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Neutral gear: subdued shades and natural materials for spring.

pearly whites Pearls float like champagne bubbles with a wave of your hand. Sarah Briggs, Le Tennique. $77.

string me along A sophisticated strand to dress up a sweater or play down a suit. Gara Danielle, Lotus. $238.

victorian romance Cameo drop dangles exude femininity. Gara Danielle, Lotus. $138.

wear with all A chiffon halter neckline works with so many different pieces. By Velvet, Le Tennique. $124.

star power Starfish thongs, embellished with real shells. Beachcombers' must-have! Mystique, Le Tennique. $80.

floral fun This "rosy" little mule is the perfect match for any outfit. Handmade. Vivan, Dea, a boutique and spa. $85.

simply elegant Real pearls nestle against 14K plated gold to create a timeless yet majestic look. Four Seasons, Le Tennique. $130.
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Title Annotation:FASHION FINDS
Author:Preston, Kim
Publication:Sarasota Magazine
Date:Mar 1, 2006
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