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Nelle Blames Michael For Their Baby's Death On 'General Hospital'.

It will be a day of quick thinking and heartbreak as tragedy strikes the residents of Port Charles. On the Wednesday, August 1 episode of "General Hospital," Jason and Carly become suspicious while Michael faces Nelle's wrath.

In the promo for the ABC soap opera, Carly (Laura Wright) tells Josslyn (Eden McCoy)there are some things she needs to hear about Nelle (Chloe Lanier). "General Hospital" spoilers reveal Carly has doubts.

Carly has always been open about her opinion that Nelle is a snake and it appears she will be giving Josslyn a detailed account about the sister-in-law she has come to admire.

In the previous episode, Brad (Parry Shen) saw Nelle walking on the side of the road with her newborn and told her baby Wiley died in his sleep. He revealed he was headed to the hospital and offered to give her a ride, but she declined his offer.

Nelle explained she couldn't go to the hospital because Michael made her confess to crimes she didn't commit. While she admitted she didn't know what she would do next, she realized the best solution for both her and Brad would be to switch babies.

Although Brad initially refused, Nelle told him she was most likely going to prison and even if she was found innocent, Sonny (Maurice Benard) would probably find a way to take her son away. Instead, Nelle wanted to have control over who raised her baby and thought Brad and Lucas (Ryan Carnes) would be perfect for the job.

The two then switched babies. Brad headed back home and Nelle wandered the road with his dead baby until she heard sirens. After running into each other at the hospital, Michael asked Nelle to let him hold the baby--only to realize it was dead.

In the ABC promo video, a teary-eyed Nelle tells Michael the baby's death is his fault and that he ruined everything.

Once Carly learns about Michael's dead baby, she will begin to express her doubts to those around her, and it appears her concerns may begin to affect Jason (Steve Burton), who reaches out for help.

In the promo video for the upcoming episode, Jason tells someone on the phone he needs a favor. "GH" spoilers reveal Jason calls Sam (Kelly Monaco). While it may take some time to piece the clues together, Sam actually has a direct link to the truth.

Prior to Wiley's death, Julian (William deVry) took a video of the baby boy, which could be the key to exposing Nelle's story. However, Sam doesn't have the best relationship with her father, which means she may have to put her private investigator skills to work in order to determine what really happened to the baby.

Will Jason be able to unravel Nelle's twisted lie or will Michael believe he is to blame for the baby's tragic end?

"General Hospital" airs weekdays at 3 p.m. EDT on ABC.

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Date:Aug 1, 2018
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