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Edinburgh University research could help prevent disability in multiple sclerosis; New research from Edinburgh University and primarily funded by the MS Society could help prevent disability in multiple sclerosis. Elsa Maishman Jan 20, 2021 429
SARS-CoV-2 in neurons may damage brain tissue. Jan 18, 2021 418
Can our bodies detect sugar without tasting it? Jan 16, 2021 728
SARS-CoV-2 can infect neurons, damage brain tissue: Study. Jan 14, 2021 427
Scar-Free Healing. Dec 29, 2020 448
Immune cells in the brain may help prevent seizures. Dec 20, 2020 313
Neuron Regeneration. Dec 1, 2020 572
Brain Health: A Mysterious Frontier: Despite many unknowns, nutrition has a clear role in protecting and optimizing the most critical organ at every life stage. Montemarano, Mike Dec 1, 2020 5215
Doddie Weir's charity whisky auction raises [pounds sterling]50,000 for Motor Neuron Disease research; Scottish rugby legend Doddie Weir is toasting the generosity of whisky lovers across the country after supporters of the My Name'5 Doddie Foundation raised more than [pounds sterling]50,000 through an online auction of rare bottles and brands. Hannah Brown Nov 28, 2020 325
A Few TH-Immunoreactive Neurons Closely Appose DMX-Located Neuronal Somata Projecting to the Stomach Prepyloric Region in the Pig. Calka, Jaroslaw; Ganko, Marta; Rychlik, Andrzej Report Nov 1, 2020 2865
A Comparative Neuro-Histological Assessment of Gluteal Skin Thickness and Cutaneous Nociceptor Distribution in Horses and Humans. Tong, Lydia; Stewart, Melinda; Johnson, Ian; Appleyard, Richard; Wilson, Bethany; James, Olivia; Joh Report Nov 1, 2020 7038
Strokes Are Highly Preventable: Stroke is a leading cause of long-term disability. Here's how you can greatly reduce your risk of having one. Nov 1, 2020 1164
Application of Artificial Neural Networks to Assess the Mycological State of Bulk Stored Rapeseeds. Wawrzyniak, Jolanta Nov 1, 2020 9241
Excess lipids in nerve cells may trigger Parkinson's disease. Oct 25, 2020 742
Preventing dementia starts in childhood. Oct 14, 2020 929
Stem Cells Repajr Parkinson s -Damaged Circuits In Mouse Brains. Oct 5, 2020 613
Tualang Honey Ameliorates Hypoxia-induced Memory Deficits by Reducing Neuronal Damage in the Hippocampus of Adult Male Sprague Dawley Rats/Tualang Bali, Yetiskin Erkek Sprague Dawley Sicanlarinin Hipokampusundaki Noronal Hasari Azaltarak Hipoksiye Bagli Bellek Kayiplarini Iyilestiriyor. Qaid, Entesar Yaseen Abdo; Zakaria, Rahimah; Yusof, Nurul Aiman Mohd; Sulaiman, Shaida Fariza; Shafi Report Oct 1, 2020 5944
New thinking on Parkinson's disease: Research into the function of astrocyte cells in the brain provides a potential new avenue for Parkinson's disease therapy. Casey, Georgina Oct 1, 2020 703
An EEG Feature Extraction Method Based on Sparse Dictionary Self-Organizing Map for Event-Related Potential Recognition. Feng, Shang; Li, Haifeng; Ma, Lin; Xu, Zhongliang Report Oct 1, 2020 8610
Infectability of Human BrainSphere Neurons Suggests Neurotropism of SARS-CoV-2. Bullen, C. Korin; Hogberg, Helena T.; Bahadirli-Talbott, Asli; Bishai, William R.; Hartung, Thomas; Sep 22, 2020 4505
Neuralink: A Chip Inside Your Brain! Vedant J Sep 10, 2020 485
Arcapita and Mumtalakat sell stake in NAS Neuron. Sep 8, 2020 426
The Key Role Of Mitochondria In The Development of Nerve Cells. Sep 7, 2020 675
The Relationship Between Clinico-Pathological Properties and p-Glycoprotein Expression in Hippocampal Sclerosis Among Patients with Mesial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy Who Undergo Selective Amygdalohippocampectomy Operation. Ethemoglu, Ozlem Uzunkaya; Kayrak, Nalan; Bilgjc, Bilge; Gul, Gunay; Kuscu, Demet Yandim; Kirbas, Du Sep 1, 2020 4735
Electrophysiological Findings of Subclinical Lower Motor Neuron Involvement in Degenerative Upper Motor Neuron Diseases. Ded, Hava Ozlem; Sirin, Nermin Gorkem; Kocasoy-Orha, Elif; Idrisoglu, Halil Atilla; Baslo, Mehmet Ba Sep 1, 2020 4973
A Study Investigating the Role of 2 Candidate SNPs in Bax and Bcl-2 Genes in Alzheimer's Disease. Erdal, Mehmet Emin; Yilmaz, Senay Gorucu; Ay, Mustafa Ertan; Kara, Hale Guler; Ozge, Aynur Avci; Tas Report Sep 1, 2020 4318
Coronavirus Disease 2019: Latest Data on Neuroinvasive Potential. Haddadi, Kaveh; Asadian, Leila Sep 1, 2020 4943
Study of Electrical Brain Signal during Verbal Cognitive Assignment. Shriram, Revati; Daimiwal, Nivedita Report Sep 1, 2020 3958
The Possible Role of The Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Enzyme Deficiency in The Polyneuropathies. Aydemir, Duygu; Ulusu, Nuriye Nuray Sep 1, 2020 3637
The Healing Effect of Resveratrol on Ischemic Tissue Injury in an Experimental Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Model. Sahin, Aynur; Pasli, Sinan; Cicek, Mustafa; Karahan, Suleyman Caner; Mentese, Ahmet; Yulug, Esin; Ka Sep 1, 2020 5077
