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Coronavirus death toll has climbed to 908 with 40,171 cases; There are now 130 confirmed cases on the Diamond Princess, quarantined in the port of Yokohama, near Tokyo, with officials previously saying 70 people had the virus among the 3,711 passengers and crew. Feb 10, 2020 299
British man with coronavirus linked to seven other cases; There are now four confirmed cases in the UK. Feb 10, 2020 851
UK shop asks customers to wear masks because of coronavirus; The shop owner has put up a sign also calling for customers to wear gloves. Feb 10, 2020 293
Heavy snow and high winds after Storm Ciara leaves 20,000 in dark; 20,000 homes were left without power last night and now 20cm of snow is on the way. Feb 10, 2020 1090
Coronavirus is a 'serious and imminent threat to public' says UK Government; The death toll has now surpassed the 2002-3 SARS outbreak. Feb 10, 2020 1036
Sexually transmitted infections in pensioners up 41 per cent; "They're mucking about and finding new partners. They think that because nobody can get pregnant anymore there's no danger - because those illnesses are for young people.". Feb 10, 2020 377
Win a year's supply of pizza by showing how much you love Domino's; A selfie, video or poem could win you free pizza. Feb 10, 2020 333
Action you need to take now before new overdraft rules come in; The change could cost you [pounds sterling]800 a year if you don't deal with it now. Feb 10, 2020 898
Car falls into sinkhole during Storm Ciara; "I imagine that it will sit there for a while. They must be worried about more sinking, I suppose.". Feb 10, 2020 290
Woman cost emergency services [pounds sterling]100,000 with hoax 999 calls; Coogan was jailed for 12 months after she admitted making nuisance calls while drunk. Feb 10, 2020 459
Credit card companies to write to 1million people demanding more money; Letters will arrive before the end of March. Feb 10, 2020 574
Details of third UK coronavirus patient and how he caught disease; The latest diagnosis comes as as health experts issued a new warning to travellers arriving from several Asian countries. Feb 7, 2020 781
Quarter of cashpoints now charge as we paid [pounds sterling]104m for our own money; "Massive cuts to the UK's bank branch and cash machine networks have been highly lucrative for the big banks - but highly costly for millions of consumers.". Feb 7, 2020 853
Coronavirus death toll rises to 636 with 41 new cases on cruise ship; A newborn discovered to be infected 36 hours after birth has become the youngest known patient. Feb 7, 2020 797
Victims have given up reporting some crimes in the UK; A suspect was charged in just 7.8% of crimes recorded in England and Wales. Feb 7, 2020 687
Fox wanders around Parliament evading police; It left behind evidence of its adventure. Feb 7, 2020 202
Cycle training to be offered to every child in England; The commitment will see an additional 400,000 training places offered on the scheme each year. Feb 7, 2020 347
How to turn off Netflix preview autoplay as platform has new feature; No, you are not dreeaming. This hack actually works. Feb 7, 2020 269
Restaurant sparks anger with smaller steak 'for the ladies'; Some claim the idea is sexist. Feb 7, 2020 253
Parents warned over fake Instagram account asking children for nudes; The bogus modelling agency asks children to send pictures in swimwear and naked. Feb 7, 2020 251
Phillip Schofield announces he is gay; A statement has been released on Twitter and Instagram. Feb 7, 2020 550
Why parents are giving their babies made-up names such as Wrenlow, Maevery, Elisobelle and Jaspin; "Shakespeare invented many names that have stood the test of time like Imogen and Jessica.". Feb 7, 2020 611
Hollywood icon Kirk Douglas has died, aged 103; His eldest son, Michael Douglas, a two-time Oscar-winner, announced his father's death with a touching tribute. Obituary Feb 6, 2020 2839
Woman fined [pounds sterling]70 for reversing onto her drive thanks to new lines; Stephanie says she was doing the right thing and has appealed. Feb 6, 2020 339
