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Netherlands : Bringing asbestos up to 35 m2 in Dinkelland remains free until 2024.

In the municipality of Dinkelland, it will remain possible for private individuals to deposit up to 35 m2 of asbestos free of charge at Postel on Wiemselweg in Tilligte and at the waste collection point on Galvanistraat in Tubbergen until 2024.

On 4 June 2019, the Upper House of Parliament unexpectedly rejected the asbestos roof ban as of 2025, so that it is now unclear as to when the asbestos roof ban will start. Nevertheless, we continue to offer this opportunity to our residents. We see that use is being made of the possibility of bringing the asbestos away for free and we want to continue to encourage this. In addition, with this regulation the asbestos ends up in the right place and not somewhere where it does not belong, that is also very important for us , explains Alderman Ben Blokhuis. The asbestos to be removed must meet conditions, which are explained below.

Free removal of asbestos

The removal of asbestos involves tightly bonded and screwed asbestos that is in contact with the outside air. You must submit a scrapping notification of the asbestos to be removed via a digital form. You can submit a scrapping notification via On the form you state what you are going to demolish and you indicate what kind and how much asbestos it concerns. If you do not have internet, or if you have questions about filling in the website, please contact the Customer Contact Center of the municipality of Dinkelland on telephone number: 0541 854100. A demolition notification must be made at least five working days before the intended start of the demolition work be submitted digitally to the competent authority. One exception is: if the total amount of demolition waste (including the asbestos) is more than 10 m3, the notification must have been received at least four weeks before you start demolishing / removal at the municipality.

Acceptance of scrapping notification

Your scrapping notification will be checked by the municipality. If the report is approved, you will receive a demolition notification acceptance with accompanying regulations. The asbestos waste must comply with this, otherwise it cannot be dumped. Take the acceptance of the scrapping notification along with a copy, which you will need at the collection point. If you offer asbestos to different parties, you must include your own acceptance of scrapping notification with every delivery and the quantity offered is noted on the acceptance of the scrapping notification and the copy. You can go to the Postel on the Wiemselweg in Tilligte and the waste collection point on the Galvanistraat in Tubbergen on working days from 8 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. and on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Quantity and type of asbestos to be offered

Private households may only deposit a maximum of 35 m2 asbestos (with a maximum weight of 500 kg) at the waste collection point. The asbestos may only come from a home, an outbuilding or the yard. Asbestos-containing materials that you can offer are:

A. if it concerns asbestos that is removed from / from a building: screwed (not nailed) plates containing asbestos in which the asbestos fibers are bonded, not being roof slates; asbestos-containing floor tiles; non-glued asbestos-containing floor covering.

B. if it concerns asbestos from an estate:

loose sheets containing asbestos or parts of sheets containing asbestos in which the asbestos fibers are bonded, not being roof slates.

How do you package the asbestos waste?

The asbestos must be packed before it is transported. This cannot be done at the waste collection point. The asbestos waste packaging must meet the following conditions: the asbestos is packaged in double-thick, transparent plastic of at least 0.2 mm thick; the asbestos is packed airtight; this means that all seams are taped;

At the waste collection point, an assessment is made as to whether the asbestos offered meets the conditions of the acceptance for scrapping notification. Broken packages are refused. When dumping the waste, you must be able to deposit the waste in the container yourself. An employee of the waste collection point may not help you.


Always wear protective clothing and a mouth cap when removing asbestos. An instructional video can be found on under asbestos removal. Make sure the asbestos does not break during removal. If you have asbestos-containing material in or around your home that is weathered or damaged, it is advisable to have this removed and disposed of by a recognized company, even if the quantity is less than 35 m2 (for quantities larger than 35 m2 this is mandatory ). Asbestos-containing sheets are particularly resistant to the open air. The removal of these weathered and / or broken plates increases the chance that harmful asbestos will be released.

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