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Negara Brunei Darussalam: obituary 2009.


The NBD royal family suffered several grievous blows during the year. YAM Pengiran Anak Datin Seri Setia Hajjah Siti Halimah, a daughter of Sultan Sir Ahmad Tajuddin, was summoned to the mercy of Allah on 4 January 2009. YAM Pengiran Lela Negara PH Mohammad, who died at the age of eighty-one in mid-September, was the son of a former vizier and an uncle to both HM Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah and HM Raja Isteri PA Hajjah Saleha. Further mourning was to follow on 25 November with the demise of YAM Pengiran Sura Negara [cr 1981] Pengiran Anak Haji Muhammad Bey Muntassir (1956-2009), spouse of His Majesty's sister, HRH Princess Hajjah Areal Jefriah.

Another particularly noteworthy figure to exit the stage during 2009 was YAM Pengiran Setia Raja [cr 1969] Pengiran Haji Jaya bin Pengiran Haji Rajid, a nobleman of cheteria rank, was best-known perhaps as Commissioner of the Royal Brunei Police Force between 1975 and 1983.

Several foreign heads of state with NBD connections departed during the year, including President Abdurrahman Wahid of Indonesia, President Corazon Aquino of the Philippines, along with two former presidents of South Korea and one of India.

Two eminent expatriate judges--Sir Alan Huggins (1921-2009) and Sir Noel Power (1929-2009)--laid down their gavel for the last time. Lieutenant-Commander Michael Langman (1921-2009) was a long-serving Director of Civil Aviation during the sultanate's run-up to full independence at the end of 1983 whilst Dr. Jean Lawrie (1914-2009) was General Physician to the Brunei Royal Ladies and Children, 1978-82. Michael Goaman 0921-2009) illustrated Brunei postage stamps in the mid-1960s; John Lawson (1932-2009) designed the glass dome for Kiarong Mosque.

The number of British heroes responsible for "crushing the Brunei Revolt of 1962" and of "winning the Confrontation against Indonesia" shows no sign of abating. In the former category, with rather a better claim than most, is Lieutenant-Colonel Gordon Shakespear (1920-2009). Mention might also be made here of the Anglican naval chaplain Noel Debroy Jones (1932-2009), later raised to the dignity of the Right Reverend Bishop of Sodor and Man between 1989 and 2003.

More detailed biographies now follow in alphabetical order.


ABDUL RAHIM bin Abdullah Tan (d. 2009)

Born Tan Tong Hock: converted to Islam "not too long ago"; arrested, 21 January 2009; reported originally to have died on 25 January in police custody; an investigation was being conducted into the cause of his death; buried on 28 January 2009 at the Jame' 'Asr Hassanil Bolkiah cemetery (BBO Th.29.1.2009).

Aged forty-five, he had been detained for alleged theft. On 2 February 2009 four police officers were charged in Bandar Seri Begawan with "culpable homicide not amounting to murder" of Awang Abdul Rahim and with causing him "grievous hurt" whilst attempting to extort a confession on 22 January 2009 (BBO Tu.3.2.2009). The defendants were released on bail on 9 February (BBO Tu. 10.2.2009).

ABDURRAHMAN WAHID, Presiden Kiyai Haji (1940-2009)

The fourth President of Indonesia (1999-2001) died on 30 December 2009, aged sixty-nine (The Economist online, 7.1.2010; accessed Sa.23.1.2010:1237h GMT). Held bilateral talks with HM Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, 27 November 1999, Manila (PB 1. 12.1999:1). Six-hour working visit to NBD, 27 February 2000 (PB 8.3.2000:3, 8-9); held a meeting with His Majesty at the Istana Nurul Iman (PB 1.3.2000:1). Hosted a working visit to Indonesia by Sir Hassanal, 5-6 May 2000 (PB 10.5.2000:1, 8-9). Visited at the Istana Negara in Jakarta by HRH Crown Prince Al-Muhtadee Billah (accompanied by HRH Prince Abdul Qawi), 18 May 2000 (PB 24.5.2000:16). Received a message of congratulation from HM the Sultan, 17 August 2000, marking the fifty-fifth anniversary of the declaration of Indonesian independence. Visitor to NBD for the APEC summit during which time he had further bilateral discussions with His Majesty (GBOW ON 16.11.2000). Accepted the credentials of TYT DSS Dr. Ustaz Awang Haji Mohd Amin bin Abdul Rahim as Ambassador of NBD to Indonesia, 9 February 2001, Merdeka Palace, Jakarta (PBA 21.3.2001:16*).

Born in 1940; Chairman, Nahdlatul Ulama from 1984 (HEMPB 1999:439). "Technically blind Muslim scholar" (BB Th. 17.2.2000:3); "scion of East Java's most revered family" (DT M.7.2.2000:11).

Grandfather: Kiyai Haji Has jim Asjari (1871-1947), principal spiritual leader of Nahdlatul Ulama. Father: Kiyai Haji Wahid Hasjim (1913-1951), effective head of Masjumi (HESEA 2004:929-30).

ALLAN, Colonel Giles Alexander (1930-2009)

"In 1965 Allan commanded a company of Irish Guards with 1st Battalion Scots Guards in Malaysia before doing a tour in Borneo and then moving to Sandhurst as adjutant" (DT Th.26.3.2009:31*).

Born on 12 February 1930; died on 15 January 2009; survived by widow and their daughter. Educated at Eton; commissioned, Irish Guards, 1950; OBE (no date).

Footnote: "Allan" is definitely the correct spelling.

