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NerveWire Thought Leaders to Discuss Winning Business Models and to Provide Case Studies for Building Successful E-businesses At the 2001 Strategic Management Conference.

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NerveWire, in conjunction with Gartner Group, 3M, Mesania and

BDirect Capital, to Lead Four Interactive Sessions at the Conference

in NY on January 9 and in CA on February 7

Senior executives from NerveWire, a management consulting and systems integration firm that envisions and builds complex inter-enterprise solutions, today will share their insight and experience in developing innovative strategies and building solutions for interconnected businesses at the 2001 Strategic Management Conference. Through interactive discussions and case studies, jointly presented with Gartner Group, 3M, Mesania and BDirect Capital, these e-business experts will discuss the impact of the Internet on organizations, how to transform your business to an e-business, and their experience in building Net Markets and Web-enabling supply chains.

The Conference Board's Strategic Management Conference 2001: Strategies and Skills for Transforming to Embrace the Internet will examine the opportunities for transitioning business processes to the Internet and Web-enabling supply chains to drive profits, increase growth and improve innovation. The Conference will be held on January 9 and 10 at The Waldorf-Astoria, New York, NY and on February 7 and 8 at The Ritz-Carlton, Marina Del Rey, CA. Attendees will learn how to create value and competitive advantage from implementing an e-business strategy and how to leverage knowledge effectively across an organization from leading executives at both old and new economy companies.

Each of NerveWire's four interactive sessions are described below:

Session D1

Topic: Impact of E-Business on Corporations, Digital Business
 Models, and Role of the CIO
Who: Dave Mason, Senior Vice President, Strategy Group, NerveWire
 Ellen Kitzis, Group Vice President, Americas Executive
 Programs Gartner Group

 Competitive advantage will be achieved by leveraging information
to drive creativity and value for your customers. This interactive
session covers the impact of e-business on the definition of a
corporation and the deeper implications of these changes on the role
of the CIO. David Mason discusses the different e-business driven
architectures for corporations and explores five alternative digital
business models: (1) virtual intermediaries, (2) value webs and
e-hubs, (3) smart networked products and systems, (4) collaborative
personal relationships that are IT-supported, and (5) direct
connections with customers. Ellen Kitzis discusses how these
considerations and forces are changing the role of the CIO and the
practical implications.

Session D2

Topic: How Does Your Organization Need to Change to Succeed in the
 E-business Era?
Who: Michael Leeman, Principal, NerveWire
 Charles E. Harstad, Vice President of Corporate Marketing, 3M

 At most so-called old economy companies, management has discovered
that the challenge of e-business transformation is as much
organizational as technical. In this interactive session, Michael
Leeman and Charles Harstad explore with you how e-business
transformation impacts the structure, boundaries, relationships, and
competencies of existing businesses. This session focuses on the ways
traditional companies address organizational issues such as e-business
management education, governance, decision processes, partnering,
functional alignment, and structure. Special emphasis is on the role
of corporate staff organizations as e-business change agents.

Session E1

Topic: Case Study for Developing a Business-to-Business Net Market
Who: Gajen Kandiah, Senior Vice President of Operations, NerveWire
 Mary Greenhill Cagliero, President and Chief Executive
 Officer, Mesania

 What does it take to create a successful business-to-business Net
Market? What are the key items? What must be done right or the effort
will fail? In this interactive session, Mary Greenhill Cagliero of
Mesania, the marketplace for European houseware and giftware products
among suppliers and retailers, and Gajen Kandiah of NerveWire discuss
the lessons learned from developing and implementing Mesania's Net

Session E2

Topic: Case Study for Developing a Business-to-Business E-Business
Who: Malcolm Frank, President and Chief Executive Officer,
 Paul Sanabria, Co-Founder, BDirect Capital

 In this interactive session, you'll hear Paul Sanabria of BDirect
Capital and Malcolm Frank of NerveWire address their first-hand
experiences for developing a business-to-business e-business in
financial services. They discuss the challenges faced, lessons
learned, and the issues they found to be the most important.

For the complete agenda for the Strategic Management Conference, please visit

About NerveWire, Inc.

NerveWire is a management consulting and systems integration firm that envisions and builds complex inter-enterprise solutions. Within Financial Services, High Tech, and Manufacturing companies, we provide e-business strategy and planning, inter-enterprise business and technology architecture, and e-business solutions implementation to build Net Markets, eSupplyNets(TM), eDemandNets(TM) and eProductDesignNets(TM). For more information, please visit us at

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jan 9, 2001
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