Town to get 200 electric buses to go entirely diesel free; The Department for Transport is giving [pounds sterling]50million to create the UK's first all electric-bus town. Feb 6, 2020 488
Parents warned over explicit video primary children are sharing; Police have been called in to investigate. Feb 6, 2020 243
Anger as councils ordered to fly Union Flag for Prince Andrew's birthday; "And to think we should be celebrating a man who has serious accusations of sexual assault hanging over his head is particularly appalling. Feb 6, 2020 377
Amazon customers warned over real meaning of Choice badge; "Amazon risks betraying the trust millions of customers place in the Amazon's Choice badge by allowing its endorsement to be all too easily gamed.". Feb 6, 2020 570
Racism has spiked in the UK after coronavirus outbreak; "People around me looked very uncomfortable and wouldn't catch my eye.". Feb 6, 2020 554
Coronavirus death toll rises 73 to 563 with 28,108 cases; In the port city of Yokohama, Japan, health workers said 20 people from the cruise ship Diamond Princess were confirmed with the virus. Feb 6, 2020 573
School kicks out Ofsted after woman walked into prayer room in shoes; The school has filed an official complaint. Feb 6, 2020 515
Huge changes to lottery mean you could win much more money; The maximum prize has increased and there will be more big money payouts. Feb 5, 2020 264
Lottery machines have a new button which stops problem gamblers from playing; Retailers are being given new training and leaflets. Feb 5, 2020 344
Oncoming storm is so big it could be named Ciara says Met Office; Two-day yellow-level weather warnings have been issued for the whole of the UK. Feb 5, 2020 713
Police officer removed from duty after gun left in plane toilet by David Cameron's bodyguard; "We are taking this matter extremely seriously and an internal investigation is taking place.". Feb 5, 2020 165
21-year-old gets stuck in child's high-chair for a free milkshake; It took three people to pull Jamie free from the McDonald's chair. Feb 5, 2020 351
Offensive, over-sexualised advert banned for objectifying women; "The cumulative effect of the scenes meant that overall, the products had been presented in an overly-sexualised way that invited viewers to view the women as sexual objects.". Feb 5, 2020 428
24-year-old cuts [pounds sterling]400 a month from his bills with simple changes; Ethan was struggling to cut his debts and was making no headway with his savings. Feb 5, 2020 429
Six tips for building a little cash nest-egg; There are simple ways to quickly build up a few pounds. Feb 5, 2020 589
Coronavirus death toll reaches 490 as 24,342 contract the disease; Today's figure is up from 425 yesterday. Feb 5, 2020 731
Simple trick for cleaning your washing machine is 'mesmerising'; The results are impressive, but a bit disgusting. Feb 4, 2020 161
Pizza, pasties and pesto urgently recalled by Lidl, Tesco and Sainsbury's; Supermarkets have issued product recalls for everything from herbs and sauces to vegan ready meals. Feb 4, 2020 748
Wuhan coronavirus death toll rises to 425 - up 64 in one day; The total number of cases now stands at 20,348. Feb 4, 2020 1065
Direct train to Amsterdam being launched this year from [pounds sterling]35; Tickets will go on sale this month. Feb 4, 2020 338
Women 'pressured' into changing name and getting joint bank account; 64% of women wish they had their own money set aside just in case. Feb 4, 2020 640
Ban on new petrol and diesel cars in UK brought forward to 2035; The ban will include hybrid vehicles. Feb 4, 2020 868
[pounds sterling]55,000-worth of pizza vouchers being hidden across the UK; The golden dough balls will be hidden from this Sunday. Feb 4, 2020 243
Ikea to close UK branch this summer putting 350 jobs at risk; "Although this isn't an easy decision, this is the right decision". Feb 4, 2020 199
Met Office issues two-day extreme weather warning for whole of UK; The forecasters say to prepare for disruption. Feb 4, 2020 244
New rules will slash the cost of school uniforms in the UK; Parents will save hundreds of pounds a year. Feb 3, 2020 360
Latest list of 17 Android apps you must delete ASAP; They can hack into your phone and track what you are doing. Feb 3, 2020 322