System Identification of Neural Signal Transmission Based on Backpropagation Neural Network. Li, Xiangyu; Yuan, Chunhua; Shan, Bonan Report Aug 31, 2020 4093
A Comparative Study on 5hmC Targeting Regulation of Neurons in AD Mice by Several Natural Compounds. Cao, Dongyi; Jiang, Dewei; Zhou, Dongming; Yu, Hong; Li, Jiali Report Aug 31, 2020 4807
Reducing Neuron Apoptosis in the Pontine Micturition Center by Nerve Root Transfer for Restoration of Micturition Function after Spinal Cord Injury. Yu, Ronghua; Yin, Gang; Zhao, Jianguo; Chen, Huihao; Meng, Depeng; Zhang, Jiaqiang; Lin, Yaofa; Xie, Report Aug 31, 2020 4766
Retrograde Labeling of Different Distribution Features of DRG P2X2 and P2X3 Receptors in a Neuropathic Pain Rat Model. Chen, Lin; Leng, Changlong; Ru, Qin; Xiong, Qi; Zhou, Mei; Wu, Yuxiang Report Aug 31, 2020 8321
Evolutionary Dendritic Neural Model for Classification Problems. Qian, Xiaoxiao; Tang, Cheng; Todo, Yuki; Lin, Qiuzhen; Ji, Junkai Aug 31, 2020 7994
Nanoparticle Therapy Is a Promising Approach in the Management and Prevention of Many Diseases: Does It Help in Curing Alzheimer Disease? Kassem, Lamyaa M.; Ibrahim, Nada A.; Farhana, S. Ayesha Aug 31, 2020 5423
A New Chief Editor for Neural Plasticity Growth. Baudry, Michel Aug 31, 2020 785
Neuroprotective Effects of the Sonic Hedgehog Signaling Pathway in Ischemic Injury through Promotion of Synaptic and Neuronal Health. Yin, Sen; Bai, Xuemei; Xin, Danqing; Li, Tingting; Chu, Xili; Ke, Hongfei; Han, Min; Chen, Wenqiang; Aug 31, 2020 6050
GABAergic System in Stress: Implications of GABAergic Neuron Subpopulations and the Gut-Vagus-Brain Pathway. Hou, Xueqin; Rong, Cuiping; Wang, Fugang; Liu, Xiaoqian; Sun, Yi; Zhang, Han-Ting Aug 31, 2020 8978
The Regenerative Potential of Facial Nerve Motoneurons following Chronic Axotomy in Rats. Ni, Yusu; Chen, Diyan; Jiang, Yi; Qiu, Danhong; Li, Wen; Li, Huawei Aug 31, 2020 5232
Mast Cell Deficiency Protects Mice from Surgery-Induced Neuroinflammation. Zhang, Xiang; Dong, Hongquan; Wang, Fei; Zhang, Jun Aug 31, 2020 3636
Ac2-26 Alleviates Brain Injury after Cardiac Arrest and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in Rats via the eNOS Pathway. Tai, Jing Gong Qi-Hang; Xu, Guang-Xiao; Wang, Xue-Ting; Zhu, Jing-Li; Zhao, Xiao- Qing; Sun, Hai-Bin Aug 31, 2020 5070
Aqueous Root Bark Extract of Daniellia oliveri (Hutch. & Dalz.) (Fabaceae) Protects Neurons against Diazepam-Induced Amnesia in Mice. Beppe, Galba Jean; Djoumessie, Lea Blondelle Kenko; Wado, Eglantine Keugong; Abaissou, Herve Herve N Aug 31, 2020 5927
Qingxin Kaiqiao Fang Inhibits A[[beta].sub.25-35]-Induced Apoptosis in Primary Cultured Rat Hippocampal Neuronal Cells via the p38 MAPK Pathway: An Experimental Validation and Network Pharmacology Study. Wang, Tian-Qi; Lai, Xiao-Xiao; Xu, Lu-Ting; Shen, Yan; Lin, Jian-Wei; Gao, Shi-Yu; Hu, Hai-Yan Aug 31, 2020 6794
Memory-Enhancing Effect of a Phytosome Containing the Combined Extract of Mulberry Fruit and Ginger in an Animal Model of Ischemic Stroke with Metabolic Syndrome. Wattanathorn, Jintanaporn; Palachai, Nut; Thukham-mee, Wipawee; Muchimapura, Supaporn Aug 31, 2020 9822
Salidroside Ameliorates Mitochondria-Dependent Neuronal Apoptosis after Spinal Cord Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury Partially through Inhibiting Oxidative Stress and Promoting Mitophagy. Gu, Changjiang; Li, Linwei; Huang, Yifan; Qian, Dingfei; Liu, Wei; Zhang, Chengliang; Luo, Yongjun; Aug 31, 2020 10652
Pterostilbene Attenuates Cocultured BV-2 Microglial Inflammation-Mediated SH-SY5Y Neuronal Oxidative Injury via SIRT-1 Signalling. Zhu, Qiang; Tang, Tao; Liu, Haixiao; Sun, Yinxue; Wang, Xiaogang; Liu, Qiang; Yang, Long; Lei, Zhiji Aug 31, 2020 7353
Glutamate Attenuates the Survival Property of IGFR through NR2B Containing N-Methyl-D-aspartate Receptors in Cortical Neurons. Zhao, Xia; Han, Chao; Zeng, Zhiwen; Liu, Linlin; Wang, Haitao; Xu, Jiangping; Feng, Zhong-Ping; Litt Aug 31, 2020 6576
Common Protective Strategies in Neurodegenerative Disease: Focusing on Risk Factors to Target the Cellular Redox System. Hrelia, Patrizia; Sita, Giulia; Ziche, Marina; Ristori, Emma; Marino, Angela; Cordaro, Marika; Molte Aug 31, 2020 16012
Mumtalakat and Arcapita sell stake in NAS Neuron. Aug 18, 2020 338
Arcapita-Mumtalakat consortium exits NAS Neuron. Aug 17, 2020 517
New board member at MND Scotland praises profile-raising efforts of Doddie Weir; Adrian Murphy, head of Glasgow-based Murphy Wealth, has been appointed to the board of Motor Neuron Disease (MND) Scotland. Scott Reid Aug 14, 2020 421
New way for gut neurons to communicate with the brain. Aug 13, 2020 338
