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Neville Tencer, CMA, technology expert turned travel publisher.

Employer: Verdera Media

Role: Founder and partner

Most valuable piece of advice:

"Plan, execute, persevere."


BECOMINGA MILLIONAIRE AND SURVIVING A life-threatening illness was just the beginning of a longer journey for Neville Tencer, CMA.

In 2004, Tencer used his CMA skills and training to successfully sell his mobile security software firm, Sonic Mobility, to U.S.-based Avocent for $13 million.


Soon after, Tencer was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome, an illness that can lead to non-trauma paralysis. After a prolonged recovery, Tencer and his wife decided to walk Spain's Camino de Santiago.

"My wife and I were contemplating creating a lifestyle where we could make a living and travel at the same time," says Tencer.

Ironically, the solution lay under their feet. "Right then we decided to walk another trail in Italy and write a book. That led us to set up a company to publish the book."

Electronic and print-on-demand publishing are at the foundation of Verdera Media. "In a traditional print publishing model, the distributor gets 65 percent of the revenue, while the publisher and author get 35 per cent," says Tencer. "With our business model, it's the other way around."

Printing "on-demand" also lowers costs and helps the environment, as over 40 per cent of published books are returned or trashed.

Tencer's marketing efforts are mostly online. He uses social media tools such as Faeebook, Good reads and his blog to build an international community of readers, drive sales and attract clients.

Verdera Media's first offering, An Italian Odyssey, chronicles the couple's 1.000 km journey along Italy's medieval Via Francigena trail.

Arda Ocal is a Toronto-based freelance writer.
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Title Annotation:A life-changing odyssey:
Author:Ocal, Arda
Publication:CMA Magazine (Mississauga)
Date:May 1, 2011
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