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Turbulent waters: in the current environment, what are private equity firms doing about exiting investments in central Europe? Mar 2, 2012 709
Financial literacy: the lack of financial literacy, sometimes even among owners of companies, surprises me. Feb 17, 2012 710
Cash flow vs. profit: too often, small business owners ignore cash flow, to their own detriment. Feb 10, 2012 828
Economic steroids: the power of compound interest as applied to the current debt crisis. Dec 16, 2011 565
Prepare for volatility: if you accept a scenario of volatility moving forward, how might that affect your business actions? Nov 18, 2011 684
Ticking time bombs: business owners should expect more economic volatility on the horizon in the coming years. Nov 4, 2011 864
M vs A: mergers can be a valuable alternative to acquisitions in these trying times. Oct 21, 2011 661
Looking down: on the state of private equity in Central Europe. Oct 14, 2011 732
The 'small business' trap: small companies offer investors more risk and less value. Sep 30, 2011 705
Board power: the reasons for appointing board of directors for your company and how to make it strong. Sep 9, 2011 805
Selling receivables: when factoring is a viable financing option for small and medium-sized enterprises. Aug 26, 2011 666
Crash 2.0: what are the implications of the past week of financial implosion for small and medium-sized companies? Aug 12, 2011 767
Tick-tock: in most merger and acquisition transactions, time is of the essence. Jul 22, 2011 677
Planning the sale: five things to consider for anyone planning to sell a business. Jul 1, 2011 789
Apples and oranges: how non-core assets can influence corporate finance transactions. Jun 17, 2011 686
Laying down the rules: the importance of a good shareholders' agreement in transactions. Jun 10, 2011 721
Western march: central European companies have made quite a few acquisitions in the West even at the height of the economic recession. May 13, 2011 1042
Business exit planning: if you have enjoyed these columns, consider the new book on corporate finance by the same author. May 6, 2011 648
Buying into green energy: greenfield projects in the renewable energy sector present plenty of challenge to prospective investors. Apr 15, 2011 871
Selling an idea: how to find the deep pockets that will make your innovative idea happen and what pitfalls to avoid. Mar 25, 2011 713
Finding an edge: how competitive are Central European companies, really? Mar 11, 2011 789
Venturing outside your borders: foreign expansion, while an enticing prospect, should not be pursued for its own sake. Mar 4, 2011 690
Reap or reinvest? Why it pays to hold off cashing in your business right away. Feb 11, 2011 652
Corporate ownership: are you the best owner of your company? Jan 28, 2011 648
Corporate governance: The how's and why's of corporate governance for private companies in Central Europe. Jan 14, 2011 682
Playing it safe: insurance from a risk management perspective for small and medium-sized enterprises. Jan 14, 2011 711
Spurring staff: the effects of staff incentives on corporate value. Dec 3, 2010 733
Corporate strategy: it is surprising how often investors are told that no such document exists. Nov 26, 2010 581
Crystal ball: the influence of taxation on company value--the Hungarian experiment. Nov 12, 2010 643
Corporate corner: the Sofia Echo's contributor on all matters corporate finance looks at when it is appropriate to set up a holding company and the success of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Oct 22, 2010 1240
Virtual data rooms: matters to consider when setting up your business' data room. Sep 24, 2010 781
Intergenerational transfers: Issues to consider when pondering whether to transfer your business to your children. Sep 10, 2010 903
In the data room: Operating a data room in corporate finance transactions. Aug 27, 2010 810
The alliance option: not always appropriate in all circumstances, alliances can have advantages over acquisitions. Aug 20, 2010 765
Target practice: how a private equity investor chooses acquisition targets. Aug 6, 2010 850
Zeroing in: how a strategic investor should identify acquisition targets. Jul 16, 2010 721
Credit collateral: when will real corporate lending become widespread in Central Europe? Jul 2, 2010 645
Equity or debt? Why equity can be so much more expensive than debt. Jun 18, 2010 700
Unlocking your company's value: instructions on how to plan a business exit and how to manage a transaction. Jun 4, 2010 646
Tag and drag: the two clauses that facilitate investor exits from a company. May 21, 2010 702
Conditions to close; Conditions precedent prior to closing and how they can sink a deal. May 14, 2010 820
MAC clause: the contract clause that leaves prospective buyers holding all the aces. Apr 30, 2010 585
Public private partnership: what exactly is a private public partnership and what is the inherent risk? Apr 16, 2010 777
Exclusive deals: when should you not use a competitive process in selling your company or raising equity capital? Mar 26, 2010 653
Managing risk: some simple solutions to manage the risks inherent in running your own company. Mar 12, 2010 669
Managing risk: identifying risks, whether as part of due diligence or prior to it, requires looking at a business from all possible angles. Feb 26, 2010 742
Managing risk: managing risk to build corporate value--why should anyone do it? Feb 12, 2010 606
Ethics disclosure: the ethics of financial advisory services in Central Europe. Feb 5, 2010 656
Transactions in central Europe: there are distinct differences to doing deals in the region. Jan 15, 2010 649
It pays off? Should you consider an initial public offering for your business? Dec 11, 2009 933
Legal advice; hiring a lawyer to help sell your company or raise capital. Dec 4, 2009 766
Watch your step: three things not to do when hiring a financial adviser. Nov 13, 2009 804
Cast your net wide: should a competitive process be used to sell your company? Oct 30, 2009 764
Selling points: negotiating the sale of a company is anything but easy, but here are some small tricks that could help you out at key moments. Oct 16, 2009 737
Truthful teaser: the information memorandum should be truthful and devoid of hype. Sep 18, 2009 706
Data room: preparation of a data room is crucial when selling a business. Sep 4, 2009 684
Retirement: two simple principles can make transition to retirement easier for business owners. Aug 21, 2009 795
Business exit planning: what will business exit planning do for a business owner? Aug 14, 2009 651
Out of the blue: so you received an unsolicited offer on your business? Jul 10, 2009 704
One Man Show: businesses run by dominant owner-managers are tricky customers when it comes down to equity deals. Jun 26, 2009 689
Juggling debt: corporate restructuring in Central Europe is light years behind the US, making recession more painful. Jun 12, 2009 1002
Creative ways of structuring deals: the concept of an earn-out is very simple, yet its proper execution is fiendishly difficult. May 15, 2009 759
Risk premium: investors should not compare the pricing of distressed assets in Western Europe to non-distressed assets in Central Europe. May 1, 2009 750

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