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NetManage Web Enables Call Center Operations for Major Petroleum Company; NetManage OnWeb Allows Antargaz Employees and Customers to Access Vital Business Information in the Call Center and on the Internet.

CUPERTINO, Calif. -- NetManage, Inc. (Nasdaq:NETM), a software company that provides solutions for accessing, Web enabling and integrating enterprise information systems, today announced that Antargaz, one of France's largest gas distributors, has successfully deployed NetManage OnWeb(R) as the core of its host integration solution, enabling the company to quickly transform its legacy call center host-based application into a next-generation Web application. In addition to providing call center operators immediate access to all necessary customer data on the company's legacy AS/400 system, OnWeb gives Antargaz customers the ability to place orders over the Internet quickly, easily and securely, thereby improving service to their customers while enabling productivity improvements for their call center representatives.

During the peak winter season, the Antargaz call center handles up to 5,000 customer calls per day, placing enormous demand on the operators. Using OnWeb, Antargaz was able to select and provide only the specific information needed by the call center agents, who are now able to quickly access customer contact information, contractual obligations and all payment and accounting history. Call center agents are also able to easily update the legacy information stored in the database, delivering faster customer service.

"Antargaz needed a powerful call center solution that could be implemented quickly and cost effectively," said Jorge Altamirano, project manager at Antargaz. "After examining our options, OnWeb was the only solution that did not require us to re-engineer our host applications or fundamental business processes, which saved us months of costly development time. In fact, OnWeb was deployed at Antargaz in only 3 short weeks."

OnWeb links the company's Java front end to the existing AS/400 back-office system through a zero footprint browser, to create a new integrated Web-based call center application. Antargaz also utilized OnWeb to provide online access for its high volume gas customers, to place orders over the Web. By leveraging all of the logic of Antargaz's existing applications, OnWeb was a simple and quick implementation that offered an immediate return on investment.

"NetManage OnWeb offers the fastest and most efficient way to access valuable legacy data stored on the mainframe," said Zvi Alon, president, chairman and CEO, NetManage, Inc. "NetManage's many customers, including Antargaz, continue to depend on NetManage OnWeb to successfully deliver vital information to employees and customers securely and cost effectively."

About Antargaz

Antargaz is one of the four largest retail liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) distributors in France, delivering over 350 million gallons of propane and butane to over 220,000 customers nationwide each year. With nearly a quarter of the market, Antargaz supplies France's rural homeowners and farmers with gas cylinders for cooking and heating; bulk propane in small tanks for heating, water heating, and cooking; and bulk propane in medium and large tanks for industrial, agricultural, and other end-users. Present in France for almost 70 years, Antargaz currently employs over 1,200 people and has revenue of approximately $888 million (USD) per year.

About NetManage

NetManage, Inc. (Nasdaq:NETM) specializes in solutions for accessing, Web enabling, and integrating enterprise information systems. By providing unprecedented flexibility and speed of deployment, NetManage lets customers easily maximize investments in existing systems and leverage them with a service-oriented architecture. By extending existing data and business logic, NetManage delivers new efficiencies and higher returns for its customers. As a result, more than 10,000 customers worldwide, including 480 of the Fortune 500, rely on NetManage for mission critical application integration. For more information, visit

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jun 20, 2005
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