Neural Stem Cell Grafts Fill Damage Sites In Spinal Cord Injuries. Aug 10, 2020 619
Temporomandibular inflammation mobilizes parvalbumin and FosB/deltaFosB neurons of amygdala and dorsal raphe. Nascimento, G.C.; de Paula, B.B.; Lowry, C.A.; Leite-Panissi, C.R.A. Aug 1, 2020 5515
The diagnostic value of neuron-specific enolase in patients with mild head injury requiring cranial CT scan. Mozafari, Javad; Barzegari, Hassan; Motamed, Hassan; Hanafi, Mohammad Ghasem; Faghihi, Ramin Clinical report Aug 1, 2020 2542
Regenerating Neurons. Aug 1, 2020 580
Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease from Brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging Images using Deep Learning Algorithms. Suganthe, Ravi Chandaran; Latha, Rukmani Sevalaiappan; Geetha, Muthusamy; Sreekanth, Gobichettipalay Aug 1, 2020 6595
Neurocognitive Decline Caused by L-Methionine: A Mouse Model of Neurodegeneration/L-Metiyoninin Neden Oldugu Norokognitif Yikilma: Bir Norodejenerasyon Fare Modeli. Altun, Yagiz M.; Tuzun, Erdem; Mehler, Mark F.; Gokhan, Solen Clinical report Aug 1, 2020 4849
The significance of gene expression dynamics in neural stem cell regulation. Kageyama, Ryoichiro; Ochi, Shohei; Sueda, Risa; Shimojo, Hiromi; Nagata, Shigekazu Aug 1, 2020 6030
Stability Analysis of Fraction-Order Hopfield Neuron Network and Noise-Induced Coherence Resonance. Shi, Xuerong; Wang, Zuolei Report Jul 31, 2020 6521
Weak Quasiperiodic Signal Propagation through Multilayer Feed-Forward Hodgkin-Huxley Neuronal Network. Yao, Yuangen; Gong, Bowen; Lu, Daxiang; Gui, Rong Jul 31, 2020 5232
Spiking Neural P Systems with Polarizations and Rules on Synapses. Jiang, Suxia; Fan, Jihui; Liu, Yijun; Wang, Yanfeng; Xu, Fei Jul 31, 2020 10648
Autophagic Network Analysis of the Dual Effect of Sevoflurane on Neurons Associated with GABARAPL1 and 2. Lu, Guolin; Rao, Dongdong; Zhou, Min; Xu, Liangpu; Zhang, Longxin; Zhang, Sujing; Wang, Yuping Jul 31, 2020 5349
Lavender Oil Reduces Depressive Mood in Healthy Individuals and Enhances the Activity of Single Oxytocin Neurons of the Hypothalamus Isolated from Mice: A Preliminary Study. Ogata, Keizaburo; Ataka, Koji; Suzuki, Hajime; Yagi, Takakazu; Okawa, Ayumi; Fukumoto, Takamasa; Zha Jul 31, 2020 5521
Effect of Wenshen-Yanggan Decoction on Movement Disorder and Substantia Nigra Dopaminergic Neurons in Mice with Chronic Parkinson's Disease. Tang, Lili; Chen, Chang; Xia, Baomei; Wu, Wei; Wei, Ruide; Zhu, Guoxue; Tang, Juanjuan; Zhou, Xin; L Jul 31, 2020 4701
Plasticity of the Primary Motor Cortex in Patients with Primary Brain Tumors. Kong, Nathan W.; Gibb, William R.; Badhe, Suvarna; Liu, Benjamin P.; Tate, Matthew C. Jul 31, 2020 5306
Effects of Graphene-Based Materials on the Behavior of Neural Stem Cells. Zhang, Yan; Wang, Shu; Yang, Ping Jul 31, 2020 11689
Hexachloronaphthalene Induces Mitochondrial-Dependent Neurotoxicity via a Mechanism of Enhanced Production of Reactive Oxygen Species. Lisek, Malwina; Stragierowicz, Joanna; Guo, Feng; Prosseda, Philipp P.; Wiktorska, Magdalena; Ferenc Jul 31, 2020 10926
Vascular Inflammation Is a Risk Factor Associated with Brain Atrophy and Disease Severity in Parkinson's Disease: A Case-Control Study. Yu, Chiun-Chieh; Chen, Hsiu-Ling; Chen, Meng-Hsiang; Lu, Cheng-Hsien; Tsai, Nai-Wen; Huang, Chih-Che Report Jul 31, 2020 8879
Oxidative Stress and Neuroinflammation Potentiate Each Other to Promote Progression of Dopamine Neurodegeneration. He, Jingyi; Zhu, Guofu; Wang, Guoqing; Zhang, Feng Jul 31, 2020 10152
Effects of the Insulted Neuronal Cells-Derived Extracellular Vesicles on the Survival of Umbilical Cord-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells following Cerebral Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury. Huang, Yan; Liu, Zuo; Tan, Fengbo; Hu, Zhiping; Lu, Ming Jul 31, 2020 9360
PI3K/Akt and ERK1/2 Signalling Are Involved in Quercetin-Mediated Neuroprotection against Copper-Induced Injury. Zubcic, Klara; Radovanovic, Vedrana; Vlainic, Josipa; Hof, Patrick R.; Orsolic, Nada; Simic, Goran; Jul 31, 2020 10184
Quanterix sNfL Assay Simoa Technology First to Measure Neuronal Injury in COVID-19 Patients' Blood. Jul 30, 2020 522
Compounds in Fruit Peels May Repair Neurons Damaged by MS. Jul 25, 2020 267
Rare gene variant acts as natural painkiller for pregnant mums during childbirth; Researchers say they have found gene acts "like a natural epidural" reducing ability of nerve cells to send pain signals to the brain. By, Brett Gibbons Jul 22, 2020 396
Image Edge Detector with Gabor Type Filters Using a Spiking Neural Network of Biologically Inspired Neurons. Vemuru, Krishnamurthy V. Report Jul 1, 2020 5517
Two Thalamic Regions Screened Using Laser Capture Microdissection with Whole Human Genome Microarray in Schizophrenia Postmortem Samples. Bakshi, Kalindi; Kemether, Eileen M. Jun 30, 2020 8671
