 2015 793
Saving Kariba: the race is on to repair the massive Kariba Dam on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, as engineers warn that erosion threatens its great wall. Mar 1, 2015 1270
Winemakers' silver standard targets imitators: as South African wine grows in reputation and value, so too does the impetus for counterfeiting, and the country's winemakers are ramping up their investment in security. Mar 1, 2015 782
All lines clear for South Africa's Afro 4000 locos. Feb 1, 2015 1169
Has government seen the light? Feb 1, 2015 1488
African scientists take the lead on Ebola research. Jan 1, 2015 1333
Beginning of the end for ANC? Jan 1, 2015 1318
For whom the bell tolls. Dec 1, 2014 1349
Dancing with the Russian bear. Nov 1, 2014 1553
Africa's millionaire factory. Cover story Oct 1, 2014 2180
Learning to live as No 2. Aug 1, 2014 1362
Waiting for the President-in-waiting. Aug 1, 2014 1224
Inventing the S African biometric wheel. Jul 1, 2014 570
The inscrutable fire fighter. Jul 1, 2014 1564
Brand loyalty? Jun 1, 2014 609
Cutting cost of the world's most expensive broadband. May 1, 2014 1485
Saldanha Bay finally comes to the ball: South Africa's Saldhana Bay, long languishing in the shadow of Cape Town, is now all set to take centre stage as an ambitious industrial development zone begins to take shape. Apr 1, 2014 898
Tale of the tumbling rand: the South African rand is yet again in the wars. Like a handful of other emerging markets, the US's 'tapering' bailout of its economy has sucked value from their currencies, leading to fairly spectacular falls. In response, the South African Reserve Bank has raised its base lending rate but this has led to confusion in the market. Tom Nevin has the details. Mar 1, 2014 1494
ANC roughed up by Numsa withdrawal: as South Africa's political forces draw up their battle plans for the national elections later this year, the already embattled ANC suffered a body blow when the largest labour union in the country, the metalworkers, decided to split from the grand alliance that has hitherto delivered victory for the ruling party. Tom Nevin discusses the implications of Numsa's decision to go it alone. Feb 1, 2014 1438
Leaked report shocks south Africa: While thousands of foreign visitors converged on South Africa to pay their last respects to Nelson Mandela, President Jacob Zuma was struggling to shake off the implications of a leaked report by the Public Prosecutor into a colossal waste of public funds. Tom Nevin has the details of the leak that has shocked South Africa. Jan 1, 2014 1223
Solar energy made easy--and cheap: A team from the University of Johannesburg mechanical engineering department is showing how solar energy can be mobilised using the most humble of components. Tom Nevin reports on a technological breakthrough that can provide power to millions across the continent. Dec 1, 2013 757
Gordhan ends government spending binge: South Africa's Finance Minister has been swinging the axe and chopping off the huge expenses perks that politicians and top government officials have so far enjoyed. The aim is to claw back the national debt as well as instil some discipline in what many consider reckless spending by the bureaucracy. Tom Nevin gives the details. Statistical data Dec 1, 2013 1149
Chirundu one-stop turns into full stop: border crossings in the SADC region have become a nightmare for commercial truckers. Queues stretching at times to over five kilometres and bureaucratic hassles not only cause unacceptable delays, the losses they generate can amount to $60,000 a day. A one-stop system installed at the all-important crossing at Chirundu to speed things up has again broken down. Nov 1, 2013 1382
Milk industry turning sour: South Africa's centuries-old dairy industry is turning increasingly sour as producers, corporates and retailers seem to be at daggers drawn over who should get how much from the product. Nov 1, 2013 1172
Breaking the job seeker's catch-22 dilemma: a new initiative has set out to break the old catch-22 dilemma facing young job-seekers - can't get work because of no experience and can't get experience because of no job. Tom Nevin has the details. Oct 1, 2013 1290
Counting the guns: after half a century of civil war, South Sudan is awash with small arms firearms but no one knows just how many guns are out there or who has them. To get a handle on the situation, the government has asked a South African company to conduct a 'census' of firearms by marking them. Oct 1, 2013 1402
SADC members ignoring own rules: one of Africa's major trading blocks, the Southern African Development Community, created to enable the free flow of goods, services and people among its member states, is failing in most of its objectives, the reason is that many members simply ignore the rules. Tom Nevin has the details. Aug 1, 2013 1419
Who will put out the fire? Despite semantic acrobatics, the mining industry, which provides 60% of South Africa's export revenues is in crisis. Strikes, wage increase demands, higher production costs and low global prices are all contributing to the dire situation. Is there a way out? Tom Nevin has been finding out. Aug 1, 2013 1549
