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Articles from Neural Plasticity (January 1, 2018)

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14-3-3 Proteins in Glutamatergic Synapses. Zhang, Jiajing; Zhou, Yi 4253
A Novel p.G141R Mutation in ILDR1 Leads to Recessive Nonsyndromic Deafness DFNB42 in Two Chinese Han Families. Wang, Xueling; Wang, Longhao; Peng, Hu; Yang, Tao; Wu, Hao 3052
A Proposed Molecular Mechanism for Physical Analgesia in Chronic Pain. Saito, Norio; Shima, Rei; Yamada, Yurika; Nagaoka, Masaru; Ito, Etsuro; Yoshioka, Tohru 6282
Aberrances of Cortex Excitability and Connectivity Underlying Motor Deficit in Acute Stroke. Du, Juan; Hu, Jianping; Hu, Jingze; Xu, Qiang; Zhang, Qirui; Liu, Ling; Ma, Minmin; Xu, Gelin; Zhang 6229
Acoustic Trauma Changes the Parvalbumin-Positive Neurons in Rat Auditory Cortex. Liu, Congli; Xu, Tao; Liu, Xiaopeng; Huang, Yina; Wang, Haitao; Luo, Bin; Sun, Jingwu 4571
Acoustical Enrichment during Early Development Improves Response Reliability in the Adult Auditory Cortex of the Rat. Bures, Zbynek; Pysanenko, Kateryna; Lindovsky, Jiri; Syka, Josef 7477
Action Observation Treatment Improves Upper Limb Motor Functions in Children with Cerebral Palsy: A Combined Clinical and Brain Imaging Study. Buccino, Giovanni; Molinaro, Anna; Ambrosi, Claudia; Arisi, Daniele; Mascaro, Lorella; Pinardi, Chia 6034
Activation of Phosphotyrosine-Mediated Signaling Pathways in the Cortex and Spinal Cord of [SOD1.sup.G93A], a Mouse Model of Familial Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Mallozzi, Cinzia; Spalloni, Alida; Longone, Patrizia; Domenici, Maria Rosaria 6541
Activation State-Dependent Substrate Gating in [Ca.sup.2+]/Calmodulin-Dependent Protein Kinase II. Johnson, D.E.; Hudmon, A. 9635
Adult Gross Motor Learning and Sleep: Is There a Mutual Benefit? Christova, Monica; Aftenberger, Hannes; Nardone, Raffaele; Gallasch, Eugen 10522
Aerobic Exercise Intervention Alters Executive Function and White Matter Integrity in Deaf Children: A Randomized Controlled Study. Xiong, Xuan; Zhu, Li-Na; Dong, Xiao-xiao; Wang, Wei; Yan, Jun; Chen, Ai-Guo Clinical report 6457
Age of Insomnia Onset Correlates with a Reversal of Default Mode Network and Supplementary Motor Cortex Connectivity. Santarnecchi, Emiliano; Del Bianco, Chiara; Sicilia, Isabella; Momi, Davide; Di Lorenzo, Giorgio; Fe 7182
Age-Related Differences in Cortical and Subcortical Activities during Observation and Motor Imagery of Dynamic Postural Tasks: An fMRI Study. Mouthon, A.; Ruffieux, J.; Mouthon, M.; Hoogewoud, H.-M.; Annoni, J.-M.; Taube, W. 8812
Altered Intrinsic Coupling between Functional Connectivity Density and Amplitude of Low-Frequency Fluctuation in Mild Cognitive Impairment with Depressive Symptoms. Liu, Xiaozheng; Chen, Jiuzun; Shen, Bangli; Wang, Gang; Li, Jiapeng; Hou, Hongtao; Chen, Xingli; Guo 5730
Altered Structural and Functional Connectivity of Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy: An fMRI Study. Zhong, Chengqing; Liu, Rong; Luo, Cheng; Jiang, Sisi; Dong, Li; Peng, Rui; Guo, Fuqiang; Wang, Pu Report 7150
Anatomical and Functional MRI Changes after One Year of Auditory Rehabilitation with Hearing Aids. Pereira-Jorge, M.R.; Andrade, K.C.; Palhano-Fontes, F.X.; Diniz, P.R.B.; Sturzbecher, M.; Santos, A. 9059
