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At least nine die from West Nile virus which can cause paralysis and has no cure; Officials in New York, US, are flagging concerns about a bumper mosquito season as West Nile virus is recorded in 29 states so far this year, prompting concerns for vulnerable people. By, Talia Shadwell Sep 21, 2021 550
Pakistani scientists bring new hope to dementia patients through virtual reality. Natalia Laskowska Sep 18, 2021 551
First Subject Enrolled in a Natural History Study of Patients with Adult-Onset Leukoencephalopathy with Axonal Spheroids and Pigmented Glia. Sep 17, 2021 383
US FDA Clears IND for Neurogene's NGN-101 Gene Therapy to Treat CLN5 Batten Disease. Sep 15, 2021 439
Taysha announces data from TSHA-104 for SURF1- associated Leigh Syndrome. Sep 15, 2021 284
Muna Therapeutics names new independent Chair of Board of Directors. Sep 14, 2021 240
Muna Therapeutics names new independent Chair of Board of Directors. Sep 14, 2021 239
I'm disabled, not drunk... it broke my heart; tearful woman claims she was mocked by supermarket staff. SOPHIE MCCOID Senior Reporter @MccoidSophie Sep 14, 2021 725
QF expert highlights urgent need to restore services for individuals with autism. Sep 10, 2021 592
Nerve disorder listed as 'very rare' side effect of AstraZeneca jab. Sep 9, 2021 263
Nerve disorder listed as 'very rare' side effect of AstraZeneca jab. Sep 9, 2021 276
Martin's not a drunk... he has Huntington's; Woman also thanks museum staff for saving his life. KATHLEEN SPEIRS Sep 8, 2021 856
Hong Kong Baptist University study finds strong association between PM2.5 and neurological disorders. Sep 6, 2021 795
Hong Kong Baptist University study finds strong association between PM2.5 and neurological disorders. Sep 6, 2021 593
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Sep 1, 2021 20047
Neuro Vigor Awarded $100K. Adam, Chris Sep 1, 2021 426
Breakthrough in fight against genetic disease; IN BRIEF. Sep 1, 2021 188
INmune Bio says XPro found to decrease multiple species of pTau in AD patients. Sep 1, 2021 232
WCM-Q launches intensive online music therapy course. Aug 25, 2021 623
Football legends join dementia campaign after Denis Law and Terry McDermott diagnoses; The Manchester United and Liverpool legends are the latest to reveal they are suffering with the neurodegenerative disease, with a group of ex-pros now launching a charity. By, Ben Husband Aug 24, 2021 466
Psychiatric morbidity among informal caregivers of children suffering from intellectual developmental disorders. Khalid, Hina; Arif, Saeed; Hashmat, Asif; Farrukh, Huma Report Aug 23, 2021 2221
Reliability of modified functional reach test in the assessment of balance function in people with spinal cord injury: A systematic review. Arsh, Aatik; Darain, Haider; Rahman, Mujeeb Ur; Ullah, Irfan; Shakil-Ur-Rehman, Syed Report Aug 23, 2021 2745
Psychosocial functioning of the patient with spinal cord and whiplash injury: A case report. Zaman, Sabir; Hussain, Basharat; Irfan, Shahid; Khan, Muhammad Muslim Clinical report Aug 23, 2021 1861
Effect of Piper Betle Leaf Extracts on Enhancement of Memory and Learning in Rodents. Nayak, Roopa Prasad; Krishna, Uttara; S.r., Chaitra Aug 23, 2021 3109
What is the Gut-Brain Connection? Why having a "gut feeling" is more than just an expression.. Dennett, Carrie Aug 15, 2021 720
A first in Seychelles: Clinic helps treat autism, ADHD, dyslexia. Aug 7, 2021 1910
Footballs should be sold with health warnings, says dementia expert. Aug 3, 2021 368
VICO Therapeutics receives orphan-drug designation from FDA for VO659. Jul 29, 2021 181
VICO Therapeutics receives orphan-drug designation from FDA for VO659. Jul 29, 2021 182
AC Immune presents full Phase 1b results on anti-abeta vaccine. Jul 29, 2021 304
WCG Acquires eClinical Software Provider VeraSci. Jul 27, 2021 183
WCG Acquires eClinical Software Provider VeraSci. Jul 27, 2021 204
AIkido Pharma announces Notice of Allowance for CNS peptide technology. Jul 27, 2021 152
Coronavirus: Guillain-Barre syndrome listed as a very rare side effect for Janssen vaccine. Staff Reporter Jul 23, 2021 617
Amylyx Pharmaceuticals Closes USD 135m Series C Financing. Jul 21, 2021 311
Awareness Regarding Cerebral Palsy and Its Risk Factors in Young Adults from Karad. Babar, Gargi Nitin; Bagwan, Sana Imtiyaj; Varadharajulu, Govindhan Jul 19, 2021 3201
BioVie announces article summarizing rational for Phase 3 trial of NE3107. Jul 16, 2021 182
Family to work with brain charity. Jul 15, 2021 300
National Tourette camp in Fox Lake, starting July 27, combines freedom to understand tics and education. Joe Winter Jul 15, 2021 477
J&J in discussion with US FDA regarding side effects of its COVID-19 vaccine. Jul 13, 2021 169
J&J in discussion with US FDA regarding side effects of its COVID-19 vaccine. Jul 13, 2021 170
Servier signs strategic collaboration with Nymirum. Jul 13, 2021 210
Servier signs strategic collaboration with Nymirum. Jul 13, 2021 211
Bell's palsy in pregnancy as a prodromal sign of preeclampsia: A report of three cases, pregnancy outcome, and literature review. Benti, Tadele Melese; Nassali, Mercy; Shifa, Jemal Z.; Habte, Dereje Medical condition overview Jul 9, 2021 4408
Verge Genomics, Eli Lilly enter three-year collaboration for ALS treatments. Jul 8, 2021 156
