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Neon Adds More Adapters, Promises 60 EAI Services >BY William Fellows.

New Era of Networks Inc believes that by the end of the current quarter it will have 60 of the 75 services it believes are required to be a full-service enterprise application integration vendor. Yesterday it added new terminals and protocol adapters from its 1998 Century Analysis Inc acquisition which enable data to be captured to Neon servers from green screens and form-based GUI applications - terminal or datastream interfaces.

Neon has integrated the adapters to work with its MQSeries Integrator for Unix and NT, and MQIntegrator for MVS. NeonAdapter for Terminals 2.0 supports 35 terminal types. NeonAdapter for Protocols 2.0 supports FTP, TCP/IP, CPI-C, multiplex/demultiplex and offers error handling. Prices start at $65,000. Neon also has another adapter for Siebel Systems front office applications in the pipeline and says its aim is to create a single integration server that enables customers to use a common set of adapters to address any kind of integration requirement.

Neon says Sun Microsystems Inc's acquisition of Forte Software Inc should help it win more accounts as Forte resells, bundles or refers Neon's suite to its EAI customers as part of its Forte Fusion product. Sun does not expect the $540m acquisition to be dilutive in the first full year following the acquisition, which requires Sun energizing Forte sales as Forte lost $1.4m on sales of $80m last year. Forte is to be run as a separate division within Sun's Software Products and Platform division. Forte, which plans to leverage Sun's 7,000-person field organization, has 12 engagements which is working on with Neon. Half are reseller deals, half are going directly to Neon.
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Author:Fellows, William
Publication:Computergram International
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Date:Aug 25, 1999
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