Anodal tDCS over Primary Motor Cortex Provides No Advantage to Learning Motor Sequences via Observation. Apsvalka, Dace; Ramsey, Richard; Cross, Emily S. 9310
Anticorrelations between Active Brain Regions: An Agent-Based Model Simulation Study. Parente, Fabrizio; Colosimo, Alfredo 6046
Antidepressant Effects of Probucol on Early-Symptomatic YAC128 Transgenic Mice for Huntington's Disease. Nascimento-Castro, Cristine de Paula; Wink, Ana Claudia; da Fonseca, Victor Silva; Bianco, Claudia D 11652
Astrocytes and the Warning Signs of Intracerebral Hemorrhagic Stroke. Scimemi, Annalisa 8528
Autosomal Recessive Congenital Sensorineural Hearing Loss due to a Novel Compound Heterozygous PTPRQ Mutation in a Chinese Family. Wu, Xia; Wang, Shan; Chen, Sen; Wen, Ying-ying; Liu, Bo; Xie, Wen; Li, Dan; Liu, Lin; Huang, Xiang; 2973
Ballroom Dancing Promotes Neural Activity in the Sensorimotor System: A Resting-State fMRI Study. Lu, Yingzhi; Zhao, Qi; Wang, Yingying; Zhou, Chenglin Report 5245
Beneficial Effect of Multidomain Cognitive Training on the Neuropsychological Performance of Patients with Early-Stage Alzheimer's Disease. Nousia, Anastasia; Siokas, Vasileios; Aretouli, Eleni; Messinis, Lambros; Aloizou, Athina-Maria; Mar 6137
Beneficial Effects of Resveratrol-Mediated Inhibition of the mTOR Pathway in Spinal Cord Injury. Zhou, Jingying; Huo, Xue; Botchway, Benson O.A.; Xu, Luyao; Meng, Xiaofang; Zhang, Songou; Liu, Xueh 6235
Bilateral Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Reshapes Resting-State Brain Networks: A Magnetoencephalography Assessment. Pellegrino, Giovanni; Maran, Matteo; Turco, Cristina; Weis, Luca; Di Pino, Giovanni; Piccione, Franc Clinical report 6167
Biomarkers of Rehabilitation Therapy Vary according to Stroke Severity. Quinlan, Erin Burke; Dodakian, Lucy; See, Jill; McKenzie, Alison; Stewart, Jill Campbell; Cramer, St 6577
Boosting Action Observation and Motor Imagery to Promote Plasticity and Learning. Bisio, Ambra; Bassolino, Michela; Pozzo, Thierry; Wenderoth, Nicole 1724
Boosting the Motor Outcome of the Untrained Hand by Action Observation: Mirror Visual Feedback, Video Therapy, or Both Combined--What Is More Effective? Bahr, Florian; Ritter, Alexander; Seidel, Gundula; Puta, Christian; Gabriel, Holger H.W.; Hamzei, Fa 7775
Botanicals as Modulators of Neuroplasticity: Focus on BDNF. Sangiovanni, Enrico; Brivio, Paola; Dell'Agli, Mario; Calabrese, Francesca 14673
Botulinum Neurotoxin Application to the Severed Femoral Nerve Modulates Spinal Synaptic Responses to Axotomy and Enhances Motor Recovery in Rats. Irintchev, Marcel; Guntinas-Lichius, Orlando; Irintchev, Andrey 8059
Cardiac Arrest Induces Ischemic Long-Term Potentiation of Hippocampal CA1 Neurons That Occludes Physiological Long-Term Potentiation. Orfila, James E.; McKinnon, Nicole; Moreno, Myriam; Deng, Guiying; Chalmers, Nicholas; Dietz, Robert 6141
Cerebellar Theta-Burst Stimulation Impairs Memory Consolidation in Eyeblink Classical Conditioning. Monaco, Jessica; Rocchi, Lorenzo; Ginatempo, Francesca; D'Angelo, Egidio; Rothwell, John C. 5622
Change in Reciprocal Inhibition of the Forearm with Motor Imagery among Patients with Chronic Stroke. Kawakami, Michiyuki; Okuyama, Kohei; Takahashi, Yoko; Hiramoto, Miho; Nishimura, Atsuko; Ushiba, Jun 6754
