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Netherlands : Population screening colon cancer performs better than expected.

The 2017 monitor shows for the first time that the screening program can better detect colon cancer than expected. In addition, the participation in the first and subsequent grounds remains high.

Participants are invited to the population screening once every two years. There is a small chance that after the first participation there are no indications of (precursors of) colorectal cancer, but that a participant in the two years before the next participation still has colon cancer. At the start of the population screening it was calculated that the stool test would detect about 75% of all participants who have colon cancer. This percentage appears to be higher for the 2014 participants. The stool test then detected 85% of the participants who had colon cancer in the first round.

After a first participation, people continue to participate in the prosecution grounds (75.1%). Continuing to participate in the screening program is important to detect polyps or cancer at an early stage. As expected, less often (precursors of) colorectal cancer are found in the second round.

Last year, 1,4111,998 (72.7% of the invited guests) participated in the bowel cancer screening program in 2017. In 4,203 participants, colon cancer was discovered after follow-up. 23.220 participants have removed possible precursors of colon cancer. By removing precursors, colon cancer is prevented. If colon cancer is detected early, it is more likely that the treatment has success. The treatment is often less heavy.

The population screening for colorectal cancer falls under the direction of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). The annual monitoring of the colon cancer screening program is carried out by Erasmus MC and the NKI / Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital on behalf of the RIVM.

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Oct 11, 2018
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