Revisit the past with these iconic snacks. Jul 8, 2021 1221
Cyclerion Therapeutics, Beacon Biosignals expand partnership. Jul 8, 2021 276
Human Stem Cells Enable Testing Of Drug Impact On Brain's Blood Barrier. Jul 5, 2021 154
Diagnosis of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in Children and Adolescents: A Helpful Guide. Small, Leigh; Tran, Thao Report Jul 1, 2021 4740
MEMORY: Blood-brain barrier-crossing antihypertensives linked with better recall. Pass, Will Jul 1, 2021 973
Memory benefit seen with antihypertensives crossing blood-brain barrier. Pass, Will Jul 1, 2021 1146
FREQUENCY AND FACTORS OF NON-COMPLIANCE AMONG EPILEPTIC PATIENTS. Atifa Gilani, Khurram Haq Nawaz, Zahid Hassan, Muhammad Ali Yousaf, Asif Hashmat and Saeed Arif Jun 30, 2021 2390
A Novel Hemizygous Variant in the AFF2 Gene Causing Fragile XE (FRAXE) Syndrome: First Report from Pakistan. Iftikhar Ahmed, Muhammad Ilyas, Gaurav V Harlalka and Asif Mir Jun 30, 2021 2753
Association of UGT1A6 gene polymorphism with clinical outcome in pediatric epileptic patients on sodium valproate monotherapy. Banawalikar, N.; Adiga, S.; Adiga, U.; Shenoy, V.; Kumari, S.; Shetty, P.; Shetty, S.; Sharmila, K.P Jun 30, 2021 4227
Sick girl, 11, who needs life saving treatment in UK stranded abroad; Roberta Wakeling suffers from a rare neurological condition called Pandas, which has left her with a life-threatening eating disorder. By, Geraldine McKelvie & Geraldine McKelvie Jun 27, 2021 784
I Don't Last In Bed. Jun 26, 2021 204
Prothena announces Bristol-Myers opt-in to enter exclusive license for PRX005. Jun 24, 2021 190
MGH Researchers Seek to Clarify Vaccine-Related Neurological, Psychological Concerns: Symptoms of functional neurological disorder may present after a vaccination, but the vaccine does not cause the condition. Jun 22, 2021 690
Taysha Gene publishes new analysis of of natural history data for TSHA-120. Jun 21, 2021 165
Mindset Pharma among those leading the charge to advance psychedelic medicines to treat mental illness. Jun 15, 2021 780
IN BRIEF: Cambridge Cognition wins GBP1.4 million in medical contracts. Jun 14, 2021 179
Motor neurone disease 'link to intense exercise'. BANNER Jun 12, 2021 251
Motor neurone disease 'link to intense exercise'. DAVID BANNER Jun 12, 2021 252
Sponsored walk for Newtongrange man diagnosed with motor neurone disease is thirsty work; Friends of a Newtongrange man who was diagnosed with motor neurone disease last year have raised more than [pounds sterling]8,000 for him by going on a pub crawl/ sponsored walk. Kevin Quinn Jun 11, 2021 530
Dementia therapy hope as experts come across metal in human brain. LISA O'BRIEN Health Correspondent Jun 10, 2021 490
Dementia therapy hope as experts come across metal in human brain. LISA O'BRIEN Health Correspondent Jun 10, 2021 490
Discovery raises hope for disease treatment. Jun 10, 2021 226
Domestic violence brain study. ELLIE FORBES Jun 8, 2021 171
Medtronic awarded FDA approval for first implants of the SenSight Directional Lead System for Deep Brain Stimulation therapy. Jun 8, 2021 286
Medtronic awarded FDA approval for first implants of the SenSight Directional Lead System for Deep Brain Stimulation therapy. Jun 8, 2021 287
Sunderland woman lost ability to speak or walk after suffering 'migraines'; A 29-year-old woman from Sunderland has set out to raise awareness after being diagnosed with a neurological disorder following painful migraine symptoms. Georgina Cutler Jun 5, 2021 509
Mindset Pharma selects next-generation psychedelic compound MSP-1014 as its lead clinical candidate. Jun 4, 2021 467
Kindhearted schoolboy conquers Edinburgh's 7 hills out of love for his granny; Fuelled by love for his grandmother who has Huntington's disease, the dedicated young man has raised more than [pounds sterling]2,500 through a sponsored hike. Shona Elliott Jun 4, 2021 443
Preston woman with severe asthma and neurological disease claims floods in supported living flat could have 'knocked years' off her life; A young woman from Preston who suffers from debilitating Huntington's Disease and severe asthma says her life was put at risk when her supported living flat flooded last year. James Holt Jun 2, 2021 960
Neurologic Disease after Yellow Fever Vaccination, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2017-2018. Ribeiro, Ana Freitas; Guedes, Bruno Fukelmann; Sulleiman, Jamal M.A.H.; de Oliveira, Francisco Tomaz Report Jun 1, 2021 6758
Laterality judgement task in people affected by leprosy. dos Santos, Desiree Alves; Kenedi, Maria Dias Torres; dos Reis, Felipe Jose Jandre; da Cunha, Antoni Report Jun 1, 2021 4681
Living with Burden of Migraine: The Analysis of "My Migraine Voice" Survey Results in Turkey. Atalar, Arife Çimen; Bozkurt, Manal; Çaliskan, Zeynep; Vo, Pamela; Ertas, Mustafa; Baykan, Betül Jun 1, 2021 5577
Use of Oral Nutritional Supplements in Neurology: General Principles, Special Practices/Norolojide Oral Nutrisyonel Supleman Kullanimi: Genel Ilkeler, Ozel Pratikler. Topcuoglu, Mehmet Akif; Arsava, Ethem Murat; Saka, Esen Report Jun 1, 2021 8429
Piribedil-induced Reversible Pisa Syndrome in a Patient with Lewy Body Dementia/Lewy Cisimcikli Demans Tanili Bir Hastada Piribedil ile Tetiklenen Geri Donusumlu Pisa Sendromu. Atmaca, Murat Mert; Bilgic, Basar; Hanagasi, Hasmet Clinical report Jun 1, 2021 2265