Changes in Resting-State Connectivity following Melody-Based Therapy in a Patient with Aphasia. Bitan, Tali; Simic, Tijana; Saverino, Cristina; Jones, Cheryl; Glazer, Joanna; Collela, Brenda; Wise 10254
Changes in the Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor Are Associated with Improvements in Diabetes Risk Factors after Exercise Training in Adolescents with Obesity: The HEARTY Randomized Controlled Trial. Walsh, Jeremy J.; D'Angiulli, Amedeo; Cameron, Jameason D.; Sigal, Ronald J.; Kenny, Glen P.; Holcik 6792
Changes to Neural Activation Patterns (c-fos Labeling) in Chinchilla Auditory Midbrain following Neonatal Exposure to an Enhanced Sound Environment. D'Alessandro, Lisa M.; Harrison, Robert V. 5075
Cholinergic Mechanisms of Target Oddball Stimuli Detection: The Late "P300-Like" Event-Related Potential in Rats. Ahnaou, A.; Biermans, R.; Drinkenburg, W.H.I.M. 9596
Circadian Regulation of Hippocampal-Dependent Memory: Circuits, Synapses, and Molecular Mechanisms. Snider, Kaitlin H.; Sullivan, Kyle A.; Obrietan, Karl 11524
Circadian Rhythms in Regulation of Brain Processes and Role in Psychiatric Disorders. Pantazopoulos, Harry; Gamble, Karen; Stork, Oliver; Amir, Shimon 1677
Clocking In Time to Gate Memory Processes: The Circadian Clock Is Part of the Ins and Outs of Memory. Rawashdeh, Oliver; Parsons, Rex; Maronde, Erik 8935
Cognitive Deficit-Related Interhemispheric Asynchrony within the Medial Hub of the Default Mode Network Aids in Classifying the Hyperthyroid Patients. Zhi, Mengmeng; Hou, Zhenghua; Zhang, Yuqun; Yue, Yingying; Li, Ling; Yuan, Yonggui 4854
Comparison of Adult Hippocampal Neurogenesis and Susceptibility to Treadmill Exercise in Nine Mouse Strains. Kim, Jong Whi; Nam, Sung Min; Yoo, Dae Young; Jung, Hyo Young; Kim, Il Yong; Hwang, In Koo; Seong, J 8839
Consumption of a High-Fat Diet Alters Perineuronal Nets in the Prefrontal Cortex. Dingess, P.M.; Harkness, J.H.; Slaker, M.; Zhang, Z.; Wulff, S.S.; Sorg, B.A.; Brown, T.E. 4474
Context and Time Matter: Effects of Emotion and Motivation on Episodic Memory Overtime. Sun, Qing; Gu, Simeng; Yang, Jiongjiong 9745
Contextual Fear Memory Formation and Destabilization Induce Hippocampal RyR2 Calcium Channel Upregulation. More, Jamileth; Casas, Maria Mercedes; Sanchez, Gina; Hidalgo, Cecilia; Haeger, Paola 8308
Contingent Negative Variation and Working Memory Maintenance in Adolescents with Low and High Motor Competencies. Ludyga, Sebastian; Herrmann, Christian; Mucke, Manuel; Andra, Christian; Brand, Serge; Puhse, Uwe; G 6546
Contralateral Suppression of DPOAEs in Mice after Ouabain Treatment. Li, Jieying; Chen, Yan; Zeng, Shan; Lai, Chuijin; Zhang, Yanping; Zhang, Liting; Shi, Yuxuan; Zhang, 5357
Cortical AAV-CNTF Gene Therapy Combined with Intraspinal Mesenchymal Precursor Cell Transplantation Promotes Functional and Morphological Outcomes after Spinal Cord Injury in Adult Rats. Hodgetts, Stuart I.; Yoon, Jun Han; Fogliani, Alysia; Akinpelu, Emmanuel A.; Baron-Heeris, Danii; Ho 11014
Corticospinal and Spinal Excitabilities Are Modulated during Motor Imagery Associated with Somatosensory Electrical Nerve Stimulation. Traverse, E.; Lebon, F.; Martin, A. 6571