South Africa turning greener: South Africa is one country that has already taken the bull by the horns and plotted its electricity generation for the next 20 years, through an Integrated Resources Programme in which renewable energy takes pride of place. However, in the meanwhile, King Coal rules. Jun 1, 2013 870
European pensioners fell to South Africa: with many European countries struggling to keep their heads above water, South Africa seems to be the new Promised Land for pensioners and those who have retired. A good exchange rate and relatively low house prices add to the attraction. Jun 1, 2013 1332
Don't leave informal cross-border traders out in the cold. May 1, 2013 1348
Foreign hawks circle over magical rooibos reputation: the red beverage made from South Africa's rooibos plant has always been popular both in Africa and abroad. Research now indicates that its properties can help in curing several diseases, including diabetes. But, due to inadequate intellectual property rights protection, the name is open to abuse from foreign players trying to cash in on its growing demand. Tom Nevin report. May 1, 2013 1160
Nervous debut at Brics summit: the fifth Brics summit brought political and business leaders from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa together for the fist time in Africa. South Africa is the latest, and perhaps the smallest in terms of economic size, to join the powerful emerging-markets club. Tom Nevin reports on how the summit unfolded. May 1, 2013 1238
Urban myth of the white beggar: South Africa has its share of white beggars and urban myth has it that many of them could be closet millionaires. A recent study on the lifestyles of the country's white beggars came up with some interesting conclusions. Tom Nevin has the details. Apr 1, 2013 1471
A sea of 'black gold': Mozambique's quest for economic glory has been brought closer to reality by the opening up of massive gas and coal deposits in the country. In a sudden turn of economic events, the southeast African country stands to score massively from rich newly identified coal and gas deposits, and droves of investors have arrived to claim a stake. Report by Tom Nevin. Apr 1, 2013 1015
End in sight for River Water wars? Most rivers run through several countries and are of the greatest economic interest to each of the countries. No wonder disputes over the use of rivers goes back to biblical times and wars have been fought over the issue. Yet, so far there is not a single international treaty on the fair sharing of these waters. Tom Nevin reports that one may be just around the corner. Mar 1, 2013 1113
Power from sun concentrate: commercial banks and institutions are reluctant to fund untried technology. So how do you get new technology started? You grab the bull by the horns as South Africa is doing with an exciting new way of generating electricity, says Tom Nevin. Mar 1, 2013 884
White farmers offer olive branch: Zimbabweans are poised to vote 'yes' or 'no' to a new draft constitution this month. Elections will follow later this year. In the meanwhile, the mainly white commercial farmers union has come up with a proposal that could draw a line under the land redistribution issue and begin a revival of the countrys agricultural sector. Report by Tom Nevin. Mar 1, 2013 1058
Jacob Zuma wins by a knockout: as South Africa's ruling African National Congress (ANC) celebrates 100 years of existence, Tom Nevin casts an eye on its tumultous policy conference and the no-holds-barred struggle for dominance that followed. Conference notes Feb 1, 2013 1497
How to spend $100bn: the blueprint on how, where and when South Africa will spend its massive ($100bn) infrastructure allocation has now been made public. If all goes to plan, writes Tom Nevin, the country can expect a bonanza in new jobs and first-rate public services over the near future. Feb 1, 2013 1261
SACU windfall pulls kingdom back from the brink: Swaziland, the only surviving absolute monarchy in Africa, is also one of its most impoverished economies. A recent injection of capital from its membership of the regional customs union has allowed it to pull back from the brink of financial disaster. But how long will the windfall last? Tom Nevin reports. Feb 1, 2013 1428
Pirate attacks cut by 75%: at long last, a multinational task force seems to be winning the battle against pirates operating off the coast of Somalia. Pirate attacks reduced by a staggering 75% last year compared to 2011. What has made the difference? Tom Nevin has the details. Jan 1, 2013 1257
A mountain of money: Cape Town's table mountain has now been declared one of the new seven wonders of the world. This accolade is likely to generate as much as $10bn in economic and marketing value for the country. Jan 1, 2013 1380
South Africa's second army. Statistical data Dec 1, 2012 860
Uneasy truce in 'wine-whisky' war. Statistical data Dec 1, 2012 1019
A quagmire of one's own making? If Harare can't convince the South African Constitutional Court that it was within its rights to confiscate white-owned farms in Zimbabwe, its own properties in South Africa will be seized and auctioned off. Report by Tom Nevin. Dec 1, 2012 1152
Ripples from Marikana: there is broad agreement that the event of Marikana, where a number of miners were shot dead by police, will have far-reaching implications on the whole relationship between labour and capital. What does this mean in practical terms? Tom Nevin, reporting from Johannesburg, discusses. Nov 1, 2012 1390
