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Antimania-Like Effect of Panax ginseng Regulating the Glutamatergic Neurotransmission in REM-Sleep Deprivation Rats. Leem, Kang Hyun; Kim, Sang A.; Park, Hae Jeong Report Oct 17, 2020 7393
Hippocampal Regulation of Postsynaptic Density Homer1 by Associative Learning. Clifton, Nicholas E.; Cameron, Darren; Trent, Simon; Sykes, Lucy H.; Thomas, Kerrie L.; Hall, Jeremy Report Jan 1, 2017 7856
Neural Vascular Mechanism for the Cerebral Blood Flow Autoregulation after Hemorrhagic Stroke. Xiao, Ming; Li, Qiang; Feng, Hua; Zhang, Le; Chen, Yujie Report Jan 1, 2017 9554
Zinc--a mineral critical to memory: The element is key to proper signaling between neurons. Mar 1, 2012 751
It should be common knowledge. Kessinger, Jack Brief article Dec 1, 2008 149
Neurobiology of alcohol dependence: focus on motivational mechanisms. Gilpin, Nicholas W.; Koob, George F. Sep 22, 2008 8006
Communication networks in the brain: neurons, receptors, neurotransmitters, and alcohol. Lovinger, David M. Sep 22, 2008 13549
Strategies to study the neuroscience of alcoholism: introduction. Hitzeman, Robert; Oberbeck, Denesa Sep 22, 2008 1086
Positron emission tomography as a tool for studying alcohol abuse. Thanos, Panayotis K.; Wang, Gene-Jack; Volkow, Nora D. Sep 22, 2008 4007
Magnetic resonance imaging approaches for studying alcoholism using mouse models. Boudreau, Eilis A.; Chen, Gang; Li, Xin; Kroenke, Christopher D. Sep 22, 2008 1492
Interval-specific congenic animals for high-resolution quantitative trait loci mapping. Denmark, Deaunne L.; Milner, Lauren C.; Buck, Kari J. Sep 22, 2008 2850
Conclusions. Hitzemann, Robert; Oberbeck, Denesa Sep 22, 2008 390
Neurofeedback--brain training for mental ills: biofeedback techniques show promise in treating such conditions as epilepsy, addiction, and cognitive decline. Dec 1, 2006 629
Norepinephrine inhibits a subset of hippocampal interneurons. Bergles, Dwight E.; Doze, Van A. Mar 1, 2003 498
Timing of synaptic pathology may be a factor in schizophrenia. (Excitatory, Inhibitory Imbalance.). Celia, Frank Brief Article Feb 1, 2002 632
Ask Doctor Cory. SerVaas, Cory Column Mar 1, 2000 712
Neural control of the lateral abdominal arterial valves in the lobster Homarus americanus. Davidson, Glen W.; Wilkens, Jerrel L.; Lovell, Peter Feb 1, 1998 6202
Is noise a neural necessity; nerves can sometimes hear messages better amid babble. Raloff, Janet Cover Story Nov 23, 1996 2052
Neural code breakers: what language do neurons use to communicate? Lipkin, Richard Jun 22, 1996 2028
Seeing and controlling chaos in the brain. Pennisi, Elizabeth Aug 27, 1994 596

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