Corticospinal Tract Wiring and Brain Lesion Characteristics in Unilateral Cerebral Palsy: Determinants of Upper Limb Motor and Sensory Function. Simon-Martinez, Cristina; Jaspers, Ellen; Mailleux, Lisa; Ortibus, Els; Klingels, Katrijn; Wenderoth 10865
CRMP2 and CRMP4 Are Differentially Required for Axon Guidance and Growth in Zebrafish Retinal Neurons. Liu, Zhi-Zhi; Zhu, Jian; Wang, Chang-Ling; Wang, Xin; Han, Ying-Ying; Liu, Ling-Yan; Xu, Hong A. 5327
Dance Training Shapes Action Perception and Its Neural Implementation within the Young and Older Adult Brain. Kirsch, Louise P.; Diersch, Nadine; Sumanapala, Dilini K.; Cross, Emily S. 14986
Danshen-Honghua Ameliorates Stress-Induced Menopausal Depression in Rats. Gu, Simeng; Ma, Yao; Ge, Kemin; Nie, Ruifang; Wu, Erxi; Li, Yang 4128
Designs of Biomaterials and Microenvironments for Neuroengineering. Yang, Yanru; Zhang, Yuhua; Chai, Renjie; Gu, Zhongze 8250
Differential Corticomotor Excitability Responses to Hypertonic Saline-Induced Muscle Pain in Forearm and Hand Muscles. Larsen, Dennis B.; Graven-Nielsen, Thomas; Hirata, Rogerio P.; Boudreau, Shellie A. 6355
Diffusion Tensor Imaging Evaluation of Neural Network Development in Patients Undergoing Therapeutic Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation following Stroke. Yamada, Naoki; Ueda, Ryo; Kakuda, Wataru; Momosaki, Ryo; Kondo, Takahiro; Hada, Takuya; Sasaki, Nobu 4989
Direct Electrophysiological Mapping of Shape-Induced Affective Perception. Li, Yingli; Ding, Qingguo; Zhao, Yuancun; Bu, Yanan; Tang, Xiaoyan; Wang, Peiguo; Zhang, Genhua; Che 5518
Drosophila: An Emergent Model for Delineating Interactions between the Circadian Clock and Drugs of Abuse. De Nobrega, Aliza K.; Lyons, Lisa C. 24148
Dynamic Network Analysis Reveals Altered Temporal Variability in Brain Regions after Stroke: A Longitudinal Resting-State fMRI Study. Hu, Jianping; Du, Juan; Xu, Qiang; Yang, Fang; Zeng, Fanyong; Weng, Yifei; Dai, Xi-jian; Qi, Rongfen Clinical report 6681
Dynamic Neuro-Cognitive Imagery Improves Mental Imagery Ability, Disease Severity, and Motor and Cognitive Functions in People with Parkinson's Disease. Abraham, Amit; Hart, Ariel; Andrade, Isaac; Hackney, Madeleine E. 11115
Effect of Cutaneous Heat Pain on Corticospinal Excitability of the Tibialis Anterior at Rest and during Submaximal Contraction. Billot, Maxime; Neige, Cecilia; Gagne, Martin; Mercier, Catherine; Bouyer, Laurent J. 5175
Effect of Group-Based Rehabilitation Combining Action Observation with Physiotherapy on Freezing of Gait in Parkinson's Disease. Pelosin, Elisa; Barella, Roberta; Bet, Cristina; Magioncalda, Elisabetta; Putzolu, Martina; Di Biasi 5029
Effect of Maternal Administration of Edible Bird's Nest on the Learning and Memory Abilities of Suckling Offspring in Mice. Xie, Yong; Zeng, Hongliang; Huang, Zhiji; Xu, Hui; Fan, Qunyan; Zhang, Yi; Zheng, Baodong 6977
Effects of 20 Hz Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation on Disorders of Consciousness: A Resting-State Electroencephalography Study. He, Fangping; Wu, Min; Meng, Fanxia; Hu, Yangfan; Gao, Jian; Chen, Zhongqin; Bao, Wangxiao; Liu, Keh Clinical report 5336
Effects of Antipsychotic Drugs on the Epigenetic Modification of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor Gene Expression in the Hippocampi of Chronic Restraint Stress Rats. Seo, Mi Kyoung; Kim, Young Hoon; McIntyre, Roger S.; Mansur, Rodrigo B.; Lee, Yena; Carmona, Nicole 7719