Textiles threatened as end of AGOA lifeline nears. Oct 1, 2012 1526
Bracing for an autumn of discontent. Oct 1, 2012 1591
Less talk, more action on PPP needed: while there is a great deal of talk about how the private sector could work with African governments to begin to roll back Africa's huge infrastructural gap, very little in terms of regulation is actually happening. Finance, we are told, is not the problem; the problem is a lack of trust between the private sector and governments. Tom Nevin has been talking to industry players. Aug 1, 2012 1259
Durban's big dig: Durban, South Africa's busiest port, is to get a new container harbour. It will be situated at the site of the old Durban international airport, which was scrapped just prior to the 2010 Fifa World Cup. Tom Nevin has the details. Aug 1, 2012 1194
South Africa to host world's largest telescope: South Africa's bleakest semi-desert area, the Karoo region, is enjoying an unexpected spell in the limelight. It has been selected as the site of the country's largest solar park, it has billions of cubic metres of gas and now, it will be home to the world's largest and most sophisticated telescope--the Square Kilometre Array. Tom Nevin has the story. Jul 1, 2012 1300
Street battles over youth jobs: the government's decision to deploy billions of rand to provide jobs for unemployed youth has led to bitter street battles between Cosatu, the national trade union and the opposition Democratic Alliance with Cosatu, surprisingly against the proposal. Tom Nevin explains all. Jul 1, 2012 1062
New captain to steer Safmarine through seas. Jun 1, 2012 1389
Road rage victory. Report Jun 1, 2012 1476
South Africa to build world's biggest solar energy system. May 1, 2012 1387
Orchid in the sand. May 1, 2012 518
South Africa ponders cost of Iran sanctions. May 1, 2012 1524
Clean water for a thirsty continent: Tom Nevin describes how Coca-Cola and its partners are bringing clean and safe water to millions in Africa. Apr 1, 2012 928
Gordhan's trillion-rand splurge: for the first time ever, South Africa will spend more than R1 trillion ($150bn) in its 2012/2013 budget year. The trick is in how to raise the money to pay for it, and it seems the country's wealthy will bear the brunt while the middle to lower classes will feel some relief. Apr 1, 2012 1283
At last, IPPs get a look in: at long last, and prodded by South Africa's increasing power deficit, the government has given the green light to the private sector to engage in energy production. While the area allocated to IPPs is circumcribed, the development has received an enthusiastic welcome, reports Tom Nevin. Mar 1, 2012 851
South Africa feels the pain of Europe's hurting. Industry overview Feb 1, 2012 806
First made-in-Africa plane will boost defence industry. Feb 1, 2012 1515
ANC centenary marks start of war on inequality: last month, the ANC celerated its 100th anniversary. The question now, says Tom Nevin, is whether the party can transform its revolutionary triumph into an economic success for the masses. Feb 1, 2012 1142
Botswana call the shots in diamond deal of the century: while the sale of the iconic Be Beers diamond conglomerate to Anglo American did not take industry watchers by surprise, the deal making revealed outstanding business shrewdness by Botswana. Tom Nevin has the details. Jan 1, 2012 913
Coca-cola 125 years of making friends: as Coca-Cola celebrates its 125th anniversary, we look back on its extraordinary journey and continued African adventure. Report by Tom Nevin.. Dec 1, 2011 1279
Zuma's grand economic design: president Jacob Zuma appears to have taken the economic bull by the horns by overseeing several new measures aimed at reviving economic growth and, most critically, creating new jobs. Tom Nevin reports from Johannesburg. Dec 1, 2011 1293
Wages showdown looming: the government and labour unions are on a collision course over wage and employment conditions. Some ministers want regulations relaxed so more youth can be employed; labour unions strongly disagree. Nov 1, 2011 1197
R&D centre to develop new medical drugs: Cape Town University launches Africa's first centre to bridge the gap between basic and clinical health studies and in the process lead to the production of new drugs to combat serious diseases affecting Africans. Tom Nevin reports. Oct 1, 2011 1163
S Africa's taxi drivers reach for the sky: S Africa's unruly taxi industry is determined to do it right and provide an affordable and reliable service to rural destinations. Can this unlikely project succeed and will it become a model for other parts of Africa? Tom Nevin reports. Aug 1, 2011 1257
Kingdom under seige: there has been plenty of trouble in the tiny kingdom of Swaziland as the citizens demonstrate against a serious loss of income and a crippling power shortage. Tom Nevin assesses the situation. Jun 1, 2011 1128
The golden conundrum: the yellow metal is at record prices and shows little sign of slowing down. so why aren't Southern Africa's mines making. Jun 1, 2011 1499
Golden horn spells doom for African rhino. May 1, 2011 1370
The ugly face of South African mining. Apr 1, 2011 1190
We will avoid the oil curse--Ghana. Mar 1, 2011 880
