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Netherlands : The central government and the region are investing 37 million extra in approach N65.

The government, the province of Noord-Brabant and the municipalities of Vught and Haaren have agreed to invest 37 million extra in the approach of the national road N65 Vught - Haaren. This contribution is in addition to the already reserved budget of 108 million for this project.

This means that the 3 intersections in Vught can now be constructed at a level and the intersection in Helvoirt will also be converted into an uneven ground crossing without traffic lights. The previously planned bicycle tunnel will be canceled.


In June 2016, a Preferred Alternative (VKA) was established to improve the quality of life, safety and traffic flow on the N65 between Vught and Haaren. It had been decided to make 2 of the 3 existing crossings unevenly in Vught. In Helvoirt the existing crossing would be expanded with additional lanes and a bicycle tunnel under the intersection. The further elaboration of this Preferred Alternative showed that the chosen solution would not solve the problems sufficiently in the future. In addition, the solution proved unable to count on support in the environment. The provincial authorities and municipalities have subsequently investigated with Rijkswaterstaat what possibilities there are for improving the VKA to a more extensive VKA + and what costs are involved.

Bid of region

Deputy Christophe van der Maat: "If we want to tackle this important route between 's-Hertogenbosch and Tilburg for the future, then we must also do it right away. We only have one chance. However, a better solution for the N65 proved to be more expensive. On behalf of the region, I submitted an offer to the Minister to share the additional costs of 37 million with all parties. With that VKA + and the financial distribution, the minister agreed last week. That is excellent news for the residents of Vught and Haaren, but also for the people who have to deal with traffic jams on this important route every day."

Extra approach

Vught With this extra financial impulse it is possible to make the intersection of the Boslaan / Vijverbosweg in Vught next to the intersections with the John F. Kennedylaan and the De Brautlaan. The N65 between the John F. Kennedylaan and the De Brautlaan will be laid out at a depth of 2.5 meters, so that the surrounding area will be less affected by traffic. That deepened location of the intersection makes it possible to make a bicycle crossing at the Boslaan. Alderman Guus van Woesik: "This is a great result for Vught and for our residents. It is an investment in our future that brings the best possible solution within reach. This is what it all started for and I am very happy that we are going to make this possible together."

Bicycle tunnel

At the presentation of the VKA, support for the chosen bicycle tunnel was found to be lacking in Haaren in particular. In addition, the detailed traffic surveys showed that the choice for an extension of the intersection would not sufficiently solve the traffic jams in the longer term. With the decision to extend the VKA +, Helvoirt also gets a non-level crossing without traffic lights at Torenstraat. Cyclists are guided over the deepened N65 so that the planned bicycle tunnel is no longer necessary. An additional bicycle tunnel at the Kreitsestraat is also included in the plans for the safety of the cyclists. Alderman Carine Blom of Haaren municipality: "In Haaren we are happy with this decision in principle for a tunnel for Helvoirt that fulfills a fiery desire of the inhabitants. The through traffic on the N65 is thus separated from cyclists and local traffic. The municipality but certainly also the inhabitants of our villages have put a lot of energy into this safer solution for each other and it is good to see that this is acknowledged. We will therefore work with great confidence with the further development "

Information meetings

In December, information meetings will take place in Vught and Haaren to catch up with the residents concerned about the optimized plans. Now that the decision for a VKA + has been taken, these plans can be further elaborated. Final decision making about the financial contributions of the regional partners is still subject to the approval of the municipal councils of Vught and Haaren and Provincial States. Christophe van der Maat: "For us it is important that the N65 does not go wrong with the A58 and the work on the track (PHS). We will continue to develop this planning in the coming period in order to make tight agreements about it for the further process. "The zoning plan procedures will continue in the coming months. The aim is to be able to start the conversion of the N65 in 2021 so that it is ready in 2023.

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Date:Dec 3, 2018
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