Effects of Temporary Functional Deafferentation in Chronic Stroke Patients: Who Profits More? Sens, Elisabeth; Franz, Marcel; Preul, Christoph; Meissner, Winfried; Witte, Otto W.; Miltner, Wolfg 7234
Effects of Time-Compressed Speech Training on Multiple Functional and Structural Neural Mechanisms Involving the Left Superior Temporal Gyrus. Maruyama, Tsukasa; Takeuchi, Hikaru; Taki, Yasuyuki; Motoki, Kosuke; Jeong, Hyeonjeong; Kotozaki, Yu 9766
Effects of Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation on Repetitive Finger Movements in Healthy Humans. Guerra, Andrea; Bologna, Matteo; Paparella, Giulia; Suppa, Antonio; Colella, Donato; Di Lazzaro, Vin 7859
Effects of Various Extents of High-Frequency Hearing Loss on Speech Recognition and Gap Detection at Low Frequencies in Patients with Sensorineural Hearing Loss. Li, Bei; Guo, Yang; Yang, Guang; Feng, Yanmei; Yin, Shankai 5501
Electroacupuncture Improves Baroreflex and [gamma]-Aminobutyric Acid Type B Receptor-Mediated Responses in the Nucleus Tractus Solitarii of Hypertensive Rats. Zhang, Qi; Tan, Ying-Ying; Liu, Xiao-hua; Yao, Fan-Rong; Cao, Dong-Yuan 6439
Electroacupuncture Treatment Alleviates the Remifentanil-Induced Hyperalgesia by Regulating the Activities of the Ventral Posterior Lateral Nucleus of the Thalamus Neurons in Rats. Zhao, Hong-Yan; Liu, Ling-Yu; Cai, Jie; Cui, Yan-Jun; Xing, Guo-Gang 9882
Enhancing Plasticity of the Central Nervous System: Drugs, Stem Cell Therapy, and Neuro-Implants. Friec, Alice Le; Salabert, Anne-Sophie; Davoust, Carole; Demain, Boris; Vieu, Christophe; Vaysse, La 6795
Environmental Enrichment Induces Changes in Long-Term Memory for Social Transmission of Food Preference in Aged Mice through a Mechanism Associated with Epigenetic Processes. Cintoli, Simona; Cenni, Maria Cristina; Pinto, Bruno; Morea, Silvia; Sale, Alessandro; Maffei, Lambe 8436
ERP and Behavioral Effects of Physical and Cognitive Training on Working Memory in Aging: A Randomized Controlled Study. Gajewski, Patrick D.; Falkenstein, Michael Clinical report 8512
Evidence Linking Brain Activity Modulation to Age and to Deductive Training. Merino, P. Alvarez; Requena, C.; Salto, F. 6554
Examination Stress Results in Attentional Bias and Altered Neural Reactivity in Test-Anxious Individuals. Zhang, Xiaocong; Dong, Yunying; Zhou, Renlai 5001
Exercise Intervention Associated with Cognitive Improvement in Alzheimer's Disease. Cui, Meng Ying; Lin, Yang; Sheng, Ji Yao; Zhang, Xuewen; Cui, Ran Ji 8548
Exploring Postoperative Cognitive Dysfunction and Delirium in Noncardiac Surgery Using MRI: A Systematic Review. Huang, Chenxi; Martensson, Johan; Gogenur, Ismail; Asghar, Mohammad Sohail 7851
Exposure to Patterned Auditory Stimuli during Acute Stress Prevents Despair-Like Behavior in Adult Mice That Were Previously Housed in an Enriched Environment in Combination with Auditory Stimuli. Flores-Gutierrez, Enrique; Cabrera-Munoz, Edith Araceli; Vega-Rivera, Nelly Maritza; Ortiz-Lopez, Le 8974
fMRI Evidence of Magnitude Manipulation during Numerical Order Processing in Congenitally Deaf Signers. Andin, Josefine; Fransson, Peter; Ronnberg, Jerker; Rudner, Mary 6660
