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Neighborhood conversation Five questions with ... Ray Lindsey of Eldorado.

1 Did you travel for Thanksgiving or did you host?

We hosted, my wife Kristi and I. This was our first year. We had her mom, uncle and cousin and my stepsister Deedee Seagraves. Then we delivered a meal to my grandfather, Banjie Feazel. The next day we took something over to Dad and Kathy in St. Louis.

2 Is the Christmas shopping season more commercial than 10 years ago?

My wife and I make it a point to shop local as much as we can, and locally it's not much more commercialized. We try to shop local in Saline, Gallatin and Williamson counties. There's a small store we like to gets things for the smaller kids at in Ridgway called the Dainty Doe. There are a lot of small shops here locally that have unique items, if people will take the time to look.

3 Do you do any online shopping?

We mostly make purchases online for my family back in Oklahoma. A lot of times, we'll use Vista Print and make a calendar. In fact, Mom just called today and made a request for a 2019 calendar.

4 Do you put Christmas decorations outside or inside?

We do both. I dragged out the Christmas tree from the shed this last weekend. I'm not sure if we're doing outside lights this year. Last year we did, but we only got to turn them on two nights.

5 What is your favorite Christmas song?

That's a tough one. It's a tossup between "Go Tell it on the Mountain" and "Little Drummer Boy."

-- Travis DeNeal

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Publication:Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL)
Date:Nov 28, 2018
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