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Net/Tech to unveil patented Hygiene Guard Hand-Washing Monitoring System at the National Restaurant Show.

RED BANK, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 3, 1997--Net/Tech International Inc. announced that the introduction of Hygiene Guard Hand Washing Monitoring System will take place at the National Restaurant Show, McCormick Place, Chicago, May 17-21, 1997. Information will be available at Booth No. 7438.

Hygiene Guard is designed to halt the spread of infectious disease by monitoring hand washing among food handlers, hospital workers, food processing plant employees, day care personnel, and more.

"Poor hand hygiene is no longer just a dirty little secret; it's a national health threat," commented Glenn E. Cohen, president and chief operating officer of Net/Tech International Inc. Statistics show that over 40 million Americans get seriously ill from hand-borne bacteria. Approximately 80,000 die as a result.

The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported the cost to consumers at an estimated $4.5 billion per year to treat infected patients. "Hygiene Guard is a valuable system to motivate employees to adhere to simple hand-washing requirements that could literally save lives," Cohen explained.

Hygiene Guard employs a patented technology for the individual monitoring of employee hand-washing activity. It identifies those workers who fail to wash their hands after using the rest room, prior to returning to the work place.

According to Kevin Brady, product development engineer, the Hygiene Guard system is comprised of three components; the Employee Badge, the Rest Room Entry/Exit Module, and the Sink/Soap Dispenser Monitoring Unit. The three units interact silently through Infrared signals to monitor hand-washing each time an employee enters a rest room.

The employee's Hygiene Guard Badge is activated upon entry into a rest room and will continue to flash unless the employee approaches the Sink/Soap Dispensing Unit and completes a wash cycle. An employer can easily detect a worker who has not washed by noticing a flashing badge.

For more thorough monitoring, employers can get daily print-outs from the Entry/Exit Unit which stores information on the hand-washing activity of each worker.

"We plan to introduce Hygiene Guard for use in a variety of facilities including restaurants, supermarkets, food processing plants, health care facilities, cruise ships, naval vessels, hotels, casinos, and day care centers," Cohen stated.

Facilities employing a Hygiene Guard unit will be able to display a Hygiene Guard "Because We Care" decal to let customers know of their commitment to infection control.

Future plans for Hygiene Guard include a novelty badge designed to teach children at day care centers the importance of hand washing after using the rest room. "If we can instill good hand hygiene habits in children, at an early age, we can help them contribute to their own health and the overall health of our country," commented Cohen.

According to Cohen, Net/Tech will be seeking strategic alliances and potential licenses for the international distribution of Hygiene Guard. At the same time, Net/Tech will continue to develop its "Network of Innovative Technology" through acquisition and equity positions in companies with important and viable new products. -0-

Net/Tech is a publicly traded company, symbol ... NTTI.

CONTACT: Net/Tech International Inc., Red Bank

Ami Doscher, 908/345-1100

Fax: 908/345-0113
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Apr 3, 1997
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