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Negotiation Web lecture helps physician executive decide on new job.

Mary Jane Osmick, MD, says an ACPE Web Lecture on negotiation by physician executive recruiter Sue Cejka gave her new confidence as she considered job offers from two different organizations.

"I had been downsized in a company ... and I was working on my own consulting when I got two job offers. It was difficult to know what to do. I asked ACPE for some help and listened to Sue Cejka's video 'Negotiating a Contract and Closing the Deal' to help me with the negotiation process."

Osmick says she particularly wanted to know what to expect during the negotiation process and the differences between reasonable and unreasonable requests concerning salary, benefits and lifestyle expectations.

She had two offers on the table and neither was perfect. The lower paying job was a long drive away. The other one carried higher risk and higher pay. Thanks to the Web lecture, she decided to discuss the two separate offers with her prospective employers.

"My typical approach would have been to say to any offer, 'Well, thank you very much.' Then I would either turn it down or not. But instead I said, 'I have another offer on the table and it is for this much and these benefits. I wondered if you could match it.'"

The lower paying organization came back two days later offering a $20,000 signing bonus, but still couldn't match the salary.

Then came a third offer.

"It was significantly lower than the rest of them. I would have had to relocate from the East coast to the West coast. I looked at the offer because I love my friends out West. It was a great offer in terms of place and people. I went out and did a little consulting gig for them. It was a good match from a work point of view, but the money was really low, not consistent with the cost of living in the area."


"I really wanted to take the job. After I listened to the Web lecture though, I thought--maybe this isn't such a great deal after all. I said to them, 'I really need to make more money than this.'"

She talked to friends who told her the cost of relocating and the high real estate prices on the West coast would make the move difficult.

In the end, Osmick decided to take the higher paying job with the higher risk.

The ACPE Web lecture "primed the pump by getting me thinking about reasonable trade offs and clarified the issues that are show stoppers. By putting all of Sue's (Cejka's) years of experience on video, she showed me what happens in the real world for people who negotiate job opportunities every day. It was really important for someone like me who doesn't do that to hear what the pros do. The lecture changed the outcome."

If you're interested in learning more about negotiating a contract, be sure to check out Sue Cejka's Web lecture. "Negotiating a Contract and Closing the Deal" is available on the ACPE Web site at or by calling 800-562-8088. Price: $55 for ACPE members, $75 non members.

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This 60-minute lecture describes some basics of what you need to know about yourself to successfully negotiate your next contract.


Non Member Price: $75.00

Member Price: $55.00--You Save $20.00


* Understand factors about you and factors about "them" that are keys to the deal you will ultimately be able to make

* Learn about compensation from the employer's side--how a $250k salary costs $372k

* Understand three axioms of compensation: long-term thinking, potential for catastrophe and brutal realism
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