Epilepsia Partialis Continua in a Patient with Progressive Multiple Sclerosis/Progresif Multipl Sklerozlu Hastada Epilepsiya Parsiyalis Kontinua. Gorken, Gokhan; Yilgor, Abdullah Clinical report Jun 1, 2021 1679
Adoptive mum is accused of making 'healthy' daughter aged six have unnecessary surgery; It is alleged the woman, who adopted her daughter from Zambia as an infant, has forced the youngster to undergo countless procedures and tests since the age of two while falsely claiming she has a serious neurological disorder. By, Nilufer Atik May 31, 2021 686
Tiziana Life hails 'major accomplishment as nasally administered antibody shows potential to treat degenerative diseases such as MS. May 27, 2021 288
Tiziana Life hails 'major accomplishment as nasally administered antibody shows potential to treat degenerative diseases such as MS. May 27, 2021 288
Zynerba's CBD skin gel Zygel offers a potential goldmine of therapies for Fragile X syndrome and other conditions. May 14, 2021 961
Mount Prospect couple's golf outing fights MS. Submitted by Jean Murphy May 14, 2021 350
Devastating impact of ME. May 13, 2021 468
Devastating impact of ME symptoms. May 13, 2021 476
Friends at a school in Warwick taking on fundraising challenge for cause close to their hearts; They will be taking on the junior Wolf Run later this year. Kirstie Smith, Reporter May 12, 2021 400
Clene presents updated blinded efficacy data from Phase 2 RESCUE-ALS study. May 12, 2021 321
Dad and two daughters all diagnosed with deadly brain disease within months; Victoria Mullin, from Knotty Ash, Merseyside, was just coming to terms with her dad Bill being diagnosed with Huntingdon's disease when she and her sister Carys were also told they had the neurodegenerative condition. By, Lee Grimsditch & Ryan Merrifield May 11, 2021 614
Mutations in protein cause rare neurological disorder. May 8, 2021 204
Govt to set up school for autistic children. May 3, 2021 247
'It's a horrible thing to live with, I would not wish it on anyone...' DISORDER SAW TEEN DEVELOP OP VERBAL TICS, AND SHE BEGAN SPEAKING IN Irish and French accents. Kieran Murray Reporter May 2, 2021 1097
Teenager with brain disorder randomly woke up one day with French accent; Mary Henry, 19, said her world was turned upside down when she was diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) -a problem with the functioning of the nervous system. By, Kieran Murray May 1, 2021 1117
COVID vaccine 'side effect' or functional neurologic disorder? Hughes, Sue May 1, 2021 815
Early diagnosis and autism awareness important: HBKU experts. Apr 30, 2021 1037
AC Immune reports Q1 EPS (CHF0.23) vs. (CHF0.11) last year. Financial report Apr 28, 2021 159
Limb Amputations in Dogs: Most dogs adjust to life with three legs very well. Apr 28, 2021 824
BioVie acquires NeurMedix, announces Cuong Do as CEO. Apr 27, 2021 463
Vitamins and minerals that are necessary for brain health. CM Guest Columnist Apr 25, 2021 166
Battle: McMichael played in 1986, 1987 Pro Bowls. Sean Hammond Shaw Media Apr 24, 2021 527
Former Bears great Steve McMichael battling ALS. Sean Hammond Shaw Media Apr 24, 2021 501
MyMD Pharmaceuticals gets issuance of allowance from USPTO for Supera-CBD. Apr 22, 2021 163
Inspiring journey. Apr 21, 2021 1768
Inspiring journey. Apr 21, 2021 894
Aiello Named Head of Canada, GM at Amylyx Pharmaceuticals. Apr 20, 2021 210
StrideBio Inks Multi-technology License and Master SRA with Duke University to Advance Next-generation Gene Therapies. Apr 15, 2021 671
Risk of developing other conditions. Apr 14, 2021 386
Company Shares Positive Topline Data In Phase 2 Study Of MS Treatment. Apr 12, 2021 685
Covid boosts risks for mental, neurological disorders in study. Apr 11, 2021 545
BetterLife Pharma adds former FDA Psychiatry Division director as regulatory advisor. Apr 9, 2021 237
Vietnamese doctor helps patients in Europe. Apr 7, 2021 586
Rational design and synthesis of quinazoline derivatives. AlKharaz, Fatimah; Abudayeh, Zead; Abualassal, Qais; Hassouneh, Loay Apr 1, 2021 3624
Rational design and synthesis of quinazoline derivatives. AlKharaz, Fatimah; Abudayeh, Zead; Abualassal, Qais; Hassouneh, Loay Apr 1, 2021 3537
Investigation of Factors Affecting Daily Life Activities in Geriatric Patients. Saracoglu, Duygu Su; Soysal, Pinar Report Apr 1, 2021 373
Investigation of Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder in Patients Applied to Hospital with Any Accident, Injury or Trauma. Gocer, Emir; Deveci, Erdem Report Apr 1, 2021 310
A Rare Case of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Applying to the Family Medicine Outpatient Clinic with Periorbital Edema/Aile Hekimligi Poliklinigine Periorbital Odemle Basvuran Nadir Bir Sistemik Lupus Eritematozis Vakasi. Arpa, Tugba; Fenercioglu, Aysen Kutan; Sipahioglu, Nurver Turfaner Apr 1, 2021 2513
PHELLODENDRON: Supports Healthy Dopamine Levels. Nadel, Stuart Apr 1, 2021 2268
Bioasis Technologies teams up with Aposense for siRNA delivery research. Apr 1, 2021 328
New NIH database will track neurologic effects of COVID-19. Brooks, Megan Apr 1, 2021 217
AC Immune to host investor webinar highlighting its Morphomer platform. Mar 31, 2021 168