Function of Connexins in the Interaction between Glial and Vascular Cells in the Central Nervous System and Related Neurological Diseases. Zhao, Yinan; Xin, Yanguo; He, Zhiyi; Hu, Wenyu 9194
Functional Brain Connectivity during Multiple Motor Imagery Tasks in Spinal Cord Injury. Athanasiou, Alkinoos; Terzopoulos, Nikos; Pandria, Niki; Xygonakis, Ioannis; Foroglou, Nicolas; Poly 13843
Functional Change in the Caudal Pontine Reticular Nucleus Induced by Age-Related Hearing Loss. Zhao, Ning; Alkharabsheh, Ana'am; Xu, Fei; Sun, Wei 4450
Functional Connectivity Alterations in Children with Spastic and Dyskinetic Cerebral Palsy. Qin, Yun; Li, Yanan; Sun, Bo; He, Hui; Peng, Rui; Zhang, Tao; Li, Jianfu; Luo, Cheng; Sun, Chengyan; 9281
Functional Role of Internal and External Visual Imagery: Preliminary Evidences from Pilates. Montuori, Simone; Curcio, Giuseppe; Sorrentino, Pierpaolo; Belloni, Lidia; Sorrentino, Giuseppe; Fot 5361
Genetic Etiology Study of Ten Chinese Families with Nonsyndromic Hearing Loss. Hu, Songqun; Sun, Feifei; Zhang, Jie; Tang, Yan; Qiu, Jinhong; Wang, Zhixia; Zhang, Luping 3029
Green Tea and Red Tea from Camellia sinensis Partially Prevented the Motor Deficits and Striatal Oxidative Damage Induced by Hemorrhagic Stroke in Rats. Sosa, Priscila Marques; de Souza, Mauren Assis; Mello-Carpes, Pamela B. 5223
Guiding Lights in Genome Editing for Inherited Retinal Disorders: Implications for Gene and Cell Therapy. Sanjurjo-Soriano, Carla; Kalatzis, Vasiliki 13073
Hearing Loss: Reestablish the Neural Plasticity in Regenerated Spiral Ganglion Neurons and Sensory Hair Cells 2018. Chai, Renjie; Li, Geng-Lin; Wang, Jian; Huang, Hai 1710
Heterozygous CDKL5 Knockout Female Mice Are a Valuable Animal Model for CDKL5 Disorder. Fuchs, Claudia; Gennaccaro, Laura; Trazzi, Stefania; Bastianini, Stefano; Bettini, Simone; Martire, 12876
Hollow Mesoporous Silica@Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework Capsules and Their Applications for Gentamicin Delivery. Xu, Xiaoxiang; Chen, Heyin; Wu, Xia; Chen, Sen; Qi, Jing; He, Zuhong; Zou, Shengyu; Xie, Le; Xu, Kai 4559
How Senses Work Together: Cross-Modal Interactions between Primary Sensory Cortices. Teichert, Manuel; Bolz, Jurgen 7644
How Visual Body Perception Influences Somatosensory Plasticity. Kuehn, Esther; Pleger, Burkhard 10472
Hydromechanical Structure of the Cochlea Supports the Backward Traveling Wave in the Cochlea In Vivo. Chen, Fangyi; Zha, Dingjun; Yang, Xiaojie; Hubbard, Allyn; Nuttall, Alfred 7574
Identification of Binding Partners of Deafness-Related Protein PDZD7. Du, Haibo; Ren, Rui; Chen, Panpan; Xu, Zhigang; Wang, Yanfei 5779
Impact of Global Mean Normalization on Regional Glucose Metabolism in the Human Brain. Mortensen, Kristian N.; Gjedde, Albert; Thompson, Garth J.; Herman, Peter; Parent, Maxime J.; Rothma 12601
Impaired Ability to Suppress Excitability of Antagonist Motoneurons at Onset of Dorsiflexion in Adults with Cerebral Palsy. Geertsen, Svend Sparre; Kirk, Henrik; Nielsen, Jens Bo 7387
Impaired GABA Neural Circuits Are Critical for Fragile X Syndrome. Gao, Fei; Qi, Lijun; Yang, Zhongzhen; Yang, Tao; Zhang, Yan; Xu, Hui; Zhao, Huan 5456
Impairments of Visuospatial Attention in Children with Unilateral Spastic Cerebral Palsy. Ickx, Gaetan; Hatem, Samar M.; Riquelme, Inmaculada; Friel, Kathleen M.; Henne, Camille; Araneda, Ro 9669