AQUINO, Maria Corazon Sumulong Cojuangco (1933-2009)

President of the Philippines, 1986-92; State Visit to NBD, late August 1988 (BDS 1988:149; Abu Bakar Hamzah 1989:104); further visit in August 1989 to attend the berkhatan ceremony for HRH Prince (later Crown Prince) Al-Muhtadee Billah (BB 5.8.1989:1). Hosted a return visit to the Philippines by HM Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah and other members of the NBD royal family in 1991 (PB 5.2.2003:8).

Born on 25 January 1933 (ST 25.1.2004: 1:20); died on Saturday 1 August 2009 (DT M.3.8.2009:29*).

BARCLAY, Lieutenant-Colonel William John Joseph, "Bill" (1922-2009)

Lieutenant-Colonel Barclay was a British Army officer who helped to raise the Brunei Malay Regiment, arriving back in the United Kingdom during 1963. Earlier, he was decorated at Arnhem (Military Medal, 1944) and recorded "first-hand the chaos of Operation Market Garden" (obituary, DT W.3.2.2010:29*). He also served in Malaya during the Emergency. Born in London on 9 March 1922, he died at the age of eighty-seven on 11 December 2009. Twice married, he was survived by a son of his first marriage. He was educated at Xavier College, Bruges. Retiring from the Army in 1971, he resettled in South Africa, before returning to England in 2004.

BECKE, Lieutenant-Colonel William Hugh Adamson (1916-2009)

Demonstrated "archetypal British pluck" when (16 September 1963) "he defied a mob trying to sack the British embassy in Jakarta while his deputy as military attache, Major "Rory" Walker, marched up and down playing the bagpipes." Two days later the embassy was set on fire. Becke's house was also burnt down. CMG 1964 (DT Th. 11.6.2009:29*).

Born on 24 September 1916, Worcestershire; died on 3 April 2009; survived by widow, Mary (nee Richmond), an Australian nurse whom he married in 1945.

Son of Brigadier-General John Becke CMG DSO AFC. Educated at Charterhouse and Sandhurst. Commissioned, Sherwood Foresters, 1937. DSO 1944. Assistant military adviser, British High Commission, Karachi, 1957-9; Private Secretary and Comptroller to Major-General Sir Rohan Delacombe, the last British Governor of Victoria (Australia), 1974 (DT Th. 11.6.2009:29*).

WALKER, Major Roderick Muir Bamford "Rory," OBE MC (1932-2008), mentioned above, was born on 27 February 1932 and died on 15 October 2008 (LTO 31.10.2008, accessed on Tu. 19.1.2010:1250h GMT). Educated at Cheltenham College and Sandhurst, he was commissioned into the Sherwood Foresters in 1952, transferring subsequently to the Intelligence Corps and then to the SAS. His MC was awarded for his part in the assault on Jebel Akhdar (Oman) in December 1958. He went on to command 23 SAS (TAVR), for which he was awarded an OBE. Survived by his widow (m. 1979) and two sons.

According to Wikipedia, Brigadier-General John Harold Whitworth Becke CMG DSO AFC (1879-1949) was an infantry officer during the second Boer War; Commander, Royal Flying Corps during World War 1; transferred to the RAF on its creation, 1 April 1918; retired from the RAF, 1920.

Major-General Sir Rohan Delacombe (1906-1991) was Governor of Victoria from 1963 until 1974 and, on occasion, acted as Governor-General of Australia.

BLAKER, Lord (1922-2009)

Right Honourable Sir Peter Allan Renshaw Blaker, created a life peer in 1994. MP (Conservative) for Blackpool South, 1964-92. Minister of State, FCO, 1979-81 ; visitor to Brunei around New Year 1980 (BB 5. I. 1980). KCMG 1983, PC 1983. Vice-President, Conservative Foreign and Commonwealth Council, 1983- (WW 1997:181). Author of Small is Dangerous: Micro States in a Macro World (1984). Born on 4 October 1922; died on 5 July 2009. Called to the Bar, Lincoln's Inn, 1952; practiced for eighteen months. British diplomatic service, 1953-64.

A service of thanksgiving was held at St Margaret's Church (Westminster Abbey) on 10 November 2009 (DTW. I 1.11.2009:30).

BONGO, El Hadji Omar (1935-2009)

President of Gabon, 1967-2009; held a private meeting with HRH the Perdana Wazir, OIC Summit, Doha, 13 November 2000 (PBA 22.11.2000:3).

CARTER, Brigadier Gerald (d. 2009)

Royal Engineers; saw active service in Borneo, no date; retired in January 1978 (after thirty-two years in the British Army) and set up the tri-service Officers' Action Group in 1979; lives in Faringdon, Oxfordshire (DT Th.4.1.2001:4*; aged seventy-three at the time, suggesting a date of birth in 1927 or during the first four days of 1928).

Footnote. One Brigadier Gerald George Carter MBE died on 18 April 2009 after many weeks of failing health; husband of Brenda; father of Marcia and Finola; grandfather; funeral due to take place at St Andrew's Church, Shrivenham [five or six miles from Faringdon], noon, Tuesday 5 May 2009; donations to Royal Engineers' Benevolent Fund and St Andrew's Church. AE Baker & Sons, F/D, 01327 240572 (DT M.27.4.2009:28f #6; online reference 55050).

The Society of Old Framlinghamians online (accessed Th.21.1.2010:1624h GMT) appears to confirm the identification. Gerald George Carter OSS MBE died on 18 April 2009 aged eighty-one; he was educated at the school between 1941 and 1944.