Soft Sensor Modeling of Key Effluent Parameters in Wastewater Treatment Process Based on SAE-NN. Osman, Yousuf Babiker M.; Li, Wei Jun 30, 2020 5415
Using RNA-Seq to Explore the Repair Mechanism of the Three Methods and Three-Acupoint Technique on DRGs in Sciatic Nerve Injured Rats. Lv, Tao-tao; Mo, Yan-jun; Yu, Tian-yuan; Shao, Shuai; Lu, Meng-qian; Luo, Yu-ting; Shen, Yi; Zhang, Jun 30, 2020 7231
Aspirin Administration Affects Neurochemical Characterization of Substance P-Like Immunoreactive (SP-LI) Nodose Ganglia Neurons Supplying the Porcine Stomach. Rytel, Liliana; Calka, Jaroslaw Jun 30, 2020 6136
The Neuroprotective Effect of Zingiber cassumunar Roxb. Extract on LPS-Induced Neuronal Cell Loss and Astroglial Activation within the Hippocampus. Kongsui, Ratchaniporn; Sriraksa, Napatr; Thongrong, Sitthisak Jun 30, 2020 5827
Safflor Yellow B Attenuates Ischemic Brain Injury via Downregulation of Long Noncoding AK046177 and Inhibition of MicroRNA-134 Expression in Rats. Wang, Chaoyun; Wan, Hongzhi; Wang, Qiaoyun; Sun, Hongliu; Sun, Yeying; Wang, Kexin; Zhang, Chunxiang Jun 30, 2020 8680
Inhibition of JNK Alleviates Chronic Hypoperfusion-Related Ischemia Induces Oxidative Stress and Brain Degeneration via Nrf2/HO-1 and NF-[kappa]B Signaling. Khan, Muhammad Sohail; Khan, Amjad; Ahmad, Sareer; Ahmad, Riaz; Rehman, Inayat U.R.; Ikram, Muhammad Jun 30, 2020 7732
Synthesis of Novel Selenocyanates and Evaluation of Their Effect in Cultured Mouse Neurons Submitted to Oxidative Stress. Frizon, Tiago E.A.; Cararo, Jose H.; Saba, Sumbal; Dal-Pont, Gustavo C.; Michels, Monique; Braga, Hu Jun 30, 2020 8755
Neuroprotective Effect of Chlorogenic Acid on Mitochondrial Dysfunction-Mediated Apoptotic Death of DA Neurons in a Parkinsonian Mouse Model. Singh, Saumitra Sen; Rai, Sachchida Nand; Birla, Hareram; Zahra, Walia; Rathore, Aaina Singh; Dilnas Jun 30, 2020 9341
Xiao-Yao-San Formula Improves Cognitive Ability by Protecting the Hippocampal Neurons in Ovariectomized Rats. Liu, Lina; Ge, Fei; Yang, Haoran; Shi, Huilian; Lu, Weiting; Sun, Zhiguang; Yan, Jing; Qiao, Fei Jun 30, 2020 7070
Repeated Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation Modified the Neuronal Potential in the Vestibular Nucleus. Kim, Gyutae; Lee, Sangmin; Kim, Kyu-Sung Jun 30, 2020 8914
Cyclin-Dependent Kinase-Like 5 (CDKL5): Possible Cellular Signalling Targets and Involvement in CDKL5 Deficiency Disorder. Katayama, Syouichi; Sueyoshi, Noriyuki; Inazu, Tetsuya; Kameshita, Isamu Jun 30, 2020 10057
Relationship between Urinary Alzheimer-Associated Neuronal Thread Protein and Apolipoprotein Epsilon 4 Allele in the Cognitively Normal Population. Li, Yuxia; Kang, Meimei; Sheng, Can; Chen, Guanqun; Li, Taoran; Wang, Jun; Cai, Yanning; Wang, Rong; Jun 30, 2020 8015
Machine Learning for Brain Images Classification of Two Language Speakers. Barranco-Gutierrez, Alejandro-Israel Jun 30, 2020 3701
New Results on Stability of Delayed Cohen-Grossberg Neural Networks of Neutral Type. Faydasicok, Ozlem Jun 30, 2020 4774
Incorporation of Stem Cell-Derived Astrocytes into Neuronal Organoids to Allow Neuro-Glial Interactions in Toxicological Studies. Brull, Markus; Spreng, Anna-Sophie; Gutbier, Simon; DominikLoser; Krebs, Alice; Reich, Marvin; Kraus Jun 22, 2020 11533
Towards Automaticity in Reinforcement Learning: A Model-Based Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study. Erdeniz, Burak; Done, John Report Jun 1, 2020 6192
Managing Parkinson's Disease: A range of treatment options exist. Jun 1, 2020 1214
Bilateral Frontal Hemorrhagic Necrosis Associated with Acute Ethanol Poisoning on the Basis of Chronic Alcoholism: Case Report and Review of the Literature/Kronik Alkolizm Zemininde Akut Etil Alkol Intoksikasyonu Sirasinda Meydana Gelen Bilateral Frontal Hemorajik Nekroz Olgusu Esliginde Literaturun Gozden Gecirilmesi. Tasci, Irem; Bakir, Meryem Jun 1, 2020 2464
Identification Process of Selected Graphic Features Apple Tree Pests by Neural Models Type MLP, RBF and DNN. Boniecki, Piotr; Zaborowicz, Maciej; Pilarska, Agnieszka; Piekarska-Boniecka, Hanna Report Jun 1, 2020 4125
An Intelligent Calculation Method of Volterra Time-Domain Kernel Based on Time-Delay Artificial Neural Network. Zhong, Kaiyang; Chen, Lerui May 31, 2020 5110
Medical Image Segmentation Algorithm Based on Optimized Convolutional Neural Network-Adaptive Dropout Depth Calculation. An, Feng-Ping; Liu, Jun-e May 31, 2020 8699
Neuronal Differentiation in a Pituitary Macroadenoma with Focal Small Blue Round Cell Morphology: Report of a Rare Pattern. Alkhalidi, Hisham May 31, 2020 1545
Role of Mitochondrial Stress Protein HSP60 in Diabetes-Induced Neuroinflammation. Liyanagamage, Donisha Shani Niharika Keembiya; Martinus, Ryan D. May 31, 2020 6205
