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Netlink Internet Media Announces Former President Jimmy Carter Celebrates 4Th of July Releasing Great Horned Owl.

PINE HARBOR, Ga.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 4, 1999--

Former President Jimmy Carter and Mrs. Rosalyn Carter visited the Sanctuary on the Sapelo (SOS) to celebrate July 4th.

The Carters, avid birdwatchers and wildlife supporters released birds from the avian rehabilitation center. Carter, long a symbol of wisdom on the geopolitical scene was armed in thick protective gloves, hoisted aloft a great horned owl. Mrs. Carter radiantly released a newly rehabilitated Kite.

"The Carters presence at SOS bird rehabilitation center located in coastal southeast Georgia was an Independence Day blessing," said Mrs. Emmy Minor.

SOS, a hands-on-rescue operation provides aid to young and injured birds. The sanctuary saves, salvages and sets free recovered birds. SOS was started in 1983, by operators Emmy and Al Minor. The Minors and media relations volunteer Ms. L.A. Chancey answered questions about SOS. The birds received at SOS are a direct result of complications involving human expansion and interaction in natural habitat areas. As the population swells along the coastal environs, additional pressure will be exerted on birds, wildlife and SOS.

Currently, the sanctuary is home to three pairs of bald eagles. The eagles have been partially supported via a federal breeding program @SOS over the last five years. Brown pelicans, great blue herons, seagulls, egrets, wild geese, woodducks, great horn owls, avian & coastal wildlife are rehabilitation beneficiaries. Constant demand has the SOS operation growing daily.

"The presence of the Carters @SOS is an invitation to every man, woman, & child approaching the new Millennium. We are encouraged by the example of the Carters and Minors, to extend a helping hand to avian & coastal wildlife.

"A newly funded wildlife rehabilitation facility for coastal Georgia is imperative. Wildlife survival depends on private donations for permanent wildlife educational facilities. A complex encompassing 50-100 acres containing ponds, protecting habitats, aviaries providing natural shelter for convalescing and permanently non-releasable birds is overdue. Managed propagation of threatened and endangered species, educational learning center for school children, adults and permanent, professional, salaried staff assisted by trained volunteers to operate the entire program must be funded. Truly, the Sanctuary on the Sapelo is in our own backyard," said Ms. Chancey.

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jul 5, 1999
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