Woollen mill helps out support group. Mar 30, 2021 164
AC Immune announces 2021 execution strategy. Mar 23, 2021 186
CuraSen Therapeutics Touts Phase 1 Clinical Data Demonstrating that Salbutamol Significantly Increases Cerebral Perfusion, a Key Marker in Neurodegenerative Disease. Mar 16, 2021 614
IXICO to use Microsoft's cloud-based AI infrastructure to scale-up. Mar 16, 2021 246
Boehringer Ingelheim, The Lieber Institute for Brain Development to Collaborate to Develop Centrally Acting COMT Inhibitors for Treatment of Neuropsychiatric Disorders. Disease/Disorder overview Mar 16, 2021 284
Zynerba's CBD skin gel Zygel offers a goldmine of therapies for Fragile X syndrome and other conditions. Mar 12, 2021 749
Leading experts quizzed for Concussion in Sport inquiry. JULIAN KNIGHT MP FOR SOLIHULL WRITES.. Mar 11, 2021 333
Clinical Characteristics and Neurological Findings of Pediatric Patients with Acute Carbon Monoxide Intoxication. Oztoprak, Ulkuhan; Aksoy, Erhan; Koken, Ozlem Yayici; Danis, Aysegul; Eksioglu, Ayse Secil; Tuygun, Report Mar 1, 2021 4793
Identification of Three Novel and One Known Mutation in the WFS1 Gene in Four Unrelated Turkish Families: The Role of Homozygosity Mapping in the Early Diagnosis. Sherif, Maha; Demirbilek, Huseyin; Cayir, Atilla; Tahir, Sophia; Cavdarli, Busra; Demiral, Meliha; C Report Mar 1, 2021 6522
Functional neurological disorder: A practical guide to an elusive Dx. Fuentes, Roselyn W. Clemente; Bucaj, Merima; Wonnum, Sundonia J.W. Report Mar 1, 2021 5345
The evaluation of vitamin K status in children with febrile seizure. Carman, Kiirsat Bora; Karal, Yasemin; Mert, Gul Giilen; Ekici, Arzu; Perk, Peren; Yarar, Coskun; Nuh Report Mar 1, 2021 3691
Reduction of Falls: An Acute Care Neurology Unit Quality Improvement Plan. Yost, Donna L.; Baur, Karen Report Mar 1, 2021 2632
The importance of an early and accurate diagnosis: behavioral variant of frontotemporal dementia (bvFTD). Clinical aspects. Grosu, Madalina Ionela; Rugina, Anina; Badii, Georgiana-Biatrice; Cristofor, Ana-Caterina Mar 1, 2021 2872
UNUSUAL CLINICAL COURSE OF NEUROSARCOIDOSIS MANIFESTED WITH ACUTE HYDROCEPHALUS. Jovanovic, Dragana; Grujicic, Dana; Stjepanovic, Mihailo; Popevic, Spasoje; Kontic, Milica; Mihailov Mar 1, 2021 1908
This is probably my son's last birthday.. but we're not allowed to spend it with him; CORONAVIRUS CRISIS: DILEMMA AS SCHOOLS RETURN NEARS. LUCY THORNTON Feb 22, 2021 452
ms therapy mum in plea for PS40,000; Emma's wedding day dream for kids. BETHAN SEXTON Feb 16, 2021 266
Role of PET-CT in Aiding Diagnosis of Various Neurological Conditions--A Case Series. Pabla, Harleen Singh; Gokulakrishnan, P.R.; Murali, Arunan; Sai, P.M. Venkata Feb 15, 2021 3887
New studies in dementia fight. Feb 12, 2021 162
New studies in dementia fight. Feb 12, 2021 165
Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy in children: A single center experience in Saudi Arabia. Alhaffaf, Faisal A.; Alqahtani, Awad S.; Alrobyan, Abdulrahman A.; Alqubaisi, Sarah N.; Ahmad, Basha Report Feb 1, 2021 2486
JF1/B6F1 [Ngly1.sup.-/-] mouse as an isogenic animal model of NGLY1 deficiency. Asahina, Makoto; Fujinawa, Reiko; Fujihira, Haruhiko; Masahara-Negishi, Yuki; Andou, Tomohiro; Tozaw Feb 1, 2021 7226
COVID-19 Attacks on Brain Remain a Mystery. Feb 1, 2021 462
Shuni Virus in Cases of Neurologic Disease in Humans, South Africa. Motlou, Thopisang P.; Venter, Marietjie Report Feb 1, 2021 2979
Novel Arterivirus Associated with Outbreak of Fatal Encephalitis in European Hedgehogs, England, 2019. Dastjerdi, Akbar; Inglese, Nadia; Partridge, Tim; Karuna, Siva; Everest, David J.; Frossard, Jean-Pi Report Feb 1, 2021 2061
Effect of Panax ginseng on Carbamazepine Pharmacokinetics in Rabbits/Panax ginseng'in Tavsanlarda Karbamazepin Farmakokinetigine Etkisi. Abushammala, Issam Mohammed; Ali, Fatma Khaled El-Shaikh; Shammaleh, Kamal Fakher Abu; Taha, Mohamme Report Feb 1, 2021 2736
Fine Particle Exposure and Clinical Aggravation in Neurodegenerative Diseases in New York State. Nunez, Yanelli; Boehme, Amelia K.; Weisskopf, Marc G.; Re, Diane B.; Navas-Acien, Ana; van Donkelaar Report Feb 1, 2021 10350
UK study: One in eight Covid-19 survivors report mental, brain disorder within six months of diagnosis. Jan 27, 2021 523
Servier and MiNA Therapeutics Enter Collaboration in Neurological Diseases. Jan 21, 2021 249
Investment opportunity in health-care space unveiled. Jan 19, 2021 346
I raised the dememtia link 35 years ago - now we're finally being listened to... RETIRED DOCTOR SEEING LIFE'S WORK COME TO FRUITION. DAVID PRENTICE Head of Sport @Prenno Jan 18, 2021 1348
InnoCan Pharma announces successful completion of large-scale exosomes production for its CBD-loaded therapy project. Jan 15, 2021 449
NA Proactive news snapshot:AaInnoCan Pharma Corporation, Mountain Valley MD, Zinc8 Energy Solutions, Alpine 4 Technologies UPDATE ... Jan 15, 2021 3614
Scientists can sense new breakthrough. Jan 13, 2021 165
Scientists can sense new breakthrough. Jan 13, 2021 165
Dad, 35, told his brain is slipping into his spine after 'intense neck pain'; Karl Johnston, 35, from Merseyside, said his only wish this time of the year is something he's "never" been able to do -let his daughter ride on his shoulders. By, Liam Thorp & Claire Gilbody-Dickerson Jan 3, 2021 585