Oxidative Stress and Mitochondrial Damage in Neurodegenerative Diseases: From Molecular Mechanisms to Targeted Therapies. Cenini, Giovanna; Lloret, Ana; Cascella, Roberta May 31, 2020 1245
Plastrum Testudinis Extracts Promote NSC Differentiation into Dopaminergic Neuron by Regulating the Interaction of TET1 and FoxA2. Zhong, Jun; Ye, Sen; Zhou, Xiaoli; Huang, Jiapei; Li, Xican; Zhang, Saixia; Zhou, Jianhong; Chen, Do May 31, 2020 6967
Cytokines Induce Monkey Neural Stem Cell Differentiation through Notch Signaling. Wang, Min; Yu, Liming; Zhu, Lu-Ying; He, Hua; Ren, Jie; Pan, Jie; Xie, Xiaoyun; Cai, Chunhui; Lu, Li May 31, 2020 5993
Kaempferol Protects Cell Damage in In Vitro Ischemia Reperfusion Model in Rat Neuronal PC12 Cells. Zhou, Ya-ping; Li, Guo-chun May 31, 2020 4700
The Cataleptic, Asymmetric, Analgesic, and Brain Biochemical Effects of Parkinson's Disease Can Be Affected by Toxoplasma gondii Infection. Taherianfard, Mahnaz; Riyahi, Moslem; Razavi, Mostafa; Bavandi, Zahedeh; Roozbahani, Narges Eskandar May 31, 2020 5400
Change your diet to stay mentally strong. May 18, 2020 984
Cortexyme publishes data on P. gingivalis ability to infect neurons. May 6, 2020 231
Endometritis Changes the Neurochemical Characteristics of the Caudal Mesenteric Ganglion Neurons Supplying the Gilt Uterus. Jana, Barbara; Calka, Jaroslaw Report May 1, 2020 7126
Ginsenoside-Rgl Rescues Stress-Induced Depression-Like Behaviors via Suppression of Oxidative Stress and Neural Inflammation in Rats. Li, Ye; Wang, Liyan; Wang, Peng; Fan, Cuiqin; Zhang, Ping; Shen, Jie; Yu, Shu Yan Apr 30, 2020 7007
Targeting Inflammatory-Mitochondrial Response in Major Depression: Current Evidence and Further Challenges. Visentin, Ana Paula Vargas; Colombo, Rafael; Scotton, Ellen; Fracasso, Debora Soligo; da Rosa, Adria Report Apr 30, 2020 16162
TBHQ Attenuates Neurotoxicity Induced by Methamphetamine in the VTA through the Nrf2/HO-1 and PI3K/AKT Signaling Pathways. Meng, Xianyi; Zhang, Chenghong; Guo, Yu; Han, Ying; Wang, Chunyang; Chu, Haiying; Kong, Li; Ma, Haiy Apr 30, 2020 7618
Preparation of Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes Embedded Electroconductive Multi-Microchannel Scaffolds for Neuron Growth under Electrical Stimulation. Liu, Zhenhui; Yushan, Maimaiaili; Alike, Yamuhanmode; Liu, Yanshi; Wu, Shuo; Ma, Chuang; Yusufu, Aih Apr 30, 2020 7472
Ambroxol Improves Neuronal Survival and Reduces White Matter Damage through Suppressing Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress in Microglia after Intracerebral Hemorrhage. Jiang, Xuheng; Zhang, Ji; Kou, Bojin; Zhang, Chao; Zhong, Jun; Fang, Xuanyu; Huang, Xiaofei; Zhang, Apr 30, 2020 5971
Sodium Butyrate Protects N2a Cells against A[beta] Toxicity In Vitro. Sun, Jingxuan; Yuan, Boyu; Wu, Yancheng; Gong, Yuhong; Guo, Wenjin; Fu, Shoupeng; Luan, Yongxin; Wan Apr 30, 2020 4932
Electroacupuncture Ameliorates Acute Myocardial Ischemia: A Potential Role of the Locus Coeruleus. Wu, Xin; Wang, Kun; Cui, Shuai; Wu, Shengbing; Zhu, Guoqi; Zhou, Meiqi Apr 30, 2020 6754
Sesamin Promotes Neurite Outgrowth under Insufficient Nerve Growth Factor Condition in PC12 Cells through ERK1/2 Pathway and SIRT1 Modulation. Udomruk, Sasimol; Kaewmool, Chayanut; Phitak, Thanyaluck; Pothacharoen, Peraphan; Kongtawelert, Prac Apr 30, 2020 6081
Assessment of Capillary Blood Glucose Levels as a Prognostic Indicator in Acute Ischemic Stroke. Singhal, Clovey; Varma, Anuj; Acharya, Sourya Disease/Disorder overview Apr 13, 2020 3102
Donating his brain for research means my dad now speaks for the living; DM1ST SATURDAY 11.04.2020 DAILY MIRROR 61 mike walters inside football .. and outside the box WALLY MEETS talks toDAWN ASTLE DAUGHTER OF WBA LEGEND JEFF. WALLY Apr 11, 2020 695
Willy meets Dawn Astle: England striker's daughter campaigned for the truth behind her dad's death; Jeff Astle's brain was donated to medical science after his death at the age of 59 -and it revealed the damaging effects of heading leather footballs. By, Mike Walters Apr 11, 2020 795
Polaryx Therapeutics wins FDA approval for PLX-200 IND to treat patients with juvenile neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis. Apr 8, 2020 192
Polaryx Therapeutics wins FDA approval for PLX-200 IND to treat patients with juvenile neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis. Apr 8, 2020 188
Direct cell-fate conversion of somatic cells: Toward regenerative medicine and industries. Horisawa, Kenichi; Suzuki, Atsushi Apr 1, 2020 17780
Is psychosis toxic to the brain? Martone, Gerald Apr 1, 2020 721
SAD-B modulates epileptic seizure by regulating AMPA receptors in patients with temporal lobe epilepsy and in the PTZ-induced epileptic model. Li, Rong; He, Miaoqing; Wu, Bing; Zhang, Peng; Zhang, Qinbin; Chen, Yangmei Apr 1, 2020 5577