CHUA PHENG SIONG, Dato Paduka [cr 1999] (1945-2009)

NBD civil servant and businessman. Born on 14 July 1945; died on 30 July 2009; survived by widow, one son, two daughters, two grandchildren; funeral due to be held at St George's Church, I August 2009, followed by interment at Berakas Christian Cemetery (BBO F.31.7.2009).

Educated at Anthony Abell College and at SOAS College; graduated from the Australian National University, 1970. Deputy Director, Economic Planning Unit, NBD, dates not available (BBO F.31.7.2009). Director of Special Duties, Ministry of Finance, 15 November 1995 to 9 November 1998 (PB 15.11.1995:14; PB 4.9.1996:8; TD 97:150a; PB 11.11.1998:3); previously Director of Information Technology at the Ministry of Finance.

Director of Financial Institutions at the Ministry of Finance, from 9 November 1998 (PB 11.11.1998:3; PB 5.4.2000:6); doubled as a member of the Jerudong Park Playground Committee (appointment announced in PB 24.3.1999:16); DPMB 24 July 1999 (PB 28.7.1999:1*, 3).

Worked for QAF from 2000 until his death; appointed Head of QAF Motor Group and QAF Leasing, 2000; subsequently General Manager (Business Development) of QAF Brunei Sdn Bhd, General Manager of QAF Eurokars Sdn Bhd, and General Manager of QAF Transport Sdn Bhd, no dates (BBO F.31.7.2009).

Alternative usage: Chua Peng Siong.

FAY, Edgar Stewart (1908-2009)

Obituary, "Barrister, judge and railway enthusiast who conducted two enquiries [1959, 1968] into the [1958] Munich air crash," DT Tu.24.11.2009:33.*

Also conducted a two-year investigation into the [1974] collapse of the Crown Agents; 203-page report published in 1977. Born on 8 October 1908; died on 14 November 2009, aged 101.

FERGUSON, Brigadier John Gordon Goddard de Poulton (1943-2009)

Obituary, "Commander who raised British morale as foreign troops faced brutal attack in Lebanon in the 1980s," DT W.30.12.2009:35.*

Also served in Borneo.

FRY: Penelope, Lady (d 2009)

Penelope, Lady Fry, who died on 16 March 2009 at Tunbridge Wells (DT Tu. 17.3.2009:30f#6, age not given), was the widow of Sir Leslie Fry (1908-1976), Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Indonesia, 1959-63.

GARROD, Lieutenant-General Sir John Martin Carruthers (1935-2009)

Royal Marine; "adjutant in Borneo during the confrontation with Indonesia"; served on the staff of HQ 17 Gurkha Division in the "Far East," 1968-9, and at HQ Far East Land Forces, 1970-1.

Born at Darjeeling, 29 May 1935 (great-grandson of Colonel W.G. Suther, who commanded the Royal Marines at the capture of Shimonoseki, 1864); died on 17 April 2009; survived by widow and two daughters; knighted (KCB), 1988; CMG 1999, OBE 1980; Sword of Honour, Royal Navy, 1953. Commandant-General, RM, 1987-90. Served in Bosnia in the 1990s, working successively for the EC, the EU, and the UN (DT Th.30.4,2009:35**).

Further obituaries: LTO 5.5.2009 and TGO M. 15.6.2009; see also the Old Sherwoodians website.

GOAMAN, Geoffrey Michael (1921-2009)

Designer of Brunei postage stamps (Stanley Gibbons 1987:137): "Freedom from Hunger" (4 June 1963); "ITU Centenary" (17 May 1965); and "Inauguration of WHO Headquarters, Geneva" (20 September 1966).

Born on 14 February 1921, East Grinstead; died on 13 May 2009; designed stamps for more than forty countries during the 1950s and 1960s with his wife, Sylvia (m. 1950); survived by their three daughters (DT M. 1.6.2009:29**); the couple met at the Central School of Arts and Crafts in London.

Sylvia Nancy Goaman (1924-2006) was the daughter of J.B. Priestley OM (1894-1984), novelist, playwright and critic, and his first wife, Pat Tempest, who died when she (Sylvia) was still in her infancy.

Further obituaries of Michael Goaman appear in The Times (online), 13 June 2009* and The Guardian (online), Tuesday 16 June 2009* (accessed Sa.23.1.2010:1234h GMT).

GRAY, John (1934-2009)

Born on 28 July 1934, Hong Kong; died on 19 November 2009. Obituary, "Hong Kong banker who consolidated IISBC's edge in new Chinese markets," DT F. 1.1.2010:29.**

Extract: "His career was to take him to branch postings in India, Malaysia, Brunei...."

Chief Executive and Chairman of HSBC in Hong Kong, 1993-6; retired 1996.

HALIMAH binti Sultan Ahmad Tajuddin, Yang Amat Mulia Pengiran Anak Datin Seri Setia Hajjah Siti (d 2009)

A daughter of Sultan Sir Ahmad Tajuddin (r 1924-50) by a non-royal consort; died on 4 January 2009 equivalent to 8 Muharram 1430 (PB Sa.31.1.2009:5).

HASLAM, Rear-Admiral Sir David William (1923-2009)

Obituary, "ilydrographer of the Navy who gave his name to an underwater mountain off the Seychelles," DT W.9.9.2009:31.* RN 1941-85. Sounded the unexplored estuaries of Burma and Malaya, 1944, from the survey ship White Bear (formerly Sir Thomas Lipton's steam yacht, Iolanda) in preparation for the aborted Zipper landings; surveyed other routes in the South China Sea, 1946, to ensure that they were obstruction-free. Knighted (KBE), 1984.

