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Net gain for Scots islanders.

DO YOU have any remaining prejudices? As a good liberal, I like to think of myself as a bigot-free zone. I'll hug a hoodie, high-five a hijab, tousle a turban, and cuddle a kippa (the Jewish skull-cap, not the fish).

But, this week, I discovered a prejudice that simply bubbled to the surface without warning.

You may have it yourself.

It is this: that the inhabitants of Scottish islands are simple folk.

And by simple, I mean slightly backwards. You know, the sort of people who still point at aeroplanes but not webbed feet.

So, when a young man from the Shetlands was accused of masterminding a global network of computer hackers, I was genuinely staggered.

I suppose I assumed they did not even have computers in such places. Or, if they did, it was an old Commodore 64, locked inside a damp community centre, gathering dust since village elders proclaimed Daley Thompson's Decathlon as "sinful" for its excessive joystick waggling. But, no. They do have computers. And the internet. And young men sufficiently active online to be accused of hacking into the Serious Organised Crime Agency database.

I must tackle this prejudice without delay. Never mind hugging hoodies, I must fondle a Fair Isle sweater.
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Aug 3, 2011
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