How much it costs the NHS when you call an ambulance, or go to A&E; It would be cheaper for you to spend a night at The Shard's luxury hotel. Feb 3, 2020 538
New credit card rules could see part of your debt wiped out; The Financial Conduct Authority has just issued new rules for card companies. Feb 3, 2020 442
Woman, 23, first to die after taking dangerous drug Flakka; Andrea suffered a heart attack and spent three days in hospital before being pronounced dead. Feb 3, 2020 1724
Coronavirus evacuee heading for UK falls ill on flight home; They have been isolated from the other passengers and taken to a separate hospital. Feb 3, 2020 404
How to make the perfect Yorkshire Pudding on Yorkshire Day; The first written recipe dates back to 1747. Feb 2, 2020 298
Simple Royal Mint trick people are using to turn 10p into [pounds sterling]12; If you can get to the Royal Mint you could make yourself a bit of cash. Jan 31, 2020 336
Full list of 56 Lloyds, Halifax and Royal Bank of Scotland closures; "This is in response to changing customer behaviours and the reduced number of transactions being made in branches.". Jan 31, 2020 249
Two positive cases of coronavirus in England; They are the first confirmed cases in the UK. Jan 31, 2020 862
Student shocked as [pounds sterling]14.05 is added to her [pounds sterling]4.45 Deliveroo bill; Tanyah only wanted a milkshake, it cost her [pounds sterling]18.50. Jan 31, 2020 269
The toughest and weirdest questions people have been asked in interviews; How many windows do you think there are in London? Jan 30, 2020 157
Brits not coming home yet as China delays Wuhan evacuation; 200 UK citizens were due to be flown from China to a British military base where they will stay for two weeks of quarantine. Jan 30, 2020 917
The five biggest threats children will face in the next decade; "The good news is that these challenges can be addressed.". Jan 30, 2020 295
Concern over two deaths in UK potentially linked to vaping; It is estimated that 3.6 million people use e-cigarettes in the UK. Jan 30, 2020 394
There's a secret new Nectar scheme that could earn you hundreds of points; The details are being leaked as Nectar tries a huge change. Jan 30, 2020 246
Brexit day: What will be different on February 1? At 11pm on Friday, January 31 the UK will leave the European Union; At 11pm on Friday, January 31 the UK will leave the European Union. Jan 30, 2020 1119
Mum's warning as girl, eight, runs up [pounds sterling]1,450 bill on Roblox in three days; She managed to use her own fingerprint to make purchases on an iPad. Jan 30, 2020 915
Brits are stocking up on Brexit panic boxes because of coronavirus; Sales of the emergency food and drink supplies have spiked 1,200%. Jan 30, 2020 790
Huge change for First Dates after 15 series as new location is set; The show is moving out of London and heading to the regions. Jan 29, 2020 358
Smart motorways branded a death trap by MPs; "There are people that are being killed and seriously injured on these roads, and it should never have happened.". Jan 29, 2020 344
Evacuation of Brits from Wuhan could start tomorrow as death toll reaches 132; The Foreign Office has advised against all but essential travel to mainland China as the virus reaches Germany, France, Japan and the UAE. Jan 29, 2020 667
Newsnight and Radio 4 in line of fire as BBC makes budget cuts; Radio news bulletins will also be shared across different stations as BBC News has to save [pounds sterling]80 million. Jan 29, 2020 373
Temperatures to soar into double digits by the weekend; After what was supposed to be the coldest night of the year we are heading for 14C. Jan 29, 2020 400
British Airways has suspended all flights to and from mainland China; "We apologise to customers for the inconvenience, but the safety of our customers and crew is always our priority.". Jan 29, 2020 840
ITV hires psychologist to support cast and crew after suicides; The flak reached a fever pitch last year when series three favourite Mike Thalassitis, 26, was found hanged in a park after leaving a suicide note for his family. Jan 29, 2020 878
