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Netscape Internet Service Introduces Web Accelerator with Pop-Up Blocker, Advanced Spam Blocker, and E-Mail Virus Scan.

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DULLES, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 14, 2004

New Add-On Services Deliver Consumers Greater Choice

to Build "Just the Net They Need"

The Netscape(R) Internet service, the low-cost ISP offering choice and value for consumers, today announced the availability of Netscape's Web Accelerator with Pop-Up Blocker, one of three new features that can be added to its basic $9.95 dial-up access package. The new Web Accelerator with Pop-Up Blocker allows members to surf the Internet at speeds up to five times faster than over a standard dial-up connection.1 Subscribers can now also choose from other add-on features including Advanced Spam Blocker and E-Mail Virus Scan for greater privacy and security protection.

Delivering subscribers unprecedented choice, these new add-on services build on the success of the basic Netscape dial-up internet service package, an affordably priced dial-up access service for consumers who want a reliable and low-cost way to get online. Additionally, they offer subscribers more control and greater flexibility in building the best low-cost Internet experience to suit their needs and budgets.

The Netscape Web Accelerator with Pop-Up Blocker can be added for just $5 a month, which includes unlimited dial-up access, thousands of access numbers, reliable connectivity and your choice of e-mail address. Netscape's Advanced Spam Controls, which let subscribers configure their inbox to reduce unwanted e-mail, and E-mail Virus Scan, which provides constant, real-time protection from known viruses before they reach the inbox, can each be added for an additional $1 per month.

"Consumers want the choice to build their own Internet service with the flexibility to add just the features they need, including the ability to enjoy the Web faster with our Web Accelerator technology," said Joel Davidson, Executive Vice President of Netscape ISP. "Netscape's new options combined with reliable access, dependable e-mail and powerful search make Netscape the best deal, and the best service, for anyone seeking a low-cost Internet service provider. And in the coming year, we are excited to bring our subscribers even more options, giving them greater choice to build 'Just the Net they Need.'"

Highlights of Netscape's new add-on features include:

*Netscape's Web Accelerator with Pop-Up Blocker makes the most important things that people do online even faster - from Web surfing and searching to accessing and sending e-mail. Netscape's Web Accelerator technology can be used to surf the Internet up to five times faster than over a standard dial-up connection. Plus, it even speeds up online searches and sending and receiving of e-mails, including downloading of attachments. The Web Accelerator with Pop-Up Blocker lets subscribers block most annoying and time-consuming pop-ups and pop-unders that interrupt normal Web surfing.2

*E-Mail Virus Scan automatically scans all attachments to incoming e-mails to detect known viruses and fix or help block infected attachments before they can reach your computer. Updated hourly, it automatically scans all attachments from incoming e-mails to detect known viruses and automatically fixes or helps block infected attachments before they can reach subscribers' computers.

*Advanced Spam Blocker allows subscribers to fine-tune their e-mail experience and anti-spam defenses with an aggressive spam fighting tool. Filters can be personalized to block e-mails based on specific words and block e-mails containing clickable URLs. A spam folder is also made available that serves as the central location where suspected unwanted mail is automatically routed, helping separate spam from a subscriber's regular incoming e-mail.


Quick and easy to download, current Netscape Internet service subscribers can get the services by downloading or registering through links on the Netscape Internet service start page, or via their "My Account" settings. New members signing up for the Netscape Internet service can opt-in for these services during Web registration.

For further information on the Netscape Internet service please visit, or go to the online press kit,

About Netscape

The Netscape(R) Internet service is an affordably priced dial-up access service for consumers who want a reliable and low-cost way to get online. Available at, the Netscape service offers a simple approach of "Just the Net You Need" with unlimited dial-up access and basic features including e-mail, Internet search and daily news. An Internet technology pioneer and an America Online, Inc. brand, Netscape reflects a decade of expertise in developing interactive products and Internet technologies that have played a key role in shaping and influencing the direction of the online medium.

About America Online, Inc.

America Online, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Time Warner Inc. Based in Dulles, Virginia, AmericaOnline is the world's leader in interactive services, Web brands, Internet technologies and e-commerce services.

1. *VeriTest(R) study, November 2003. Web Accelerator can load certain web page text and graphics faster with a standard 56.6K dial-up Internet service. Actual speeds may vary.

2. *Functionality requires Microsoft Internet Explorer v5.5 or higher.
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Date:Jun 14, 2004
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