Giant trade bloc ready for launch: Southern African leaders are close to fusing the SADC, Comesa and the EAC into one giant free-trade area. Will this bring about greater regional economic cohesion? asks Tom Nevin. Mar 1, 2011 1275
Skittish rand causes exasperation: the value of the rand, which has been yo-yoing for little apparent reason, is causing consternation among planners. Tom Nevin seeks the views of a cross section of the population on what impact this will have on the economy. Mar 1, 2011 1851
Wal-Mart makes a grand African entrance: Wal-Mart, the world's largest retailer and, according to some, the biggest company in the world, is, bar the shouting, coming to Africa. The combination of cheap prices, convenience and a listening ear could transform Africa's shopping habits as has happened elsewhere. But, as Tom Nevin reports, not everyone is enthusiastic about this development. Company overview Feb 1, 2011 1734
South Africa vaults into elite BRIC club: South Africa has won the race to become the latest member of the exclusive emerging market group and now joins the other members, Brazil, Russia, India and China. But the invitation to the country has left many observers scratching their heads in amazement. Tom Nevin reports. Feb 1, 2011 1458
Cape Town woos Africans to millionaire's row: estate agents in Cape Town, regarded as one of the world most desirable places to live in, are now targeting millionaire Africans from the rest of the continent. Tom Nevin finds out how the campaign is going. Jan 1, 2011 1493
Strong rand to blame--OECD: the UN OECD's latest performance reports on the South African economy are very much in line with the opinions of domestic analysts and suggests that the country's strong currency can be a hurdle to growth and job creation. Tom Nevin reports. Dec 1, 2010 821
Africa's new breadbasket? Zambia is rapidly gaining the reputation as the country of choice for investments into the agricultural sector. Food output is more than double the demand and could soon become a major export earner. Tom Nevin reports. Dec 1, 2010 1448
Textiles - between a rock and a hard place: South Africa's clothing and textile industry is being caught in a squeeze between the country's diplomatic and trading ties with China on the one hand, and the wholesale shedding of jobs with the closure of mills and factories because of them on the other. Tom Nevin reports. Nov 1, 2010 1402
The world's best gold mining region? Can rival leaders get the politics right and return this minerals-wealthy country to its former glory? The risks are still there and the big investors remain nervous, but there is no doubt that gold mining in Zimbabwe is back on the move. Tom Nevin reports. Nov 1, 2010 1361
Retaining the World Cup 'can do' spirit. Oct 1, 2010 1419
Vital bridge a reality at last: after years of inaction and legal and diplomatic wrangling, Botswana and Zambia will at last be connected by a bridge over the Zambezi River at Kazungula. Construction is due to start next year with the first traffic crossing in 2015. Tom Nevin reports. Oct 1, 2010 1477
Agoa's many happy returns: after a decade in operation, there is still widespread debate over the US's flagship Africa trade initiative Agoa and how much economic benefit it really brings to Africa. Tom Nevin examines the issues. Aug 1, 2010 2071
S Africa thinks smart over energy future: South Africa's next 20-year energy programme will be released in September. It has a futuristic feel, with smart grids that can think for themselves and a multitude of sources all serving the same end - satisfying the country's enormous energy needs. Tom Nevin reports. Aug 1, 2010 1432
Was it all worth it? Now that the world's greatest sporting tournament is over for another four years, South Africans are asking whether hosting the Fifa World Cup really benefited the country. Tom Nevin reports from Johannesburg. Aug 1, 2010 1169
Storm over pension fund investments: South Africa seems poised to follow the example of other emerging economies by dipping into civil servant pension funds to finance national infrastructure projects. This has caused considerable controversy as the private sector fears it might be shut out of lucrative government contracts. Tom Nevin reports. Aug 1, 2010 1030
A common currency for the United States of Africa? The East African community has set a target date of 2012 to establish a common currency for its five member countries and the CFA is the common currency in Francophone Africa. The call now is for a common currency for the whole of Africa. Is this feasible - or desirable? Tom Nevin presents the arguments. Jul 1, 2010 1419
Glory and madness at the World Cup. Jul 1, 2010 1550
Debate over lifestyle probe rages on. Jul 1, 2010 1447
World Cup opening for Durban's King Shaka International airport: after a 50-year battle with successive governments, Durban's new ultra-hi-tech airport has opened in time to welcome World Cup visitors. Jun 1, 2010 591
Starting whistle for the greatest ever World Cup? At long, long last, the great dream comes true and Africa's World Cup kicks off in style in South Africa this month. After all the soul-searching and immense work that has gone into organising this event, the question doing the rounds is: can South Africa outshine the last tournament held in Germany? Tom Nevin reports from Johannesburg. Jun 1, 2010 1281

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