Translational medicine of the glutamate AMPA receptor. Miyazaki, Tomoyuki; Abe, Hiroki; Uchida, Hiroyuki; Takahashi, Takuya Jan 1, 2021 13664
Evaluation of Bacosides and Lauric acid Nanoformulations in Regulation of Neuronal and Epigenetic Markers in Primary Culture of Mouse Cortical Neurons: A Comparative Study to Rivastigmine, a Synthetic Analog. Goyal, Kritika; Kumar, Ashish; Sharma, Sakshi; Konar, Arpita; Koul, Veena Jan 1, 2021 7210
Prevalence of stroke in Pakistan: Findings from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa integrated population health survey (KP-IPHS) 2016-17. Akhtar Sherin, Zia Ul-Haq, Sheraz Fazid, Basharat Hussain Shah, Maria Ishaq Khattak and Fazal Nabi Dec 31, 2020 2841
Study on the Correlation between Metabolism, Insulin Sensitivity and progressive weight loss change in Type-2 Diabetes. De-Xian Kong, Yan-xin Xiao, Zhen-Xi Zhang and Ya-Bin Liu Dec 31, 2020 3442
Anaesthetic management of patients undergoing deep brain simulation: A retrospective review of 8 cases from a tertiary care center of Pakistan. Usama Ahmed, Faraz Shafiq, Dileep Kumar, Khalid Ahsan, Waleed Bin Ghaffar and Ehsan Bari Dec 31, 2020 2325
Dozens of drugs for mental illnesses unavailable. Dec 24, 2020 568
BioSig Technologies and its NeuroClear division sign research agreement with University of Minnesota. Dec 19, 2020 418
Eli Lilly to buy Prevail for about $1 billion. Dec 16, 2020 402
Mental support system praised. Dec 6, 2020 536
Suffering of World Cup team-mates scares Hurst. Dec 2, 2020 341
England legend Hurst speaks of dementia fears. Dec 2, 2020 383
Association between cognitive performance and self-reported glaucoma in middle-aged and older adults: a cross-sectional analysis of ELSA-Brasil. Vidal, K.S.; Suemoto, C.K.; Moreno, A.B.; Duncan, B.; Schmidt, M.I.; Maestri, M.; Barreto, S.M.; Lot Clinical report Dec 1, 2020 5150
Family History of Headache and Epistaxis Associated with Ischemic Stroke/Iskemik Inme ile Iliskili Ailede Bas Agrisi ve Epistaksis Oykusu. Choi, Eu Jene; Lee, Dong Goo; Kim, Do-Hyung; Jang, Sang Hyun Clinical report Dec 1, 2020 2032
Twelfth Cranial Nerve Involvement in Guillain-Barre Syndrome: A Case Report/Guillain-Barre Sendromunda On Ikinci Kraniyal Sinir Tutulumu: Olgu Sunumu. Cifter, Gizem; Hoseinzadeh, Gholamreza; Issi, Elif Simin; Algin, Demet Ilhan; Erdinc, Oguz Osman Clinical report Dec 1, 2020 2348
Outcomes of Cochlear Implantation in Patients with Superficial Siderosis: A Systematic Review and Narrative Synthesis. Chaudhry, Abdullah; Chaudhry, Daoud; Muzaffar, Jameel; Crundwell, Gemma; Monksfield, Peter; Bance, M Dec 1, 2020 7725
Eisai, Wren Therapeutics Enter Research Collaboration Agreement for Drug Discovery for Synucleinopathies. Dec 1, 2020 357
Pediatric Musculoskeletal Physical Diagnosis: A Video-Enhanced Guide (online access included). Book review Dec 1, 2020 165
Autobahn Therapeutics Completes Successful Pre-IND Meeting with FDA. Dec 1, 2020 328
Reshaping cytoskeleton: different acts of modulatory compounds. Zobaroglu, Pelin; Bora, Gamze Dec 1, 2020 4394
P3S0NG: Evaluation for autism spectrum disorder. Kaur, Mandeep Dec 1, 2020 803
The Effect of Whole Body Vibration Treatment on Balance and Gait in Patients with Stroke. Sade, Ilgin; Cekmece, Cigdem; Inanir, Murat; Selcuk, Barin; Dursun, Nigar; Dursun, Erbil Dec 1, 2020 3141
Reshaping cytoskeleton: different acts of modulatory compounds. Zobaroglu, Pelin; Bora, Gamze Dec 1, 2020 4486
Memory Enhancing Activity of Saraswatarishta in Mice. Rajopadhye, Bhagyashri D.; Sahasrabudhe, Ranjana A. Report Dec 1, 2020 3199
THE ENIGMA OF LEWY BODY DEMENTIA: A CASE REPORT/ENIGMA DEMENCIJE LEWYJEVIH TJELESACA: PRIKAZ SLUCAJA. Orlovic, Ivona; Bartolovic, Matija; Marusic, Katarina; Vlahovic, Darko; Markos, Ines Sisko; Karlovic Clinical report Dec 1, 2020 3376
Drug Created To Attract tern Cells To Damaged Tissues. Nov 30, 2020 707
Mental issues possible after COVID recovery. Nov 27, 2020 659
BrainEver Receives FDA Orphan Drug Designation for BREN-02 for the Treatment of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Nov 27, 2020 453
MND activist 'inspired millions'. Obituary Nov 27, 2020 342
Hurst ahead of game in backing kids' header ban. Frank Gilfeather THE COLUMN THAT PACKS A PUNCH Nov 26, 2020 467
QBRI's webinar series discusses coronavirus predictive models, career paths for scientists. Nov 25, 2020 650
ALS disease: the causes and symptoms - as ice bucket challenge co-founder Patrick Quinn dies seven years after diagnosis; Patrick Quinn, the co-creator of the ice-bucket challenge, has died seven years after he was diagnosed with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). Finlay Greig Obituary Nov 23, 2020 501
Footballers in England want heading in training immediately restricted. Nov 23, 2020 398
Call for action to reduce heading during training; FOOTBALL. Nov 22, 2020 444
QBRI holds symposium with Harvard Stem Cell Institute. Nov 22, 2020 425
Solskjaer welcomes new dementia research as FA 'leads the way'. Press Association Nov 21, 2020 732
Calls mount to reduce level of heading for players in training; LINEKER BACKS CALLS FOR WIDER REDUCTION IN PROFESSIONAL GAME. Nov 21, 2020 556
Our footballers are heading down the road to dementia. DR MIRIAM STOPPARD Nov 20, 2020 452