See also LTO 18.8.2009 (accessed Th 4.2.2010:1628h GMT).

HUGGINS, Sir [cr 1980] Alan Armstrong (1921-2009)

Judicial Commissioner, Brunei, 1966-83, and Negara Brunei Darussalam, 1984-7 and since 1991 (POT 1996:945-6). President, NBD Appeal Court, 2001-2. Died on 10 December 2009, aged eighty-eight; survived by three children, Adrian, Roger, and Rosemary, and by their mother (his first wife), Catherine, Lady Huggins.

Service in St Michael and All Angels, Stokenham, Kingsbridge, Devon, Tuesday 29 December 2009:1300h GMT, forthcoming; donations to the church in Stokenham (DT Tu. 15.12.2009:30f # 10; online reference 66944).

Judge of Supreme Court, Hong Kong, 1965-76; Justice of Appeal, HK, 1976-80; Vice-President, Court of Appeal, HK, 1980-7 (WW 1997:969). Obituary, "Judge who prepared Hong Kong for the new complexities of Chinese law," DT Tu.9.2.2010:29.*

Born on 15 May 1921; educated at Radley and Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge; called to the bar, Lincoln's Inn, 1947; magistrate briefly in Uganda before transferring to Hong Kong in 1953 (DT Tu.9.2.2010:29*); retired to Devon..

A "man of traditional religious beliefs which could cause him to appear somewhat stern"; honorary life governor, British and Foreign Bible Society; President of YMCA; diocesan reader, Hong Kong and Macao (DT Tu.9.2.2010:29*).

Recreation: amateur dramatics.

Died on 10 December 2009; twice married; second wife died in 2007 (DT Tu.9.2.2010:29*).

Footnote: not "iliggins" (as used mistakenly elsewhere by the present writer).

JACKSON, Michael (1958-2009)

Michael Jackson, the US pop singer and dancer, who died on 25 June 2009, performed a few concerts in NBD in 1996, and was reportedly paid a vast sum for his trouble (LT Tu. 16.7.1996:5; BB W. 1.7.1996:1*; BB 8.1.1997:3; STM 28.6.2009:20-5**). After his death "RTB's English radio station has been airing famous songs of Michael all day long and is flooded with callers describing their shock upon hearing the news" (BBO Sa.27.6.2009).

JAYA bin Pengiran Haji Rajid, Yang Amat Mulia Pengiran Setia Raja [cr 1969] Pengiran Haji (d 2009)

An NBD nobleman of cheteria rank, Pengiran Setia Raja Jaya died aged eighty-three at RIPAS Hospital on 18 October 2009 equivalent to 29 Syawal 1430 (0545h local time). HM the Sultan and HRH the Crown Prince paid their respects later the same day at Kampung Sungai Tilong (PB 21.10.2009:24).

PSR Jaya was best-known as Commissioner of the Royal Brunei Police Force between 1975 and 1983, subsequently enjoying a second career as a diplomat.

Besides his cheteria title, bestowed on 18 March 1969, he was also awarded the DK (Dato Laila Utama), PHBS, QPM, CPM, PJK, Pingat Perjuangan [Campaign Medal], PKLP [Police Long Service Medal], Pingat Puspa [Coronation Medal], and Pingat Polls Diraja [Royal Police Medal]. He was a member of Majlis Mesyuarat Diraja [Privy Council] and the Majlis Mesyuarat Mengangkat Raja [Regency and Succession Council].

PSR Jaya was survived by his widow, eight children, more than thirty grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren (cicit). The corpse was interred at the Royal Burial Ground, Jalan Tutong (PB 21.10.2009:24).

JONES, Right Reverend Noel Debroy (1932-2009)

Anglican clergyman, born on Christmas Day 1932 (DT W.24.12.2003:20), died on 28 August 2009, Scarborough, cancer; survived by widow, ls ld. CB 1986 (WW 1999: 1880). Naval chaplain, 1962-89; General Service Medal (Brunei, 1962; Borneo, 1963); rose to become Chaplain of the Fleet (1984) and Archdeacon of the Royal Navy (no date); Honorary Chaplain to HM Queen Elizabeth II, 1983. Bishop of Sodor and Man, 1989-2003.

Educated at Haberdashers' West Monmouth School and St David's College, Lampeter; Wells Theological College; ordained, 1955; "traditional Anglo-Catholic" (DT F.11.9.2009:31**).

KIM DAE-JUNG, Dato Laila Utama [cr 2000] (d. 2009)

President of South Korea, 1998-2003; received an annual message of goodwill from HM Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, 15 August, marking Republic of Korea Liberation Day (PB 16.8.2000:1; PB 22.8.2002:12); greeted by His Majesty at the ASEM, London, April 1998 (PB 15.4.1998:9); held bilateral meetings with Sir Hassanal, Auckland, 12 September 1999 (PB 15.9.1999:16; PB 22.9.1999:12), Seoul, 21 October 2000 (PB 25.10.2000:16), and Shanghai, 22 October 2001 (PB 31.10.2001:4*; PBA 31.10.2001:1); State Visit to NBD, 13-14 November 2000 (PB 15.11.2000:5; PBA 22.11.2000:8-9; PBA 29.11.2000:7); appointed DK, carrying the style Dato Laila Utama, INI, 13 November 2000 (PB 15.11.2000:5).

