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NeoVision and U.S. Surgical Sign Marketing Agreement for NeoVision's Ultrasound-Guided Breast Biopsy Product: Sonopsy.

SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 9, 1996--NeoVision Corporation announced last night a marketing agreement with United States Surgical Corporation (NYSE:USS) granting worldwide sales and marketing rights for applications of Neovision's Sonopsy(TM) Ultrasound Guided Breast Biopsy product with USSC's ABBI(TM) breast biopsy instrument.

Sonopsy is being shown as a work in progress at the American College of Surgeons meeting in San Francisco this week.

NeoVision is a young Seattle-based company with a pipeline of products based on Neovision's proprietary core technology for the diagnosis and management of breast disease. The first product, Sonopsy, uses three-dimensional ultrasound imaging for location of suspicious lesions, followed by real time imaging for guiding minimally invasive surgery, such as core needle biopsy or ABBI.

United States Surgical Corporation is a Fortune 1000 company based in Norwalk, Conn. that has pioneered many products for minimally invasive surgery. The USS ABBI system, for example, is minimally invasive breast biopsy and has received an enthusiastic response from breast surgeons. The ABBI procedure is performed in conjunction with an X-ray stereotactic table for localization and guidance of the procedure.

Ultrasound image guided biopsy offers the benefits of real time cross sectional imaging, absence of radiation and lower cost. Most physicians recognize the advantages of ultrasound-guided biopsy but many are discouraged by the complexity of hand-held ultrasound, and the challenge of correlating the image on a screen with the position of a hand held probe. Sonopsy uses gentle breast compression and a high degree of automation to generate three-dimensional ultrasound data which may be easily correlated with an X-ray mammogram. Once a suspicious lesion is identified, the biopsy guide is positioned to the computer generated coordinates and the ABBI instrument is easily guided to the targeted lesion under real time guidance, and three dimensional imaging verifies accurate placement before taking the sample.

"The addition of Sonopsy(TM) to the ABBI(TM) system offers physicians a combination of ultrasound and X-ray imaging for breast biopsy, enabling physicians to biopsy virtually any lesion that can be imaged," said Leon G. Hirsch, Chairman, USS. "This should significantly increase the number of patients that can take advantage of the ABBI system."

"US Surgical Corporation is a major and important strategic partner for us," said Peter Crosby, President and CEO, NeoVision. "The validation of our product and technology by such a significant industry player will help us establish a strong market presence with surgeons, while pursuing sales to other physicians through our own efforts."

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Date:Oct 9, 1996
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