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Net Mailer. (Internet Focus).

NetMailer is designed to combine advanced large scale e-mail merges with sophisticated database and list Management providing high levels of control of the underlying database since it is built on top of Alpha Five version 5, its Windows Relational Database. Typical applications for NetMailer include: Personalized customer e-mail invoices. -Thank you e-mails that make specific references to the product purchased or gift received. Appointment confirmations with dates, times and locations -Solicitations based on previous donation history, with personalized target "giving" amounts.

Custom new product email customer's previous purchases -Accounts payables demand notices referencing the amount outstanding and the final due dates that can be automatically computed-Order shipment notices that contain the specifics of the items being shipped, the method and date of shipment..

Features include Send e-mail to a subset of your list -Send e-mail to unique addresses-Send messages in batches, to speed up the mailing process, etc
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Publication:Database and Network Journal
Date:Jun 1, 2003
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