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NetIQ exchange migrator. (Latest Tools).

The NetIQ Exchange Migrator product version 1.0, part of the NetIQ Administration product suite enables granular migration of Exchange mailboxes, distribution lists, custom recipients and public folders between Exchange organisations. While the Exchange Move Server Wizard provided with Microsoft Exchange will allow an entire server to be migrated between sites or organisations, the NetIQ Exchange Migrator product will extend these capabilities by allowing the user to select specific mailboxes and other objects for their migration.

Key features in Exchange Migrator 1.0 include:

* Selective migration of custom recipients (contacts), mailboxes, distribution lists and public folders between Exchange organisations.

* Reconciliation of distribution lists so that mailboxes that have been moved from one organisation to another are properly referenced as contact or custom recipient objects in the distribution list membership.

* Enable customisation and automation of the migration through ActiveScript triggers.

* Enable migration of Exchange 5.5 mailboxes between sites.

* Allow IT administrators to select subsets of users from an Exchange server for migration to another organisation.
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Title Annotation:NetIQ Exchange Migrator
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Date:Jan 1, 2001
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