Born on 6 January 1924 (according to DT W. 19.8.2009:27); died on 18 August 2009 (ibid). Convert to Roman Catholicism, 1950s. Nobel laureate for Peace, 2000 (BBC R4 News, F.13.10.2000:1300h BST). Hon GCMG 2001 (DT W.5.12.2001:28).

LANG MAN, Lieutenant-Commander Victor Michael (1921-2009)

Appointed Director of Civil Aviation, Brunei, 8 October 1975 (WKNB 8.11.1975:547; BAR 1975:365). "In 1975 he was seconded to manage the Sultan of Brunei's new airport, where the airport staff named a new fire engine after him. In 1983 he retired again" (DT W.20.1.2010:31).

Born on 16 August 1921, Boreham, Essex; died on 16 November 2009; survived by his widow, Betty Joy "Jane" Matthews (m. 1947), ls ld. Obituary, "Naval airman in the Western Desert who took part in a heroic withdrawal as Rommel's tanks rolled in," DT W.20.1.2010:31.*

Educated at Brighton College; volunteered for the Fleet Air Arm, joining HMS St Vincent as a naval airman, 2nd class, June 1940 (trained partly in Canada); later served with 815 naval air squadron (DSC 1943); emigrated to Canada after the war; RCN, 1948-66, serving on the carriers HMCS Magnificent and HMCS Bonaventure (awarded the Canadian Forces Decoration); returned to the UK and joined the Civil Aviation Authority (DT W.20.1.2010:31).

Footnote. According to Colledge and Warlow (2006:307) there was no ship with the name of HMS St Vincent in 1940; so it might have been, instead, a defense establishment.

HMS Magnificent (1944-65) was an aircraft carrier of 15,700 tons; 695 x 80 feet; 19-40mm; forty aircraft; launched by Harland & Wolff, 16 November 1944; lent to the RCN, 1948-57; arrived at Faslane on 12 July 1965 for break-up (Colledge and Warlow 2006:212).

HMCS Bonaventure (1956-71) began life as the prospective 14,000-ton HMS Powerful (1945), construction (by Harland & Wolff) being suspended after the war; the aircraft carrier appears to have been completed eventually as HMCS Bonaventure, acquired by the RCN on 17 January 1956; 16,000 tons (thirty-four aircraft, 8-3in, 7-40mm); broken up in Taiwan in 1971 (Colledge and Warlow 2006:275).

LAWRIE, Dr. Jean Eileen (1914-2009)

"Dr. Jean Eileen Lawrie CBE MB BS" (nee Grant) died peacefully at home in 2009 (precise date not given), aged almost ninety-five; wife (to Rex), mother, grandmother, great-grandmother; private cremation, followed by a memorial service to be arranged (DT Sa. 16.5.2009:32f#5; online reference 56113).

Note that "Dr. Jean Lawrie CBE MB BS" was General Physician to the Brunei Royal Ladies and Children, 1978-82; her husband, a retired physician of Guy's Hospital, was General Physician to Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah II.

We are definitely dealing with the same person here. Jean Eileen Lawrie, (nee Grant), was born on 7 June 1914 in Southern Rhodesia; died on 14 May 2009; survived by widower, Rex, 2s 2d (obituary, "Campaigner for the rights of female doctors," in The Times (London) online, 14 July 2009; accessed Sa.23.1.2010:1252h GMT).

LAWSON, John Nicholas (1932-2009)

Born on 25 October 1932, St Albans; died on 30 October 2009; staunch Anglican; survived by widow, Is 2d. Obituary, "Master craftsman who delivered glorious stained glasswork to British churches and Middle Eastern mosques," DT M.14.12.2009:29.** Extract: "In the early 1990s Lawson was invited by the Sultan of Brunei to design the glass dome for the Kiarong mosque in the capital, Bandar Seri Begawan, which was being built to commemorate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Sultan's reign."

"As always, Lawson made the original "cartoon,' or drawing [for the Kiarong Mosque commission], at the Goddard and Gibbs studio on Kingsland Road, in Shoreditch, East London. He worked from his own experience and research into Islamic culture and art, but consulted local experts and calligraphers to ensure that the design, including Arabic characters and lettering, met the criteria of Islamic experts" (obituary by Phil Davison, TGO Tu.8.12.2009, accessed Th.4.2.2010:1629h GMT).

LEUCHARS, Major-General Peter Raymond (1921-2009)

Chief of Staff to the Director of Operations in Borneo during the "Confrontation" with Indonesia (DT Th.10.9.2009:31**, full dates not given). CBE 1966. Born on 29 October 1921, London; died on 17 July 2009; survived by widow, Is. Educated at Bradfield College and Sandhurst. British Army 1941-76. Commissioned into Welsh Guards, 1941. MID (Italy 1945, Palestine 1946). Ended his career as GOC Wales. Chief Commander, St John's Ambulance, 1980-9. Colonel, Royal Welch [yes] Fusiliers, 1974-84. Captain, Sunningdale Golf Club, 1975 (DT Th.10.9.2009:31**; see also LTO 8.8.2009, accessed Th.4.2.2010:1636h GMT).

LOCHHEAD, Lieutenant-Colonel David Alexander Wallace (1920-2009)

Second-in-command, Queen's Own Highlanders, 1961; participated with the QOH in suppressing the Brunei rebellion, December 1962; previously participated as a company commander in Malaya during the Emergency and at GHQ Far East Land Forces; retired from the Army, 1963; British Red Cross Society, 1964-85, rising to become General Secretary (Scotland) by the time of his retirement.