Government steps up plans to reopen railway lines closed under the Beeching Axe; More than 5,000 miles of track and nearly 1,500 stations were closed between 1964 and 1970. Jan 28, 2020 524
Rare sighting of swordfish in UK waters; Climate change could be a factor in why the fish was so far north, given the species is more accustomed to warmer waters in the Caribbean, Mediterranean or US. Jan 28, 2020 412
Up to 15cm of snowfall predicted with disruption across UK; 750 road-gritting lorries - 500 in Scotland and 250 in England - are ready to be deployed. Jan 28, 2020 396
Plastic expiry date stickers are appearing on your supermarket meals; The new labels began appearing in London this month and are spreading across the country. Jan 28, 2020 299
Tribute to Corrie star Neville who played Deirdre's husband; Neville Buswell was in the popular soap for 10 years. Jan 28, 2020 239
Aviva apologises for calling all of its customers Michael; Thousands of emails were sent with the wrong name. Jan 28, 2020 205
Woman passes driving test after seven years 'thanks to bananas'; Katie had tried and failed multiple times so decided to eat three bananas on the day of her test. Jan 28, 2020 790
Family accidentally throw away [pounds sterling]20,000 stored in Bisto tins; They were clearing out the home of a woman in her 80s who is moving into care. Jan 28, 2020 509
Banks get slap on the wrist for plan to triple overdraft charges; "It's an admission that the FCA's overdraft changes haven't worked entirely as it wanted, and now the regulator is baring its teeth". Jan 28, 2020 458
McDonald's home delivery coming to the whole of the UK this year; You never have to leave your house again. Jan 28, 2020 208
Men told not to talk about cricket and football in the workplace; Employers have been told to clamp down on sports chat. Jan 28, 2020 383
List of shops making cuts as 10,000 jobs lost already this year; A further 1,200 jobs are currently under threat. Jan 27, 2020 483
Snow and ice forecast as Met Office says to brace for coldest night; Temperatures will drop as low as -10C with the whole country set to be subzero. Jan 27, 2020 281
Coronation Street 10,000th episode plot, date and time confirmed; "10,000 episodes! Not bad for a programme which one newspaper said in 1960 was 'doomed from the outset.'". Jan 27, 2020 418
Police to get tough new anti-drone powers including on-the-spot fines; Officers will be able to land, inspect and seize drones if an offence has been committed. Jan 27, 2020 418
Air pollution now kills more people than crashes - figures city by city; There is a north-south divide for pollution levels, with higher levels of deadly dust, ash and soot in southern areas. Jan 27, 2020 728
Teen accused of lying about Cyprus gang rape describes the attack; The young woman, who was 18 at the time, thought she was going to die. Jan 27, 2020 340
BBC apology after using wrong picture during Kobe Bryant report; "We apologise for this human error which fell below our usual standards on the programme.". Jan 27, 2020 347
How much the same trolley of food costs at major supermarkets; We took the same list to the big four and this is how much each week's shopping cost. Jan 27, 2020 303
Victim wants you to see the brutal attack which left him badly hurt; Dale was left with serious face, head and hand injuries as well as concussion. Jan 27, 2020 612
Tesco recalling 15 types of baby food amid tampering fears; If you have bought one, don't use it. Jan 26, 2020 181
Which diet you're most likely to stick to and which works best; Intermittent fasting, paleo and the Med diet were put through scientific tests. Jan 25, 2020 878
14 tested for Wuhan coronavirus virus in UK as death toll hits 25; Four NHS trusts have been put on standby to deal with an outbreak. Jan 24, 2020 986
Mum feeds family of four for [pounds sterling]3.60 a day with Aldi shopping list; The average weekly food budget is [pounds sterling]60.60 but Natalie did it for [pounds sterling]25. Travel narrative Jan 24, 2020 394
Buses that clean pollution out of the air to be used in six more cities; "Our air-filtering system has exceeded all expectations in how it can benefit the environment. Jan 24, 2020 244

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