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Neglected kids need more foster homes.

By Minerva BC Newman

Cebu City - "We urgently need more foster parents, families and foster homes for abandoned, neglected, surrendered children and foundling in Central Visayas."

This was the call of Clavel Saycon, Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) regional office for Central Visayas head of the Adoption Resource and Referral Unit and Social Welfare Officer. Saycon urged the people to become foster families or homes as a temporary plan, substitute home for one year while the adoption or the reunification of the children with their families is being processed.

Saycon said that as of last December, 74 children have been processed and are now with 52 licensed foster parents.

"But there are 20 more children who still need foster parents, families and or homes," she said.

The DSWD prefers putting abandoned children in foster homes than placing them in crowded orphanages or institutions because they provide substitute parental care and a home atmosphere for the children, Saycon said.

The foster care program was created through the Foster Act (R.A. 10165) to strengthen and propagate foster care for abandoned, neglected, surrendered children and foundlings. This law encourages anyone to become a licensed foster parent with the help of DSWD.

Saycon said DSWD, working with the local government units and other caring agencies, identifies potential foster caring families.

Couples, married or singles who are willing to take care of the child and those who can provide the best foster care are qualified to become foster parents or families, Saycon added.

DSWD will assist potential foster parents through home visits and interviews with neighbors and other interest groups to vouch for the applicants' capability to render foster care.

DSWD data showed there were 564 children cases endorsed to DSWD-Central for issuance of certificate declaring a child available for adoption; and 616 children have been issued with pre-adoption placement authority and affidavit of consent for adoption from 2009 to 2017.

To monitor the children in the foster care program, social welfare officers visit the families every month for the first three months, then monthly visits until the process of adoption or reuniting with families are completed, Saycon said.


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Title Annotation:Visayas
Publication:Manila Bulletin
Date:Feb 2, 2018
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