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Neopost Unveils Latest Self-Service Postage Kiosk and the High-Powered IJ105 Digital Mailing Machine at Mailcom.

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Mailcom 2002

Booth #601

HAYWARD, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 1, 2002

Visit Booth #601 To View Leading Mailing, Addressing, Document

Handling And Logistics Systems

Neopost, a worldwide leading provider of mailing, addressing, document handling and logistics systems, will exhibit their latest self-service Neopostage(TM) kiosk and the IJ105 digital mailing machine at Mailcom in Atlantic City, NJ on May 19-22, 2002. Neopost will also exhibit the SI76 folder/inserter, the IJ75 digital postal meter, and the Pre-Ship web-based logistics software.

The Neopostage self-service kiosk dispenses postage offering the same convenience of regular stamps. Ideal for high-traffic locations, such as malls, corporate office lobbies, and university campuses, the Neopostage kiosk prints postage on demand through the Internet. The kiosks use Neopost's proprietary secure self-adhesive labels, which have no monetary value, thus eliminating the need to tightly control and manage valuable preprinted stamp inventories.

In addition to printing First Class postage, new features of the kiosk include the ability to print additional ounce postage, Priority and Express Mail postage, postcard and international postage. All of these denominations come in sheets of ten stamps that are convenient and easy to store.

The Neopostage kiosk removes the burden of managing stamps from the mailroom environment as well as providing the everyday consumer with a very simple way to purchase postage quickly and conveniently. Users simply touch the screen to select the type and quantity of postage desired, swipe a credit or debit card, and retrieve the automatically printed postage. Postage is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, without tying up mailroom staff. Currently undergoing USPS approval, the Neopostage kiosk should be deployed in public locations later this year.

Neopost's high-powered IJ105, when equipped with a dynamic scale, becomes a fully automatic mailing system (during high-speed transport, mail is weighed, the postage is automatically calculated, then printed). The IJ105 digital mailing machine features a full graphic touch-screen, user programmable function keys, and comes equipped with additional modules, allowing users to precisely tailor custom applications. Ideal for large volume mailings, it has an output capacity of 215 letters per minute. Additionally, the IJ105 system meets the increasing security demands of the USPS by combining inkjet technology with encryption algorithms.

Please stop by booth #601 for product demonstrations.

About Neopost

Neopost Inc. is a subsidiary of the Neopost Group, the second largest provider of mailing, addressing, document handling and logistics systems worldwide. Neopost's products are sold in 70 countries, with primary operations in the world's top mailing markets including the United States, Canada, France, and the United Kingdom.

Neopost Inc. is headquartered in Hayward, CA, where the North American corporate offices, customer service, and product development departments are located. Local sales and support are available throughout North America.

Neopost's innovations include the first electronic postage meter, the first postage meter and scale system providing automatic meter setting from the scale, and the first compact desktop folder inserter. Other innovations include Neopost's No Deposit Postage-On-Call(R), the first remote meter resetting system not requiring prepayments; and the Neopost Price Protection Program(R), which guarantees a fixed cost for the life of the contract and provides one monthly or quarterly payment. Neopost's unique Load `N Go mode, featured in its SI68 and SI72 folder inserters, automatically detects which feeders have paper, then adjusts settings such as fold type, fold length, envelope size, paper length and paper thickness. Load `N Go virtually eliminates operator adjustments and the need to program every job. Most recently, Neopost introduced the IJ25, the first stand-alone digital postage meter to comply with the United States Postal Service's Information-Based Indicia Program (IBIP) for simultaneous metering and barcode generation.

Neopost's history dates back to the 1920s when the organization's founders introduced the first postage meters in Europe. Over the years, the company has continued to serve as a leader in the design and manufacture of modular mailing systems, addressing systems, postage meters, electronic postage scales, and e-postage products.

Neopost is located online at
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