Effect of Acrylamide Supplementation on the CART-, VAChT-, and nNOS-Immunoreactive Nervous Structures in the Porcine Stomach. Palus, Katarzyna; Bulc, Michal; Calka, Jaroslaw Report Apr 1, 2020 7088
ANN Architecture Specifications for Modelling of Open-Cell Aluminum under Compression. Dudzik, Marek; Strek, Anna Malgorzata Mar 31, 2020 12872
Attenuation of Cortically Evoked Motor-Neuron Potential in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats: A Study about the Effect of Diabetes upon Cortical-Initiated Movement. Madsen, Jesper Guldsmed; Ostergaard, Jakob Appel; Andersen, Henning; Pedersen, Michael Report Mar 31, 2020 3194
Isoflurane Postconditioning Upregulates Phosphorylated Connexin 43 in the Middle Cerebral Artery Occlusion Model and Is Probably Associated with the TGF-[beta]1/Smad2/3 Signaling Pathway. Yin, Jiangwen; Liu, Xuejiao; Wang, Ruixue; Ge, Mingyue; Xie, Liping; Zhai, Jingwen; Dai, Zhigang; Li Mar 31, 2020 7223
Fast Localization and Sectioning of Mouse Locus Coeruleus. Cao, Song; Li, Juan; Yuan, Jie; Zhang, Dexin; Yu, Tian Mar 31, 2020 2888
Green Tea Polyphenols Modulated Cerebral SOD Expression and Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress in Cardiac Arrest/ Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Rats. Hu, Wanxiang; Wang, Huihui; Shu, Quan; Chen, Menghua; Xie, Lu Mar 31, 2020 5175
A Systematic Analysis Revealed the Potential Gene Regulatory Processes of ATRA-Triggered Neuroblastoma Differentiation and Identified a Novel RA Response Sequence in the NTRK2 Gene. Guo, Liyuan; Lin, Wei; Zhang, Yidan; Wang, Jing Mar 31, 2020 10211
Modeling Parkinson's Disease Using Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells. Hu, Xinchao; Mao, Chengyuan; Fan, Liyuan; Luo, Haiyang; Hu, Zhengwei; Zhang, Shuo; Yang, Zhihua; Zhe Mar 31, 2020 11233
Transplantation of Stem Cells from Human Exfoliated Deciduous Teeth Decreases Cognitive Impairment from Chronic Cerebral Ischemia by Reducing Neuronal Apoptosis in Rats. Zhu, Shu; Min, Dongyu; Zeng, Jianhong; Ju, Yetao; Liu, Yao; Chen, Xu Mar 31, 2020 7239
Maternal Separation Early in Life Alters the Expression of Genes Npas4 and Nr1d1 in Adult Female Mice: Correlation with Social Behavior. Ryabushkina, Yuliya A.; Reshetnikov, Vasiliy V.; Bondar, Natalya P. Mar 31, 2020 7064
Possible Epigenetic Role of Vitexin in Regulating Neuroinflammation in Alzheimer's Disease. Yahaya, M.A.F.; Zolkiffly, S.Z.I.; Moklas, M.A.M.; Hamid, H. Abdul; Stanslas, J.; Zainol, M.; Mehat, Mar 31, 2020 5749
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Medications to Treat Alzheimer's Disease: There is no cure for dementia, but there are drugs that can temporarily ease the symptoms for some people. Mar 24, 2020 963
Corners. Pallocca, Giorgia; Leist, Marcel Mar 22, 2020 5520
Breakthrough for spinal injuries as experts find new way to repair nerves. Mar 11, 2020 302
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Neuropore Therapies Receives USD 500,000 Grant from The ALS Association to Explore ALS Treatments that Inhibit Neuronal Damage from Disease-Related Inflammation. Feb 19, 2020 315
Woman put in induced coma for six weeks after tick bite triggers viral infection; Doctors eventually diagnosed Sheila with Guillain-Barre syndrome, a disorder which causes the immune system to attack healthy nerve cells in the peripheral nervous system. By, Christie Bannon Feb 2, 2020 779
Drug To Regenerate Neural Circuits. Feb 1, 2020 1005
Mum's pride in 'warrior' son battling rare genetic condition that stops him from walking; Rayne Webster, three, was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy type 2 - a genetic condition affects the nerve cells. Kali Lindsay Jan 27, 2020 853
Polaryx Therapeutics wins FDA IND approval for PLX-200 to treat Late Infantile Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis. Jan 21, 2020 242
Polaryx Therapeutics wins FDA IND approval for PLX-200 to treat Late Infantile Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis. Jan 21, 2020 238
Neuronal Acetylcholine Receptor Subunit Beta 2, Pipeline Review, H2 2019: Assuage Pharmaceuticals Inc & Kyung Dong Co. Ltd. Jan 14, 2020 866
Neuron EV launches VEGA. Jan 13, 2020 118
Scientists Explore Newborn, Regenerated Neurons In The Zebrafish Brain. Jan 13, 2020 529
Awakening dormant dopaminergic neurons is key to reversing Parkinson's, say researchers. ANI Jan 11, 2020 621
Towards Animal-Free Neurotoxicity Screening: Applicability of hiPSC-Derived Neuronal Models for In Vitro Seizure Liability Assessment. Tukker, Anke M.; van Kleef, Regina G.D.M.; Wijnolts, Fiona M.J.; de Groot, Aart; Westerink, Remco H. Jan 1, 2020 10357
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Central neuropeptide-S administration alleviates stress-induced impairment of gastric motor functions through orexin-A. Bulbul, Mehmet; Sinen, Osman; Bayramoglu, Onur Jan 1, 2020 4347
