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Networking for people who hate networking: a field guide for introverts, the overwhelmed, and the underconnected.

Who you are, with the traits you have, can make you a good networker, as long as you understand how you Work, your mindset, your style and you're willing to work with that.


Then you can network on your own terms. If you understand what you want to get out of connecting with someone while working a room, 'then you can actually end up enjoying it.

As a management consultant for 15 years, Devora Zack is a self-admitted "off the charts" introvert hut she understands that all introverts want deep, meaningful and long-lasting connections, one person at a time. Zack says you don't have to lake being a backslapping extrovert if you learn to use the tools to adopt a style that is true to who you are.

Devora Zack

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Title Annotation:NEWS; Devora Zack
Author:Zack, Devora
Publication:Northern Ontario Business
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Date:Oct 1, 2010
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