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Neighbors see only wood.

Retaining the view of trees and open spaces while maintaining privacy around a deck and hot tub, a split-personality screen allows owner Tom Hartmann to look out but keeps his neighbors from looking in.

As part of the new owner-built dec designed by City of Orange architect Michelle Pettit, the three-sided, U-shaped screen has a 4-foot-high base clad with tongue-and-groove redwood.

Secured to two sections of this base is a 3-foot-high slatted redwood baffle. Each 1-by-6 slat is set in a 3/4-inch slot cut at a 45[deg.] angle in the 2-by-4 top and bottom plates. To keep slats flush. Hartmann cut their front and back edges at 45[deg.] angles.

Angling the slats this way allows relatively clear views out from the bedroom and hot tub, but the neighbors see only wood.
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Title Annotation:deck and hot tub
Date:Sep 1, 1984
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