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On the spot: Deciding which way to kick during penalty shoot-out explained by German scientists studying monkeys. Dec 27, 2019 634
Scottish scientists make breakthrough in search for MND cure. Dec 17, 2019 280
Scientists compare human brain neurons with crabs to validate RNA sequencing. ANI Dec 16, 2019 443
Survival Motor Neuron Protein - Pipeline Review, H2 2019. Dec 13, 2019 1085
Yoga good for brain: Study. ANI Dec 13, 2019 508
Transport breakdown in brain cells may lead to Alzheimer's, Parkinson's. Dec 13, 2019 253
Big Brain Revolution: Artificial Intelligence - Spy or Saviour? Dec 12, 2019 660
Neuron EV launches Neuron EV TORQ. Dec 9, 2019 139
RNA Regulation Found To Be Is Crucial For ESC Differentiation. Dec 2, 2019 406
Cerebral Organoid Provides Clues To Preventina Virus-Induced Brain Cell Death. Dec 2, 2019 403
Serum Neuron-specific Enolase and S100 Calcium-binding Protein B in Pediatric Diabetic Ketoacidosis. Elshorbagy, Hatem Hamed; Barseem, Naglaa Fathy; Elsadek, Akram Elshafey; Al-shokary, Ashraf Hamed; M Dec 1, 2019 9645
Deep reading: An endangered human activity. Dec 1, 2019 2215
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Former Liverpool player Stephen Darby speaks out on MND diagnosis and Steven Gerrard's support; Former Liverpool player Stephen Darby is attempting to raise awareness for Motor Neuron Disease. Chris Beesley Nov 24, 2019 493
Study reveals chronic stress may be linked with inflammation and depression. ANI Nov 22, 2019 631
How Expert's Brain Differs from a Novice's. Nov 20, 2019 759
Animal Study Offers Hope for Treating Traumatic Brain Injuries. Nov 19, 2019 391
Specific Neurons That Map Memories Identified. Nov 13, 2019 808
Neuron Unveils Concept Electric Truck And Pickup To Confront Tesla. Arthur Villasanta Nov 12, 2019 374
Neuron EV launches T/ONE and TORQ at Second Annual Import Expo in China. Nov 7, 2019 167
Our brain reacts amazingly while sleeping! ANI Nov 3, 2019 495
SIGNAL INTELLIGENCE: The US military is trying to develop a brain-computer interface you could wear like a helmet. What if it succeeds? Tullis, Paul Nov 1, 2019 2015
What happens to your brain when you sleep. ANI Nov 1, 2019 499
The "Tau" Factor. Crane, Misti Nov 1, 2019 547
Oxiracetam ameliorates cognitive deficits in vascular dementia rats by regulating the expression of neuronal apoptosis/autophagy-related genes associated with the activation of the Akt/mTOR signaling pathway. Xu, Jing; Qi, Qianqian; Lv, Peiyuan; Dong, Yanhong; Jiang, Xin; Liu, Zhijuan Nov 1, 2019 5137
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Wnt Signaling Protects against Paclitaxel-Induced Spiral Ganglion Neuron Damage in the Mouse Cochlea In Vitro. Wang, Xue; Han, Yuechen; Wang, Man; Bo, Chuan; Zhang, Zhenbiao; Xu, Lei; Liu, Wenwen; Wang, Haibo Oct 31, 2019 6348
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Deep Sleep May 'Rinse' Day's Toxins From Brain. Amy Norton, HealthDay Reporter Oct 31, 2019 682
In-silico and Molecular Analysis of Reticulon 4asNovel therapeutic option for axonal regeneration. Report Oct 31, 2019 3197
Scientists identify critical window for treatment of Alzheimer's Disease. Disease/Disorder overview Oct 30, 2019 509
Scientists identify critical window for treatment of Alzheimer's Disease. Disease/Disorder overview Oct 29, 2019 504
Research discovers protein in blood that protects against neuronal damage after brain hemorrhage. ANI Oct 23, 2019 631
Cortical Neurons May Consolidate Memories During Slow Wave Sleep. Oct 20, 2019 695
Neuronal Acetylcholine Receptor Subunit Alpha 7 Pipeline Review, H2 2019 - Therapy Areas Covered Such as Central Nervous System, Cardiovascular, Immunology, Metabolic Disorders and Oncology. Oct 9, 2019 961
Forget brain training.. try brain stretching; Taking your grey matter outside its comfort zone and making it think in new ways could help protect you from Alzheimer's Disease, says Kim Jones. Kim Jones Oct 8, 2019 1656
Forg brain training try brain stretching! Taking your grey matter outside its comfort zone and making it think in new ways could help protect you from Alzheimer's Disease, says Kim Jones. Kim Jones Oct 8, 2019 1377
Forget brain training try brain stretching ! Taking your grey matter outside its comfort zone and making it think in new ways could help protect you from Alzheimer's Disease, says Kim Jones. Kim Jones Oct 8, 2019 1386
Neuron EV launches Neuron EV MET and Neuron EV STAR. Oct 2, 2019 137
Possible Impediment of b-Amyloid-Facilitated Alzheimer's Disease Progression with Amycenone (AMY) Isolated from Mushroom. Konno, Sensuke Oct 1, 2019 2084