Nobby's son backs probe into heading. Nov 19, 2020 411
Alterity Therapeutics receives US patent for new composition of matter. Nov 17, 2020 199
Alterity Therapeutics receives US patent for new composition of matter. Nov 17, 2020 195
DEFYING A DOCTOR'S PROGNOSIS; Book on inspiring tales of recovery and probable principles at play. LISA SALMON Nov 16, 2020 970
Research identifies 'volume control' in the brain that supports learning and memory. Nov 13, 2020 255
Zynerba Pharmaceuticals flush with $64.3M in 3Q to fund development of its flagship Zygel CBD gel. Nov 10, 2020 723
Cognitive and Communication Interventions: Neuroscience Applications for Speech-Language Pathologists. Book review Nov 1, 2020 177
Antibacterial effects of unconjugated and silver nanoparticle-conjugated drugs that are clinically used against central nervous system disorders. Siddiqui, Ruqaiyyah; Masri, Abdulkader; Anwar, Ayaz; Khan, Naveed Ahmed Nov 1, 2020 4053
Rapid Validation of Telepathology by an Academic Neuropathology Practice During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Henriksen, Jonathan; Kolognizak, Teresa; Houghton, Tracy; Cherne, Steve; Zhen, Daisy; Cimino, Patric Report Nov 1, 2020 8098
Whole exome sequencing reveals a homozygous nonsense mutation in HEXA gene leading to Tay-Sachs disease in Saudi Family. Muhammad Imran Naseer, Angham Abdulrahman Abdulkareem, Mohammed Mohammed Jan, Adeel G. Chaudhary and Oct 31, 2020 1806
Supporting immunotherapy innovations vital: WISH report. Oct 29, 2020 363
Supporting immunotherapy innovations is vital, says WISH 2020 report. Oct 29, 2020 532
Study of Risk Factors and Their Effect on Outcome in Stroke. Nandyal, Sharanabasappa Basawaraj; Nandyal, Nanda Sharanabasappa Oct 26, 2020 2498
Novartis's Branaplam Gets US Orphan Drug Designation In Huntington's. Oct 21, 2020 195
Lexaria Bioscience to receive first European patent related to DehydraTECH. Oct 21, 2020 162
Dyno Therapeutics Enters Collaboration and License Agreement with Roche to Develop Next-Generation AAV Gene Therapy Vectors for CNS Diseases and Liver-Directed Therapies. Oct 19, 2020 451
IXICO teams up with NYU Langone Health to help in the quest to find a treatment for a rare degenerative neurological disorder. Oct 17, 2020 284
Zynerba to present Fragile X CONNECT-FX study data at virtual child neurology events. Clinical report Oct 16, 2020 599
Air pollution linked to markers of neurodegenerative disease. Oct 15, 2020 246
US FDA Accepts Biohaven's Supplemental New Drug Application of Nurtec ODT for the Preventive Treatment of Migraine. Oct 15, 2020 493
Cyclerion announces data from IW-6463 CNS translational pharmacology study. Clinical report Oct 14, 2020 621
Amicus announces additional interim clinical data for AT-GTX-501. Oct 12, 2020 363
12 foods to boost brain function. Oct 11, 2020 410
Bioasis has the best platform technology for shuttling drugs across the blood-brain barrier. Oct 10, 2020 1194
AC Immune announces EU grant to support collaboration on TDP-43 PET tracer. Oct 9, 2020 319
Denali Therapeutics closes collaboration, share purchase agreements with Biogen. Oct 7, 2020 378
Scribe Therapeutics, Biogen to Develop CRISPR-based Genetic Medicines for Neurological Diseases, Including Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Oct 7, 2020 254
Apellis initiates registrational programs of pegcetacoplan. Oct 5, 2020 408
European Medicines Agency's Accepts bluebird Marketing Authorization Application for elivaldogene autotemcel Gene Therapy for Cerebral Adrenoleukodystrophy. Oct 2, 2020 546
Shorts. Klotter, Jule Oct 1, 2020 2343
PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) Devices in the Care and Management of Neurological Disorders. Pawluk, William Disease/Disorder overview Oct 1, 2020 3922
US FDA Grants Orphan Drug Designation to Ionis Treatment for Alexander Disease. Oct 1, 2020 412
Circulating nucleic acids in the plasma and serum as potential biomarkers in neurological disorders. Bruno, D.C.F.; Donatti, A.; Martin, M.; Almeida, V.S.; Geraldis, J.C.; Oliveira, F.S.; Dogini, D.B.; Oct 1, 2020 11300
Cholinesterase and Tyrosinase Inhibitory Potential and Antioxidant Capacity of Lysimachia verticillaris L. and Isolation of the Major Compounds/Lysimachia verticillaris L.'nin Kolinesteraz ve Tirozinaz Inhibitor Etki Potansiyeli ve Antioksidan Kapasitesi ile Ana Bilesiklerinin Izolasyonu. Ozgen, Ufuk; Sener, Sila Ozlem; Smejkal, Karel; Vaclavik, Jiri; Deniz, Fatma Sezer Senol; Orhan, Ilk Report Oct 1, 2020 5390
High Exposure to Toxoplasma gondii and Neospora Spp. in Donkeys in Israel: Serological Survey and Case Reports. Tirosh-Levy, Sharon; Steinman, Amir; Minderigiu, Avital; Arieli, Ori; Savitski, Igor; Fleiderovitz, Oct 1, 2020 5299
Guillain-Barre syndrome: demographics, clinical features, and outcome in a single tertiary care hospital, Oman. Maawali, Said M. Al; Shibani, Almqdad Y. Al; Nadeem, Ahmed S.; Salti, Abdullah M. AL- Oct 1, 2020 3855
PLASMAPHERESIS IN THE TREATMENT OF GUILLAIN-BARRE SYNDROME; OUTCOMES AND COMPLICATIONS. Maryam Abbas, Helen Mary Robert, Asad Mahmood, Nadir Ali and Muhammad Ahsan Ayaz Sep 30, 2020 2131
Evanston company restarts fibromyalgia drug study. Sep 29, 2020 549
Researchers identify highly effective antibodies against Covid-19. Sep 26, 2020 293
