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Neopolitan Networks Unlocks High Bandwidth Internet Delivery For Keyhole Inc.'s EarthViewer3D Web Application.

PALO ALTO, Calif. -- The world's fastest growing Metropolitan Gigabit Ethernet Service Provider, Neopolitan Networks announced today that Keyhole Inc. has selected Neopolitan to deliver high-speed Internet connectivity to support the Keyhole EarthViewer 3D application.

Keyhole's patent-pending software solution lets users point their cursor at any location on the globe and zoom into a view with street level detail. It's a virtual satellite that can be used to site new businesses, get emergency personnel to the right location and when coupled with GPS data, even track assets. Overlay data shows road networks, city boundaries, school districts, and identifies businesses. Customers can add proprietary data in standard formats to show things like demographics and property ownership data. Keyhole's client-server solution keeps the terabytes of data on a server and streams it to users as they explore and interact with data.

"The best solution for our company included easy-to-scale bandwidth and a low-latency network. Having both of these in one vendor made the choice quite easy. Neopolitan Networks won out above all of our other options," said John Hanke, CEO of Keyhole Inc. "Companies that use our product gain insights into their business challenges that allow them to make smarter decisions, faster and more economically ... With EarthViewer3D and Neopolitan Networks you can be anywhere you need to be -- instantly."

"Keyhole's EarthViewer3D is one of the most exciting products that we've ever seen," said Frank R. Robles, CEO of Neopolitan Networks. "We're bringing Keyhole true Broadband Internet connectivity and widening their pipe to accommodate the demand for their product. Our initial impression of EarthViewer 3D was amazement, we're really looking forward to making sure that everyone that tries the product feels exactly same way. "

About Keyhole

Based in Mountain View, CA, Keyhole, Inc. provides a groundbreaking rich-mapping system for real estate, government, and location-based services that transforms the way users interact with their world. Keyhole's EarthViewer HTML can be seamlessly integrated into a subscriber's website. Keyhole's broadband application, EarthViewer 3D, enables fluid "space to face" interaction for the entire globe. Users can fly from space to a street level view fluidly and can interactively explore layers of information including roads, schools, businesses, and demographics. Further information on Keyhole is available at the company's website, .

About Neopolitan Networks

Neopolitan Networks delivers flexible Gigabit Ethernet services to Small, Medium and Enterprise businesses. Neopolitan Networks is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, the heart of the Silicon Valley. To learn more about our products and service offerings please visit us at,


CONTACT: Basilio Amaro, Director of Marketing of Neopolitan Networks, +1-650-475-1376, or

Web site:

Web site:
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Date:Sep 6, 2002
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