Inhibition of NLRP3 Inflammasome Ameliorates Cerebral Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury in Diabetic Mice. Hong, Pu; Li, Feng-Xian; Gu, Ruo-Nan; Fang, Ying-Ying; Lai, Lu-Ying; Wang, Yong-Wei; Tao, Tao; Xu, S 4684
Inner Ear Hair Cell Protection in Mammals against the Noise-Induced Cochlear Damage. Waqas, Muhammad; Gao, Song; Iram-us-Salam; Ali, Muhammad Kazim; Ma, Yongming; Li, Wenyan 7350
Instrumental or Physical-Exercise Rehabilitation of Balance Improves Both Balance and Gait in Parkinson's Disease. Giardini, Marica; Nardone, Antonio; Godi, Marco; Guglielmetti, Simone; Arcolin, Ilaria; Pisano, Fabr 12720
Intraspinal Grafting of Serotonergic Neurons Modifies Expression of Genes Important for Functional Recovery in Paraplegic Rats. Miazga, Krzysztof; Fabczak, Hanna; Joachimiak, Ewa; Zawadzka, Malgorzata; Krzemien-Ojak, Lucja; Beki 10996
Knock-In Mice with Myo3a Y137C Mutation Displayed Progressive Hearing Loss and Hair Cell Degeneration in the Inner Ear. Li, Peipei; Wen, Zongzhuang; Zhang, Guangkai; Zhang, Aizhen; Fu, Xiaolong; Gao, Jiangang 6230
Koumine Attenuates Neuroglia Activation and Inflammatory Response to Neuropathic Pain. Jin, Gui-Lin; He, Sai-Di; Lin, Shao-Mei; Hong, Li-Mian; Chen, Wan-Qing; Xu, Ying; Yang, Jian; Li, Su 7691
Language and Sensory Neural Plasticity in the Superior Temporal Cortex of the Deaf. Que, Mochun; Jiang, Xinjian; Yi, Chunyang; Gui, Peng; Jiang, Yuwei; Zhou, Yong-Di; Wang, Liping 11463
Laterality of Poststroke Cortical Motor Activity during Action Observation Is Related to Hemispheric Dominance. Liew, Sook-Lei; Garrison, Kathleen A.; Ito, Kaori L.; Heydari, Panthea; Sobhani, Mona; Werner, Julie 9994
Low-Frequency Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for Stroke-Induced Upper Limb Motor Deficit: A Meta-Analysis. Zhang, Lan; Xing, Guoqiang; Shuai, Shiquan; Guo, Zhiwei; Chen, Huaping; McClure, Morgan A.; Chen, Xi 8562
Manipulation of Auditory Inputs as Rehabilitation Therapy for Maladaptive Auditory Cortical Reorganization. Okamoto, Hidehiko 5545
Mechanisms of Hearing Loss in a Guinea Pig Model of Superior Semicircular Canal Dehiscence. Tong, Bu-Sheng; He, Zi-Yu; Ding, Chen-Ru; Yang, Juan-Mei; Wang, Jing; Han, Zhao; Huang, Yi-Bo; Gao, 6339
Metabolic Changes Associated with a Rat Model of Diabetic Depression Detected by Ex Vivo [sup.1]H Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy in the Prefrontal Cortex, Hippocampus, and Hypothalamus. Liu, Kun; Zhao, Liangcai; Xu, Wen; Lin, Qiuting; Zhou, Yongjin; Huang, Xiaoyan; Ye, Xinjian; He, Jia 6573
Methods to Compare Predicted and Observed Phosphene Experience in tACS Subjects. Indahlastari, Aprinda; Kasinadhuni, Aditya K.; Saar, Christopher; Castellano, Kevin; Mousa, Bakir; C 6304
Mindfulness Meditation Is Related to Long-Lasting Changes in Hippocampal Functional Topology during Resting State: A Magnetoencephalography Study. Lardone, Anna; Liparoti, Marianna; Sorrentino, Pierpaolo; Rucco, Rosaria; Jacini, Francesca; Polveri 7606
Mixed-Effects Modeling of Neurofeedback Self-Regulation Performance: Moderators for Learning in Children with ADHD. Zuberer, Agnieszka; Minder, Franziska; Brandeis, Daniel; Drechsler, Renate 9568
