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Nestle Chocolate & Confections Goes Bananas Over Disney's Tarzan.

GLENDALE, Calif., May 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Once again, Nestle Chocolate & Confections has leveraged its worldwide alliance with Disney to create yet another innovative candy collection. Themed around Disney's summer animated film Tarzan, Nestle Retail Confections is launching three one-of-a-kind promotional products. With new colors, flavors, and loads of play value, fans are sure to go "wild" over these new candy items.

The Nestle Tarzan Fun Pack: Inside are four (.5 oz) snack-size Nestle(R) Milk Chocolate bars with a BIG banana flavor. Each "banana" bar is packaged in a movie-themed wrapper featuring one-of-four different characters from the film. Inside, consumers will find one-of-four different free sticker sheets. These colorful, collectible stickers provide vivid images of characters and scenes from the movie. On the back of each sheet, adventurers will delight to find one-of-two different mazes and word searches, also featuring characters from the film. Last but not least, consumers will receive an offer for a $2.00 refund with the purchase of Disney's Tarzan Read & Sing Along book and tape set and two Nestle Tarzan products.

Nestle TARZAN Treats: This 2.0 oz box overflows with colorful images of the candy found inside and pictures of both Tarzan and Jane. Nestle Tarzan Treats are made of Nestle Milk Chocolate wrapped in colorful candy shells of red, green, brown, blue ,orange and yellow. Every yellow Tarzan Treat has a character from the movie printed right on the candy itself. Children are sure to enjoy searching for all eight Tarzan characters! The portable, reclosable box is certainly a plus, as is the fun-filled puzzle printed on the back.

Nestle TARZAN SweeTARTS(R): The extra large 3.0 oz bag is rich with exciting jungle graphics, designed to enhance point-of-purchase impact. Each bag contains oversized, moulded SweeTARTS(R) candy that magically change color while in your mouth! SweeTARTS(R) lovers will dive in to search the bag for all five movie characters -- Jane, Terk, Tantor, Kala and, of course, Tarzan. All are available in three different flavor/color combinations -- blue raspberry/green apple (blue), lemonade/strawberry (yellow) and grape/raspberry (purple).

The Nestle Tarzan collection is not only unique, but a great value, as well. With movie-themed stickers, puzzles, mazes, characters and color- changing properties, these products are quite a find at a suggested retail price of 99 cents each.

Nestle is pleased to announce new merchandising units with its Tarzan collection. These colorful, display-ready selling units allow for better presentation throughout the program's promotional term. The floorstands, sidekicks and displayable cartons with pop-up header cards can be displayed in primary and/or secondary locations with ease.

Look for the Nestle Tarzan Fun Pack, Nestle Tarzan Treats and Nestle Tarzan SweeTARTS(R) as early as May 17, 1999. Disney's Tarzan is coming to theaters June 18, 1999.

Nestle Chocolate & Confections is a division of Nestle USA and one of the largest chocolate manufacturers in the U.S. "Nestle Makes the Very Best" including: Nestle(R) Butterfinger(R), Nestle(R) Crunch(R) and Nestle(R) 100 GRAND(R) candy bars.

For well over a century, Nestle has been making the very best food and beverage products for families around the world. In the U.S., Nestle's well-known brands include: Nestle(R), Carnation(R), Stouffer's(R), Nescafe(R), Libby's(R), Buitoni(R) Contadina(R), Nestea(R), Taster's Choice(R), Ortega(R), Nestle(R) Crunch(R), Butterfinger(R), and Nestle(R) Toll House(R). Headquartered in Glendale, Calif., Nestle USA has 19,500 employees, $8 billion in sales and is part of Swiss-based Nestle S.A. -- the world's largest food company.
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