Born on 1 October 1920, Ayr; died on 3 March 2009; survived by widow and three sons. MC 1944, OBE 1985, Red Cross Medal 1983 (DT Sa.11.4.2009:35*).

MAISNER, Air Vice-Marshal Aleksander (1921-2008)

Born on 26 July 1921, Hamburg; died on 21 December 2008; RAF (UK), 1946-77 (CBE 1969, CB 1977); as group captain, given the task of closing down RAF Seletar in Singapore, effected on 30 March 1971 (DT Th.29.1.2009:31*); Thanksgiving Service due to be held at Church of St Peter and St Paul, Shiplake, Friday 20 February 2009, to be followed by Committal of Ashes (DT F.6.2.2009:36).

He himself returned to the UK in 1969 (according to LTO 9.1.2009, accessed Sa.6.2.2010:1113h GMT).

MARTIN, Dr. Peter Wesley (1949-2009)

"Peter Martin, University of East London, unexpectedly died this past April [2009], as he turned sixty" (BRC, Annual Newsletter, September 2009:1). Prolific linguist, based at UBD 1985-98. A memorial to him by Peter Sercombe appears elsewhere in this issue.

MOLONY, Charles Patrick (1946-2009)

Teacher in UK (Bedford, Harrow), Brunei, PNG, Kazakhstan; traveled widely; lived in retirement at Kotor (Montenegro); born on 17 March 1946; died on 17 May 2009. Funeral due to take place at Kotor Town cemetery, 22 May 2009:1500h local time; donations to British Heart Foundation (DT Th.21.5.2009:32f #4ff).

MORRISON, A.R.G. (1915-2009)

Alastair Morrison (MA Cantab) was a member of the Sarawak Civil Service, 1947-67 (Naimah S. Talib 1999:183; Sarawak Association, List of Members, August 2006:11; settled in retirement in Australia: "At the end of 1953 I refused a temporary transfer to Brunei as Information Officer and was forthwith sent on leave" (BRB 1992:5).

Husband of Hedda Marie Morrison, photographer (d. 1991), whose works included "Brunei and the Seria Oilfields" (New Commonwealth, April 1951). A memorial appears in this issue.

MOHAMMAD ibni Al-Marhum Pengiran Bendahara Pengiran Anak Abdul Rahman, Yang Amat Mulia Pengiran Lela Negara [cr 1979] Pengiran Haji (d. 2009)

NBD nobleman and member of the extended royal family (uncle to both HM Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah and HM Raja Isteri Saleha); died in mid-September 2009, aged eighty-one; survived by widow (Pengiran Datin Aisah binti Pengiran Perdana Cheteria PH Damit), fourteen children, fifty-two grandchildren, and eight cicit (great-grandchildren); funeral (19 September) attended by HM the Sultan (PB 23.9.2009:24).

Created YAM Pengiran Lela Negara on 19 April 1979; also awarded the DSLJ SMB PHBS and PKL. Member of the Adat Istiadat (State Custom) Council. Supervisor, Special Grade (Pengawas Tingkat Khas), PWD, Ministry of Development (PB 23.9.2009:24).

Exact date of birth not given (if "eighty-one" is correct, it must have been either in 1928 or some time between mid-September and the end of 1927).

PHBS (First Class) 1970 (WKNB 26.12.1970:320); member of Sultan Omar All Saifuddin III's entourage during the haj of 1951.

Mentioned (Abdul Aziz Juned 1990:6; PB I. 11.2006:7*).

Majlis Membuka Naubat (PB R. 14.10.2009:2).

Genealogy (1)

Sultan Hashim (d 1906)

PM Omar Ali Saifuddin (d 1905) Pengiran Metussin

PB PAAbdul Rahman (d. 1943) PPC [cr 1972] PH Damit

YAM PLN Mohammad (d. 2009) = Pengiran Datin Aisah (still alive)

14 children

52 grandchildren

8 great-grandchildren

It should be noted that, within the convoluted Brunei/NBD royal genealogy, Pengiran Bendahara PA Abdul Rahman (mentioned above, d. 1943) was the father of the second and third wives of Sultan Omar All Saifuddin III (r 1950-67); he was therefore the maternal grandfather of HM Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah; and so YAM PLN Mohammad would have been an uncle of His Majesty. By a further twist the Pengiran Bendahara mentioned was also the paternal grandfather of Her Majesty Raja Isteri PA Hajjah Saleha; therefore YAM PLN Mohammad would have been Her Majesty's uncle as well.

Genealogy (2)

Sultan Hashim (d. 1906)

PM Omar Ali Saifuddin (d. 1905)

PB PA Abdul Rahman (d. 1943) [father of YAM PLN Mohammad, d. 2009]

Raja Isteri PA Damit (d. 1979) = (1941) HH Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin III (r 1950-67)

(later HM Sultan) Hassanal Bolkiah (b. 1946; r 1967-) = (1965) PA (later HM) Saleha (h. 7.10.1946)

HRH Crown Prince Al-Muhtadee Billah (b. 1974) = YTM PS PAI PA Sarah (b 1987)

YTM PM 'Abdul Muntaqim (b. 2007)

Genealogy (3)

Pengiran Bendahara PA Abdul Rahman (d 1943)

Pengiran Pemancha Muhammad Alam (1918-1982)

HM Saleha = (1965) (later HM Sultan) Hassanal Bolkiah

as in genealogy (2)

MUHAMMAD BEY MUNTASSIR bin Pengiran Indera Mahkota Pengiran Anak (Dr) Kemaluddin Al-Haj, Yang Amat Mulia Pengiran Sura Negara [cr 1981] Pengiran Anak Haji (1956-2009)

NBD nobleman of cheteria rank; brother-in-law (adik ipar) to HM Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah; returned to the mercy of Allah on 25 November 2009 equivalent to 8 Zulhijah 1430, aged fifty-three (PB 19.12.2009:4).