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Nrgl Intracellular Signaling Is Neuroprotective upon Stroke. Navarro-Gonzalez, Carmen; Huerga-Gomez, Alba; Fazzari, Pietro Sep 30, 2019 8219
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TAM Receptor Pathways at the Crossroads of Neuroinflammation and Neurodegeneration. Tondo, Giacomo; Perani, Daniela; Comi, Cristoforo Sep 30, 2019 11245
New approach may save brain cells in neurodegenerative diseases. Sep 28, 2019 341
Mentally Stimulating Activities May Delay Mild Cognitive Impairment: Study suggests computer use, hobbies, games and socializing may lower your risk of MCI. Sep 28, 2019 897
Inflammation Amps Up Neurite Growth, Gene Expression Involved in Heat, Cold Sensitivity. Sep 26, 2019 875
Future Trends On Artificial Neural Network Market 2019 / Global Industry Size, Share, Analysis, Growth and Forecast to 2023. Sep 24, 2019 980
An Intact Insect Embryo for Developmental Neurotoxicity Testing of Directed Axonal Elongation. Bergmann, Gregor A.; Frombling, Sarah; Joseph, Nina; Bode, Karsten; Bicker, Gerd; Stern, Michael Sep 22, 2019 4344
Daily cuppa helps fight off dementia; Tea boosts brain neurons. Sep 14, 2019 137
daily cuppa helps fight off dementia; Tea 'boosts neuron links in the brain'. Sep 14, 2019 260
DAILY CUPPA HELPS FIGHT OFF DEMENTIA; Tea 'boosts neuron links in the brain'. Sep 14, 2019 258
Researchers identify how a mammal's brain drives behaviour. Sep 13, 2019 927
New Preclinical Research Suggests Tetra Therapeutics' BPN14770 Protects Against Memory Loss and Neuronal Atrophy in Alzheimer's Disease. Sep 11, 2019 671
New Drug Targeting Tau Protein Found Effective Against Alzheimer's. Sep 10, 2019 443
Signal Blocks Stem Cell Division In Geriatric Brain. Sep 9, 2019 470
Adverse Effect of the Neuronal Cells and the Coronary Artery Endothelium in Extreme Environments--Roles of Advanced Molecular Imaging Markers. Saad, Fathinul Fikri Ahmad; Suppiah, Subapriya; Shaharudin, Shazreen Sep 1, 2019 3973
Study reveals how memories form and fade! Sep 1, 2019 630
Effect of Duloxetine Pretreatment on 5-HTP and Dexfenfluramine Induced Behaviours in Albino Rats. Thorat, Vandana M.; Khanwelkar, Chitra C.; Matule, Somnath M.; Salve, Pratibha S.; Surale-Patil, Smi Sep 1, 2019 2794
The Effect of Intermittent Fasting Diet on the Hippocampus of Adult Male Mouse After Inducing Demyelination by Ethidium Bromide Injection/Efecto de la Dieta de Ayuno Intermitente en el Hipocampo de Raton Macho Adulto Despues de Inducir la Desmielinizacion por Inyeccion de Bromuro de Etidio. Hassanpour, Azam; Hassanpour, Ashraf; Rezvani, Mohammad Ebrahim; Sharifabad, Mohamad Hosseini; Basir Sep 1, 2019 5379
Comparative Morphology and Histology of the Brain in Chinese Toad (Bufo gargarizans) and Chinese Fire-billed Newt (Cynops orientalis)/Morfologia e Histologia Comparada del Cerebro en el Sapo Chino (Bufo Gargarizans) y el Triton Vientre de Fuego Chino (Cynops orientalis). Xie, Zhaohui; Zhang, Hongbo; Zhang, Pengbo; Li, Qiujie; Zhang, Rui Sep 1, 2019 3069
[Mr.sup.2]DNM: A Novel Mutual Information-Based Dendritic Neuron Model. Qian, Xiaoxiao; Wang, Yirui; Cao, Shuyang; Todo, Yuki; Gao, Shangce Aug 31, 2019 6970
Ketamine Administration Reverses Corticosterone-Induced Alterations in Excitatory and Inhibitory Transmission in the Rat Dorsal Raphe Nucleus. Sowa, Joanna; Kusek, Magdalena; Bobula, Bartosz; Hess, Grzegorz; Tokarski, Krzysztof Aug 31, 2019 6769
Neurometabolic Evidence Supporting the Hypothesis of Increased Incidence of Type 3 Diabetes Mellitus in the 21st Century. Rorbach-Dolata, Anna; Piwowar, Agnieszka Aug 31, 2019 6668
GSK-3 Inhibitor Promotes Neuronal Cell Regeneration and Functional Recovery in a Rat Model of Spinal Cord Injury. Lei, Fei; He, Wen; Tian, Xinggui; Zhou, Qingzhong; Zheng, Lipeng; Kang, Jianping; Song, Yueming; Fen Aug 31, 2019 4838
Presenilin 1 Regulates [[Ca.sup.2+]]i and Mitochondria/ER Interaction in Cultured Rat Hippocampal Neurons. Korkotian, Eduard; Meshcheriakova, Anna; Segal, Menahem Aug 31, 2019 7271
Differential Modulation of NF-[kappa]B in Neurons and Astrocytes Underlies Neuroprotection and Antigliosis Activity of Natural Antioxidant Molecules. Martorana, Francesca; Foti, Maria; Virtuoso, Assunta; Gaglio, Daniela; Aprea, Federica; Latronico, T Aug 31, 2019 8197
Medical Image Segmentation Algorithm Based on Feedback Mechanism CNN. An, Feng-Ping; Liu, Zhi-Wen Aug 31, 2019 9833
A Differential Evolution-Oriented Pruning Neural Network Model for Bankruptcy Prediction. Tang, Yajiao; Ji, Junkai; Zhu, Yulin; Gao, Shangce; Tang, Zheng; Todo, Yuki Aug 31, 2019 11371
Scientists Uncover Memory's Molecular Roots. Aug 29, 2019 483
Researchers find new drug to prevent neuronal deaths. Aug 29, 2019 438
Here's Why Some Older Memories Are Easier To Recall Than Newer Ones. Aug 27, 2019 803

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