Apax Global Alpha Notes Apax VIII's Deal To Sell Stake In Neuraxpharm. Sep 22, 2020 189
TOP NEWS: Astra's Lynparza Gets EU Ok For Ovarian And Prostate Cancer. Sep 21, 2020 229
Coronavirus vaccine trial on hold in US after UK volunteer suffered rare condition; Experts have voiced concerns about AstraZeneca's vaccine trials after the company confirmed two UK volunteers suffered serious neurological illnesses. Trials are still on pause in the US. By, Chiara Fiorillo Sep 20, 2020 563
Analysis shows AstraZeneca Tagrisso demonstrated improvement in CNS DFS. Sep 20, 2020 232
Zynerba's CBD skin gel Zygel offers a goldmine of therapies for Fragile X syndrome, and other conditions. Sep 18, 2020 1329
Jaguar health appoints ex INEC, Iwu, others, as research advisors. Sep 17, 2020 389
Jaguar health appoints ex INEC, Iwu, others, as research advisors. Sep 16, 2020 623
Zynerba to meet with FDA in 4Q to discuss CONNECT-FX data related to company's flagship Zygel CBD gel. Sep 15, 2020 673
First Subjects Dosed in Phase 1 Clinical Trial with First Proprietary Compound, CST-2032, Targeting Neurodegenerative Disease. Sep 15, 2020 435
Bionano Genomics launches Lineagen EpiPanelDx PLUS gene panel test. Sep 14, 2020 388
Eye scan hope in neurological disease battle. SONIA SHARMA Reporter Sep 11, 2020 554
Prefilled syringes Market Size, Share, Revenue Analysis By Key Players, Market Forecast 2030 Sep, 07. Roots Analysis Sep 8, 2020 371
Stem Cells May Someday Treat Enteric Nervous System Disorders. Sep 7, 2020 301
Animal Studies Data Support Proposed NurOwn Mechanism In Neurodegenerative Diseases. Sep 7, 2020 372
January 2019: Antimicrobial Resistance. Sep 1, 2020 362
OUR ODYSSEY: Our Odyssey was born in June 2019 with a mission to connect young adults impacted by a rare or chronic condition with social and emotional support in the hope of improving quality of life. Rotberg, Seth Sep 1, 2020 1266
FASTING FOR BODY AND SOUL. Gelman, Lilly Sep 1, 2020 1146
Fahr's Syndrome Misdiagnosed As Delusional Disorder: A Case Report. Hursitoglu, Onur; Tuman, Taha Can Sep 1, 2020 1447
A Multifaceted Evaluation of National Off-label Neurology Applications/Ulusal Endikasyon Disi Noroloji Basvurularinin Cok Yonlu Degerlendirilmesi. Yurtogullari, Sukran; Rahmanlar, Hanife; Alkan, Ali; Bayar, Banu; Gursoz, Hakki; Adatepe, Nurten Uzu Report Sep 1, 2020 4186
A Male Patient Showing Abnormal Gait and Dysarthria with Psychotic Symptoms/Anormal Yuruyus ve Psikotik Semptomlarla Birlikte Dizartri ile Prezente Bir Erkek Hasta. Choi, Eu Jene; Lee, Dong Goo; Cui, Changxu Clinical report Sep 1, 2020 1607
Post Blood Transfusion Reversible Cerebral Vasoconstriction with Posterior Leukoencephalopathy Syndrome/Kan Transfuzyonu Sonrasi Reversibl Serebral Vazokonstriksiyon ile Birlikte Posterior Lokoensefalopati Sendromu. Ramineni, Kiran Kumar; Jakkani, Ravi Kanth Clinical report Sep 1, 2020 1837
Delayed Neurologic Syndrome Associated with Carbon Monoxide Poisoning/Karbonmonoksit Zehirlenmesine Bagli Gec Norolojik Sendrom. Altunisik, Erman; Abidin Tak, Ali Zeynel; Baykan, Ali Haydar Letter to the editor Sep 1, 2020 719
The Impact of Comorbid Diseases on Postoperative Complications in Children after Adenotonsillectomy: Is It a Myth? Demir, Uygar Levent; Inan, Hakki Caner Report Sep 1, 2020 5439
Comparison of Urinary Incontinence Subgroups according to Possible Risk Factors. Kazimoglu, Hatem; Topdagi, Yunus Emre; Solakhan, Mehmet; Guzel, Ali Irfan Sep 1, 2020 3058
A current perspective on the relevance of nano and microplastics in the neurodevelopmental disorders: further relevance for metabolic, gastrointestinal, oxidative stress-related and zebrafish studies. Curpan, Alexandrina; Strungaru, Stefan; Savuca, Alexandra; Ilie, Ovidiu; Ciobica, Alin; Timofte, Dan Sep 1, 2020 4048
A review on brain-derived neurotrophic factor and its role in depression and anxiety. Iacob, Vlad Teodor; Palimariciuc, Matei; Chirita, Vasile; Chirita, Roxana Sep 1, 2020 3632
The Possible Role of The Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Enzyme Deficiency in The Polyneuropathies. Aydemir, Duygu; Ulusu, Nuriye Nuray Sep 1, 2020 3637
A Comparative Study on 5hmC Targeting Regulation of Neurons in AD Mice by Several Natural Compounds. Cao, Dongyi; Jiang, Dewei; Zhou, Dongming; Yu, Hong; Li, Jiali Report Aug 31, 2020 4807
Significance of Serum Angiopoietin-2 in Patients with Hemorrhage in Adult-Onset Moyamoya Disease. Yu, Jianbo; Huang, Kaiyuan; Pan, Jianwei; Shen, Jian; Zhan, Renya Aug 31, 2020 5056
Honeybush Extracts (Cyclopia spp.) Rescue Mitochondrial Functions and Bioenergetics against Oxidative Injury. Agapouda, Anastasia; Butterweck, Veronika; Hamburger, Matthias; de Beer, Dalene; Joubert, Elizabeth; Aug 31, 2020 10125
The Role of Oxidative Stress in Physiopathology and Pharmacological Treatment with Pro- and Antioxidant Properties in Chronic Diseases. Garcia-Sanchez, Andres; Miranda-Diaz, Alejandra Guillermina; Cardona-Munoz, Ernesto German Aug 31, 2020 14215
Amarogentin from Gentiana rigescens Franch Exhibits Antiaging and Neuroprotective Effects through Antioxidative Stress. Disasa, Dejene; Cheng, Lihong; Manzoor, Majid; Liu, Qian; Wang, Ying; Xiang, Lan; Qi, Jianhua Aug 31, 2020 9102
