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Neutral to ground bar safety issue.



Change the words under the FUNCTION heading in Table 10, Key 1 for the MEP-809 and Key 6 for the MEP-807, GND Jumper, to read: "Jumper bonds the Neutral to ground. This bar shall NOT be removed unless the system level equipment being powered requires an ungrounded system."

Now change or add the following WARNING above Table 10, Output Load Board Terminal TB2 Connections in the MEP-807 and -809 TMs and at the beginning of the "Assembly and Preparation for Use, Installation of Load Cables" section of the 5-, 60-kW TQG's TMs. WARNING "Do not remove the Bonding Jumper between GND and N unless the weapon system requires an ungrounded system. Failure to comply can cause death or serious injury. Refer to applicable Weapon System TM for specific guidance on power and connection requirements."

These changes need to be made immediately. And inform all operators and maintainers of the TQGs, immediately.

When the TMs are updated, the pages with the new information will be added.

In the meantime, you must make these corrections on whatever page addresses the output load terminal board TB2 showing the ground bar jumper.

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