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Never mind the Horlicks, here's Punks Not Dad; Four dads come together to relive their punk youth and shout about fatherhood.

Byline: Nathan Bevan

MEET four 40-somethings who've ditched the slippers and the comfy sofa to keep the snotty spirit of punk alive and screaming.

And although they're probably more used to sticking safety pins on a baby's nappy than through their noses these days, their music is as much a call to arms to put-upon fathers everywhere as it is a tribute to their collective love of The Sex Pistols.

"Our songs provoke twinges of recognition and sympathy from dads the world-over, with subjects ranging from the perils of flat-pack furniture in Allen Keys In The UK to The Filth & The Puree, which recounts the nightmare of having to get up all hours to feed the nippers Cow & Gate," said singer +Sid Life Crisis, by day a 45-year-old Cardiff council worker called Dan.

"We've also got one about chronic indigestion called Burn Burn Burn which is very close to my chest, I mean heart," he added.

As a mark of paternal solidarity the band's recent launch party for their self-titled debut album even saw them staging a 'dad dan-cingcompetition where the prizes included various gardening tools and a selection of Jeremy Clarkson books.

But Sid added that the real reason he got the band together a year ago was catching his teenage offspring playing records by the modern-day 'punk-light' likes of Green Day and Blink 182 around the house.

"I was like, 'That's not punk, this is punk', and began trying to indoctrinate them with my LPs by The Clash," he said.

"So they've been thoroughly educated in the ways of proper music now and know exactly what they are and what they aren't supposed to be listening to."

And how do they feel about their dad strutting his stuff on stage like a Sex Pistol with sciatica or an arthritic version of the Stiff Little Fingers with, well, stiff little fingers? "Hmm, their reaction tends to range from embarrassed to highly embarrassed really," laughed Sid.

A broad spectrum then? "Well, it is why we formed the group in the first place - to mortify the kids."

And there'll be plenty of opportunity for that when Punks Not Dad - who also comprise of Joe Strimmer on bass, Johnny Cardigan on guitar and drummer Adrian Viles pogo around the foyer of the Wales Millennium Centre next Tuesday as they play a free gig as part of the inaugural Blysh Festival, a extravaganza of music, carnival and vaudeville acts across Cardiff Bay.

"I doubt it'll be what the people who usually go there to listen to their chamber music will probably be used to, but hopefully they be open to new experiences," said Sid.

"We did warn the management there will be a fair bit of swearing, especially if I dropapiece of Ikeafurniture on my foot beforehand. The Millennium Centre gig starts at 6.15pm - giving dads plenty of time to put the kids to bed - and the band will also be supporting The Sex Pistols Experience at The Barfly tomorrow. Call 029 2039 6589 for details.

CLICK ON and watch Punks Not Dad's new video visit the online story @

PUNKS NOT DAD LYRICS The Filth & The Puree Nobody told me how it was gonna be - working so hard to feed the family Some days I feel like I'm some kind of slave, heating up little jars in the microwave I put it in, he spits it back, I'm lucky I'm wearing my plastic mac.

Burn Burn Burn When I go for a curry, I can never hurry I sit there and I worry that I'll get in too deep It's doin' me some damage, it's ruining me marriage I need an all-night garage to buy some Gaviscon.

WHO ARE THEY Sid Life Crisis AKA Dan Nichols, 45, festival booker.

Favourite punk song - "Oh Bondage, Up Yours! by X-Ray Spex."

Best punk memory - "Going to see The Damned when they had Lemmy on bass and gave out really rare white vinyl singles. I gave mine to my girlfriend who chucked me the very next day."

First punk album - "The Clash's debut."

Adrian Viles AKA Steve Jones (no, not that one), 41, sales assistant and lecturer in European history.

Favourite punk song - "London's Calling by The Clash."

Best punk memory - "A school trip to Parliament and seeing real life punks for the first time at Tower Bridge. That and being taken by my dad to see Siouxsie and the Banshees in 1980." First punk album - "Again, have to say London's Calling by The Clash."

Joe Strimmer AKA Chris Walker, 42, database administrator.

Favourite punk song - "New Rose by The Damned."

Best punk memory - "Being 14 at the local disco and Smash It Up by The Damned coming on and all the punks in the village turning up and going totally mental. I was really very impressed." First punk album - "I never bought albums, only singles. So Pretty Vacant, I suppose."

Johnny Cardigan AKA Mike Mole, 47, IT consultant.

Favourite punk song - "God Save The Queen by The Sex Pistols."

Best punk memory - "Watching The Ramones at the Birmingham Odeon in 1977. It was the tour they got their double live album from and they blew me away."

First punk album - "My mates would buy records and I'd tape them off them for free! But the first I ever parted with my cash for was Another Music In A Different Kitchen by Buzzcocks."


Punks Not Dad are all set to rock the Millennium Centre next Tuesday and will be appearing at The Barfly this Friday
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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
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Date:Jul 16, 2009
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