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Never underestimate the value of your donation: I'm sure there have been times when you've wanted to support a cause but thought that you just didn't have enough money to make a big difference. It's hard to think that a $25 contribution makes a difference, but it does, and it will. Donations, both large and small, contribute to a bigger cause--even if it might seem like not much.

But why should you do it? The reasons are many and can vary from person to person, but most people donate to advance a cause or to show appreciation for a service well rendered. You are a critical resource and the IREM Foundation can't do its work without you.

Did you know the IREM Foundation is a financial supporter of the Institute? The IREM Foundation has helped the Institute establish programs, projects and initiatives that its members and prospective members benefit from today.

The Foundation provides scholarships to help students attend IREM courses. Attending IREM courses helps students get one step closer to becoming a credentialed member. The Foundation also awards grants to the Institute and other organizations with programs that are well conceived, innovative and serve IREM and the real estate management industry. For example, one of the grants given to IREM was used to support academic outreach initiatives, which are aimed at making college and university students aware of property management as a viable career option. Another IREM grant supported international outreach programs by funding the translation cost of books and key reports.

The IREM Foundation provides ample opportunities to engage with its mission in authentic and meaningful ways. The ongoing mission of the IREM Foundation is workforce development, and it is committed to attracting, developing and retaining individuals for careers in real estate management. This mission is supported by the generosity of individual IREM Members, IREM chapters, corporate sponsors and private contributions.

You are invited to visit to learn more about the good works of the IREM Foundation. While you are at the website, make a donation! It makes no difference how much you give, just as long as you give. Your donation, however small, is making a difference in some concrete way. Never underestimate the value of your donation. Donations keep the cycle of giving rolling forward and give the IREM Foundation the ability to make grants or operate programs from funds donated by a variety of individual donors. We hope you care enough about our programs to make a donation.

IREM Foundation Program Activity 2011-2012

                               2011        2012


* Number awarded                   121        133

* Number of asses attended         233        257

* Dollars awarded             $108,000   $117,768

Grant Funding

* IREM                         $33,000    $25,125

* Other(s)                      $5,000    $30,000


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Comment:Never underestimate the value of your donation: I'm sure there have been times when you've wanted to support a cause but thought that you just didn't have enough money to make a big difference.
Publication:Journal of Property Management
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Date:Mar 1, 2013
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