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NetManage's RUMBA Web-to-Host 4.0 Improves Access to Business-Critical Applications.

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CUPERTINO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 4, 2001

Secure Browser-Based Access to Host Systems and Real-Time Support

Bring New Power to Remote Corporate and End Users

NetManage, Inc. (Nasdaq:NETM), a leading supplier of e-business access and application integration solutions, today released RUMBA Web-to-Host 4.0, offering its Fortune 500 customers the most complete host-access product for extending business-critical data that resides on mainframe and midrange systems to corporate users.

RUMBA Web-to-Host 4.0 is capitalizing upon the renewed interest by large companies to use Host Access software to extend and integrate their legacy host systems into today's Web-based world. According to International Data Corporation, the total Host Access market will grow to approximately $1.7 Billion by 2004 -- with the Web-to-host segment representing 90 percent of this market.

"A complete Web-to-host product must incorporate critical feature sets such as security, scale, and user interface in one product offering," said Lucinda Borovick, Program Manager for International Data Corporation (IDC). "Many of the products that meet the security and user interface requirements lack the ability to support multiple languages or users. RUMBA Web-to-Host 4.0 provides a smooth migration path from traditional host access clients to browser-based clients, coupled with product functionality that incorporates all the critical features mandatory for large-scale Web-to-Host deployments."

The new RUMBA Web-to-Host 4.0 software provides direct client-side SSL security, Java native AS/400 file transfer and printing and Java UNIX emulation. RUMBA Web-to-Host 4.0 also includes a local start feature, which maintains a persistent connection to the host even if the Web server goes down, and real-time interactive support to reduce the time-to-resolution for technical support problems.

"With the improvements we have made to RUMBA Web-to-Host 4.0, we have taken a proactive approach to meeting both the current and future host-access requirements of our customers," said Zvi Alon, president and CEO of NetManage. "Our web-to-host products have always offered the best functionality for a Windows environment because of our strong ActiveX controls, and now we are giving customers equivalent functionality through Java controls, and giving administrators a choice."

Secure, Easy and Efficient Access to Business-Critical Information

RUMBA Web-to-Host 4.0 is designed to give business partners, employees, and remote workers secure and reliable browser-based access to host systems. RUMBA Web-to-Host 4.0 thin client features significant Java control improvements, ensuring interoperability with virtually any Web server, host system and client.

Java Native AS/400 File Transfer:

Java Native AS/400 File Transfer: The Java AS/400 FTX component presents a user interface similar in look and feel to the PC-to-host AS/400 FTX (AS/400 classic file transfer), eliminating the need to retrain users.

Local Start:

In a typical RUMBA Web-to-Host 4.0 deployment scenario, the system administrator configures and publishes a host connection URL via a Web Server. With this URL, end-users can both initiate and maintain a persistent host connection independent of a Web server. This eliminates a very common "single-point-of-failure" with many competing Web-to-Host products.

Java Macro Capability:

The RUMBA Web-to-Host 4.0 Java control now contains the same powerful macro capability currently residing in Host Pro control of version 3.0.

Direct Client-Side SSL Security:

RUMBA incorporates powerful direct client-side SSL security in the Java and ActiveX controls. Direct SSL security provides 40-bit and 128-bit data encryption for secure client-to-host communication within the firewall and externally via the Web.

SupportNow Integration:

Built-in real-time interactive support, available only in NetManage products, reduces the time required to resolve technical support problems.

Java UNIX Display:

The RUMBA Web-to-Host 4.0 enhanced Java capabilities enable enterprises to connect UNIX host systems with Java controls. Provides the look and feel consistent with the Java Mainframe Display and AS/400 Displays.

Java AS/400 Printer:

Provides flexible printing functionality and options.

Java Mainframe GDDM Support:

The RUMBA Web-to-Host 4.0 Java control now provides GDDM support; the device control, display, print, and graphic and image generation used by most program products.

RUMBA Web-to-Host 4.0 software enables users to connect to data from any IBM(R) Mainframe, IBM AS/400(R), Hewlett-Packard(R), UNIX(R) or DEC(TM) VAX(TM) host systems through a single Web-browser interface. Host information can be delivered to a broad range of network and desktop operating systems including Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows 98, UNIX, Linux, OS/2, OS/390, OS/400 and HP/UX.

Pricing and Availability

RUMBA Web-to-Host 4.0 is currently shipping with prices starting at $150 per seat.


Award-winning RUMBA software -- the most recognized host access brand in the world -- has enabled more than 10,000 companies to extend their enterprise systems to desktop platforms. RUMBA software products from NetManage offer powerful host access solutions for Web-to-Host, Server-Based (Thin Client), and PC-to-Host environments. Users can quickly access mission critical applications and data -- residing on virtually any host system with proven reliability and innovative features.

RUMBA products enable users to work productively with host-based information within the user-friendly Windows environment or a Web-browser. RUMBA solutions are designed to contribute to a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by delivering extensive productivity features, efficient software administration capabilities, and fast, easy migration to browser-based and server-based computing.

The component-based architecture found in RUMBA products provides optimum performance and flexibility, enabling smooth migration to new technologies in the future.

About NetManage

Founded in 1990, NetManage, Inc. (Nasdaq:NETM) delivers information access, publishing, integration, and support solutions and services that maximize a company's investment in existing information systems and provide the bridge to the new Internet economy. Award-winning NetManage products and services offerings include a comprehensive portfolio of application integration software, host access software, centralized management, and live interactive support solutions that transform corporate information assets into powerful e-business solutions. NetManage sells and services products worldwide through its direct sales force, international subsidiaries, and authorized channel partners. For more information, visit, send e-mail to or call 408/973-7171 (Pacific Time).

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