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Net Learning: Why Teachers Use the Internet.

Ferdi, Serim & Melissa Koch. Sebastapol, CA: Songline Studios (707-829-6500), 1996. 292 pp., softcover, $24.95.

This book goes beyond computer usage that produces images via paint and draw-oriented programs by exploring the educational potential of the Internet in classroom settings. While not directed at art education, art teachers who seek a clearer picture of the educational benefits of connecting to the Internet will find numerous possibilities that may be adapted to art classrooms. Each of the book's eight chapters examines a different aspect of Internet use with emphasis on, and and many examples from, actual classroom activities. In addition to clarifying mysterious acronyms such as LAN, FAQS, URL, FTP, and many others, the authors point out many ways to transform classrooms into global teaming environments by teaching students to use the Internet to research information online, design their own home page for individual or school exhibitions, search for information on grants, tour virtual museums and galleries, and read exhibit reviews and other articles about art in online newspapers and magazines. In addition to presenting options for going online, the book includes a CD-ROM for an Internet service and a web authoring tool that assists in establishing a web site. While numerous education-related web sites are listed, the ingenious art teacher will add to the mix of possibilities by exploring the more than 3,000 art-related web sites that already exist.
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Author:Anderson, Kent
Publication:School Arts
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Feb 1, 1998
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