Pterostilbene Attenuates Cocultured BV-2 Microglial Inflammation-Mediated SH-SY5Y Neuronal Oxidative Injury via SIRT-1 Signalling. Zhu, Qiang; Tang, Tao; Liu, Haixiao; Sun, Yinxue; Wang, Xiaogang; Liu, Qiang; Yang, Long; Lei, Zhiji Aug 31, 2020 7353
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Ellagic Acid-Derived Urolithins as Modulators of Oxidative Stress. Djedjibegovic, Jasmina; Marjanovic, Aleksandra; Panieri, Emiliano; Saso, Luciano Aug 31, 2020 11910
Autophagy Upregulation by the TFEB Inducer Trehalose Protects against Oxidative Damage and Cell Death Associated with NRF2 Inhibition in Human RPE Cells. Abokyi, Samuel; Shan, Sze wan; To, Chi-ho; Chan, Henry Ho-lung; Tse, Dennis Yan-yin Aug 31, 2020 10365
Olive Leaf Polyphenols Attenuate the Clinical Course of Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis and Provide Neuroprotection by Reducing Oxidative Stress, Regulating Microglia and SIRT1, and Preserving Myelin Integrity. Giacometti, Jasminka; Grubic-Kezele, Tanja Aug 31, 2020 12451
Mitochondrial and Peroxisomal Alterations Contribute to Energy Dysmetabolism in Riboflavin Transporter Deficiency. Colasuonno, Fiorella; Niceforo, Alessia; Marioli, Chiara; Fracassi, Anna; Stregapede, Fabrizia; Mass Aug 31, 2020 10134
Common Protective Strategies in Neurodegenerative Disease: Focusing on Risk Factors to Target the Cellular Redox System. Hrelia, Patrizia; Sita, Giulia; Ziche, Marina; Ristori, Emma; Marino, Angela; Cordaro, Marika; Molte Aug 31, 2020 16012
The Effects of Alpha-Linolenic Acid on the Secretory Activity of Astrocytes and [beta] Amyloid-Associated Neurodegeneration in Differentiated SH-SY5Y Cells: Alpha-Linolenic Acid Protects the SH-SY5Y cells against [beta] Amyloid Toxicity. Litwiniuk, Anna; Domanska, Anita; Chmielowska, Magdalena; Martynska, Lidia; Bik, Wojciech; Kalisz, M Aug 31, 2020 12252
Current Medical Therapy and Future Trends in the Management of Glaucoma Treatment. Cvenkel, Barbara; Kolko, Miriam Aug 31, 2020 12683
Mast Cell Deficiency Protects Mice from Surgery-Induced Neuroinflammation. Zhang, Xiang; Dong, Hongquan; Wang, Fei; Zhang, Jun Aug 31, 2020 3636
The Functional Roles of IL-33/ST2 Axis in Ocular Diseases. Qian, Yujing; Zhang, Meifen Aug 31, 2020 9223
Aqueous Root Bark Extract of Daniellia oliveri (Hutch. & Dalz.) (Fabaceae) Protects Neurons against Diazepam-Induced Amnesia in Mice. Beppe, Galba Jean; Djoumessie, Lea Blondelle Kenko; Wado, Eglantine Keugong; Abaissou, Herve Herve N Aug 31, 2020 5927
Association of Serum FAM19A5 with Cognitive Impairment in Vascular Dementia. Li, Juan; Li, Shoulin; Song, Yihong; Zhou, Wei; Zhu, Xiaohao; Xu, Suo; Ma, Yihong; Zhu, Chunlin Aug 31, 2020 3588
A Customized Next-Generation Sequencing-Based Panel to Identify Novel Genetic Variants in Dementing Disorders: A Pilot Study. Lanza, Giuseppe; Cali, Francesco; Vinci, Mirella; Cosentino, Filomena Irene Ilaria; Tripodi, Mariang Report Aug 31, 2020 6846
GABAergic System in Stress: Implications of GABAergic Neuron Subpopulations and the Gut-Vagus-Brain Pathway. Hou, Xueqin; Rong, Cuiping; Wang, Fugang; Liu, Xiaoqian; Sun, Yi; Zhang, Han-Ting Aug 31, 2020 8978
Therapeutic Plasma Exchange as a Treatment for Autoimmune Neurological Disease. Nieto-Aristizabal, Ivana; Vivas, Alvaro J.; Ruiz-Montano, Pablo; Aragon, Cristian C.; Posso-Osorio, Aug 31, 2020 4652
Brain gain: Early stimulation gives mice life-long benefits. Aug 27, 2020 455
Acadia acquires CerSci Therapeutics for $52.5M primarily in stock. Aug 25, 2020 224
Musicismy escape from tormentof Tourette's Danny; VOICE KID BLAIR'S AN INSPIRATION Talented teen reveals how performing helps him manage neurological disorder. HEATHER GREENAWAY Aug 22, 2020 728
Zosano Pharma, Mitsubishi Tanabe enter feasibility study agreement. Aug 18, 2020 151
PreveCeutical turns focus on developing preventive and curative therapies to COVID-19. Aug 18, 2020 1111
A survey-based report on the occurrence of cerebral palsy in Urban areas of Karachi. Rafique, Ammara; Naz, Hajra Report Aug 14, 2020 1714
Vital Signs: Clinical Characteristics of Patients with Confirmed Acute Flaccid Myelitis, United States, 2018. Kidd, Sarah; Lopez, Adriana; Nix, W. Allan; Anyalechi, Gloria; Itoh, Megumi; Yee, Eileen; Oberste, M Aug 7, 2020 5526
Karuna Therapeutics reports Q2 EPS (65c), consensus (45c). Financial report Aug 5, 2020 199
Voyager provides update on AbbVie vectorized antibody collaborations. Aug 3, 2020 325
Family's heartbreak over Kyran's struggle. Maria Cassidy Reporter Aug 2, 2020 528
Anesthetic Approach and Decreased Need for Anesthetic Agents in a Patient Suffering From Pantothenate Kinase Associated Neurodegeneration (Hallervorden-Spatz)/Pantotenat Kinaz Iliskili Norodejenerasyon (Hallervorden- Spatz) Hastasinda Anestezik Yaklasim ve Azalmis Anestezik Ajan Ihtiyaci. Yorulmaz, Ilknur Suidiye; Karka, Ozlem Ersoy; Usta, Omer Batuhan Aug 1, 2020 1714
A case report on the delayed diagnosis of transverse myelitis in a 61-year-old male farmer. Cox, Jocelyn; Russo, Alena Report Aug 1, 2020 4365
Neurocognitive Decline Caused by L-Methionine: A Mouse Model of Neurodegeneration/L-Metiyoninin Neden Oldugu Norokognitif Yikilma: Bir Norodejenerasyon Fare Modeli. Altun, Yagiz M.; Tuzun, Erdem; Mehler, Mark F.; Gokhan, Solen Clinical report Aug 1, 2020 4849

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