Born in 1956, Jalan Stoney, Kampung Sumbiling Lama; educated at SMJA Malay School and SOAS College (PB 19.12.2009:4). Married YTM PSPAP Hajjah Amal Jefriah, 4 October 1980 or 24 Zulkaidah 1400; two sons and two daughters (dua orang putera dari empat orang cahayamata).

Granted the cheteria title, YAM Pengiran Sura Negara, 21 March 1981. DK (carrying the style Dato Laila Utama), 1985; Silver Jubilee Medal (Pingat Peringatan Jubli Perak), Selangor, 1987 (PB 19.12.2009:4). Member of the Privy Council (e.g. TD 97:190b).

Connected with a computer company (PB 28.12.1988:xi, referring to 27.10.1988). Director, ITS Sendirian Berhad (PB 19.4.2000:3).

His father (b. 1932) is among other things Speaker of the Legislative Council since its revival and father-in-law to HRH Princess Rashidah; which would mean that PSN Muhammad Bey Muntassir was brother-in-law, not just to HM the Sultan, but also to His Majesty's daughter (Princess Rashidah).

Funeral attended by HM the Sultan and other members of the royal family, including HRH Prince Jefri Bolkiah, 26 November 2009 (see the report by Dayangku Hajjah Fatimah binti Pengiran Haji Md Noor, "Brunei Darussalam kehilangan seorang pembesar negara," in Pelita Brunei, 28 November 2009:12-13**). Interred at the Royal Burial Ground.

Alternative usage: Kamaluddin.

Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin II (d. 1852)

Pengiran Pemancha PA Muhd Salleh I (d. 1876)

Pengiran Tua Omar All

Pengiran Bendahara PAH Md Yassin (d. 1951) = Pengiran Isteri Hajjah Nor Alam (d. 1958)

YAM PIM PAH Kamaluddin (b. 1932) = YAM PA DPHS Rafeah (granddaughter of SMJA II)

YAM PAH Abdul Rahim = YTM PSPAP Hajjah Rashidah Sa'adatul Bolkiah (b. 1969)

YAM PSN PAH Md Bey Muntassir = HRH Princess Areal Jefriah

YAM PA Raheemah Sanaul Bolkiah (b. 28.12.1997) and others

MD YASSIN bin Sulaiman (d. 2009)

Iban convert to Islam "recently"; resident at Kampong Terawan Labi; died aged thirty-eight by (it was believed) drowning in the Beluhur River in Belait District; corpse discovered on 10 February 2009 (BBO W.11.2.2009).

NOORDIN bin Dato Ratna Haji Md Jaafar, Haji Awang

Deceased in NBD nit November 2009; cf. application for probate by his son, Awang Kharin bin A. Noordin (ref. LA/230/2009 in PBI 25.11.2009:23cd); himself the son of a Dato Ratna, the title held by one of the menteri darat (land chiefs) in Brunei-Muara District (Brown 1970:205).

Alternative usage: Dato': Ja'afar.


Orang Kava Shamsu


Dato Ratna Haji Mohamed Ja'afar

Haji Awing Noordin

Awang Kharin

Haji Awang Noordin applied for probate in respect of his grandfather, Jamaluddin bin OK Shamsu, in late 1997 (PBA 7.1.1998:12c #1).

PASKIN: Alice Marjorie "Eve," Lady (d. 2009)

MBE (no date); died peacefully at her home on Friday 24 April 2009 (age not given); funeral due to be held at St Giles Church, Great Wishford (about five miles northwest of Salisbury and three NNE of Wilton), Friday 15 May 2009: noon; enquiries to Chris White, 12 South Street, Wilton SP2 0JS; 01722 744691 (DT F.1.5.2009: 36g #4).

Widow of Sir John Paskin KCMG MC (1892-1972), Assistant UnderSecretary of State, CO, 1948-54.

PAYNE, Martin John Nicholas (1943-2009)

"One of his earliest guises was as a young doctor. He had been recruited to recommend the benefits of spurious pills to the natives of Borneo. (Payne had no medical training)."

Obituary, "Adventurer who travelled the world dressed as a Thai paratrooper, sampling both glamour and the gutter" (DT Sa.7.2.2009:33**).

POWER, Yang Arif Sir [cr 1999] Noel Plunkelt (1929-2009)

President of the Court of Appeal, NBD, from 28 April 2007 until his death at Jerudong Park Medical Centre on 19 November 2009, aged seventy-nine; sworn-in at the Istana Nurul Iman (INI) in the presence of HRH Crown Prince Al-Muhtadee Billah (on this occasion Deputy Sultan), 28 April 2007 (PB 2.5.2007:16**).

Reportedly a Visiting Judge to Brunei/NBD, for twenty-nine years (, 21.11.2009, accessed Th.4.2.2010:1652h GMT).

Commissioner of the Supreme Court, NBD; took the oath of office, INI, 18 March 1985 (BDS 1985-6); sworn in again as a Commissioner of the High Court, NBD, in the presence of HIM the Sultan, INI, 15 May 1989 (BDS 1989:156).