Modulating Brain Connectivity by Simultaneous Dual-Mode Stimulation over Bilateral Primary Motor Cortices in Subacute Stroke Patients. Lee, Jungsoo; Park, Eunhee; Lee, Ahee; Chang, Won Hyuk; Kim, Dae-Shik; Shin, Yong-Il; Kim, Yun-Hee 5714
Modulation of Corticospinal Excitability Depends on the Pattern of Mechanical Tactile Stimulation. Kojima, Sho; Onishi, Hideaki; Miyaguchi, Shota; Kotan, Shinichi; Sasaki, Ryoki; Nakagawa, Masaki; Ki 5700
Modulation of Glucose Takeup by Glucose Transport on the Isolated OHCs. Cheng, Xiao-ting; Yang, Feng-bo; Jiang, Qing-qing; Zhang, Rong; Yang, Shi-ming; Yu, Ning 4220
Molecular Mechanisms of Oxytocin Signaling at the Synaptic Connection. Bakos, Jan; Srancikova, Annamaria; Havranek, Tomas; Bacova, Zuzana 6533
Motor and Perceptual Recovery in Adult Patients with Mild Intellectual Disability. Cantone, Mariagiovanna; Catalano, Maria A.; Lanza, Giuseppe; La Delfa, Gaetano; Ferri, Raffaele; Pen 7009
Motor Imagery during Action Observation of Locomotor Tasks Improves Rehabilitation Outcome in Older Adults after Total Hip Arthroplasty. Marusic, Uros; Grospretre, Sidney; Paravlic, Armin; Kovac, Simon; Pisot, Rado; Taube, Wolfgang 6276
Motor Improvement of Skilled Forelimb Use Induced by Treatment with Growth Hormone and Rehabilitation Is Dependent on the Onset of the Treatment after Cortical Ablation. Heredia, Margarita; Palomero, Jesus; de la Fuente, Antonio; Criado, Jose Maria; Yajeya, Javier; Deve 11966
Mu Suppression Is Sensitive to Observational Practice but Results in Different Patterns of Activation in Comparison with Physical Practice. Alhajri, Najah; Hodges, Nicola J.; Zwicker, Jill G.; Virji-Babul, Naznin 9667
N-Methyl-D-Aspartate Receptors Involvement in the Gentamicin-Induced Hearing Loss and Pathological Changes of Ribbon Synapse in the Mouse Cochlear Inner Hair Cells. Hong, Juan; Chen, Yan; Zhang, Yanping; Li, Jieying; Ren, Liujie; Yang, Lin; Shi, Lusen; Li, Ao; Zhan 9183
Neural Mechanisms of Autonomic Dysfunction in Neurological Diseases. Li, De-Pei; Li, Yu-Long; Li, Jianhua; Wang, Sheng 763
Neural Plasticity in Mood Disorders. Hall, F. Scott; Li, Aijun; Li, Bingjin 1373
Neuroanatomical Alterations in Patients with Early Stage of Unilateral Pulsatile Tinnitus: A Voxel-Based Morphometry Study. Liu, Yawen; Lv, Han; Zhao, Pengfei; Liu, Zhaohui; Chen, Wenjing; Gong, Shusheng; Wang, Zhenchang; Zh Report 5404
Neurorehabilitation in Parkinson's Disease: A Critical Review of Cognitive Rehabilitation Effects on Cognition and Brain. Diez-Cirarda, Maria; Ibarretxe-Bilbao, Naroa; Pena, Javier; Ojeda, Natalia 7072
Newly Generated Cells in the Dentate Gyrus Differentially Respond to Brief Spatial Exploration and Forced Swim in Adult Female Balb/C Mice. Ramirez-Rodriguez, Gerardo Bernabe; Ocana-Fernandez, Maria del Angel; Ortiz-Lopez, Leonardo 6828
NMDA Receptor Subunits Change after Synaptic Plasticity Induction and Learning and Memory Acquisition. Baez, Maria Veronica; Cercato, Magali Cecilia; Jerusalinsky, Diana Alicia 6563
No Modulatory Effects when Stimulating the Right Inferior Frontal Gyrus with Continuous 6 Hz tACS and tRNS on Response Inhibition: A Behavioral Study. Brauer, Hannah; Kadish, Navah Ester; Pedersen, Anya; Siniatchkin, Michael; Moliadze, Vera Report 7803
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