Born in Brisbane, 4 December 1929; m, 2s 1d; educated at the University of Queensland; Called to the Bar, Supreme Court of Queensland and High Court of Australia, 1955. Magistrate, Hong Kong, 1965-76; President, Lands Tribunal, HK, 1976-9; a Judge of the Supreme Court, HK, 1979-87; a Judge of Appeal, HK, since 1993 (WW 1995:1546). Knighted in 1999 (DT Sa. 12.6.1999:13d).

Served for thirty-four years with the Hong Kong judiciary, "ending as the last colonial assistant chief justice, responsible for handover to the mainland Chinese government in 1997." Chinese Gold Bauhinia Star, 1997 (DT W.30.12.2009:35).

Took two years out of legal studies in Brisbane to act with Laurence Olivier in London, and also in Ireland (DT W.30.12.2009:35).

Oenophile.:Chairman of the Asia Pacific zone for the Wine and Food Society, he was once asked if he enjoyed a vintage by his Croatian in-laws. They had crushed the grapes with their own feet (DT W.30.12.2009:35).

RIVETT-CARNAC, Sir Miles James (1933-2009)

RN 1950-70 (according to DT W.7.10.2009:37*), among other things as commander of HMS Woolaston. "In 1965 Woolaston was on patrol off Borneo during the Confrontation with Indonesia when she encountered a sampan that had been booby-trapped with a mine; it exploded, killing one man and wounding eight, and putting the minesweeper out of action for six weeks. Rivett-Carnac was mentioned in despatches" (DT W.7.10.2009: 37*; incomprehensible in original source). The obituary in The Times elucidates matters: "In 1963 he joined his first command, the minesweeper Woolaston based at Singapore, and took part in the confrontation with Indonesia in support of the fledgling state of Malaysia. When boarding a sampan after an exchange of fire which had killed the insurgents, a booby trap killed a midshipman and badly damaged the Woolaston, also blowing a number of sailors overboard who were swiftly recovered. Rivett-Carnac was mentioned in despatches for Woolaston's contribution to the campaign" (LTO 13.10.2009, accessed Sa.6.2.2010:1122h GMT).

Promoted Commander (the youngest in the Royal Navy at the time), date not given; retired from the RN in 1968 (according to LTO 13.10.2009).

Born on 7 February 1933; died on 15 September 2009. Ninth Baronet (cr 1836); second son of Vice-Admiral Sir James Rivett-Carnac, seventh Bt; succeeded brother (eighth Bt), 2004; succeeded by his son, Jonathan (b 1962), now the tenth Bt (DT W.7.10.2009:37*).

Autobiography: From Ship to Shore (1998) (cited in DT W.7.10.2009:37).

HMS Woolaston (1958-69), coastal minesweeper, "Ton" class. Built by Herd & McKenzie and launched on 6 March 1958. Re-named HMS Thames, 1969-75. Sold on 14 November 1980 and broken up at Sittingbourne (Colledge and Warlow 2006:390; see also pp 348-9). "Ton" class minesweepers (116 produced between 1953 and 1958 for the RN and other navies), displaced 360 tons, measured 153 x 28.8 ft, and were equipped with one 40 mm gun (ibid., p xv).

ROH MOO-HYUN (1946-2009)

President of South Korea, 2003-8; addressed an annual message of goodwill to HM Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, 23 February, marking NBD's National Day (eg BBO Th.23.2.2006:h4.htm); died at Kimhae, 23 May 2009; book of condolence opened at the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, BSB, 26-28 May 2009 (BBO W.27.5.2009).

SAYER, Guy Mowbray (1924-2009)

"Chief Manager" (equivalent nowadays to "Chairman"), HSBC, 1972-7; spent part of his career in Jesselton; CBE 1978 (DT Th. 14.5.2009:31*).

SHAKESPEAR, Lieutenant Colonel Henry Gordon Wyndham (1920-2009)

Lieutenant-Colonel HGW Shakespear MC, of the 1st Btn, 2nd King Edward VII's Own Goorkha Rifles (Sirmoor Rifles) was awarded the Seri Mahkota Brunei Order, third class, in 1963 (BGG 21.12.1963:292); commanded the 1/2nd Goorkha Rifles during the suppression of the Brunei Revolt, December 1962 (described in detail in James and Sheil-Small 1971:7-14), for which he was mentioned in dispatches.
   MC 1944, whilst serving with his regiment in Italy; then ranking as
   "Major" (DT W. 13.5.2009:33).

Educated at Malvern and Sandhurst; followed his grandfather and father into the 2nd Goorkhas, 1940-72; served during WW2 at Debra Dun, North Africa, Italy, Greece, and again in India. Subsequently posted to Singapore, Malaya, Hong Kong, Catterick, Chatham, Malaya again, Brunei (1962), Portugal, and Nepal. Excellent golfer; once (no date) RU in the Army's golf championship (DT W. 13.5.2009:33*).

Died suddenly on Easter Monday (13 April) 2009; Service due to be held at Mattingley Church, Hampshire, at noon on Tuesday 21 April 2009 (DT F. 17.4.2009:28g #1; online reference 54489). Mattingley is about seven miles NE of Basingstoke, nine NW of Aldershot, and nine South of Reading.
   Survived by widow (m. 1948), Jean (nee Bernard); ls 2d (DT W.
   13.5.2009:33) and grandchildren.

SHUKERY Hashim (d. 2009)

Malaysian actor (films, television drama) who visited NBD on location in pursuit of his profession; represented as a person of humility and self-effacement. Began his acting career in 1984; his last stay in the sultanate came in 2000, when he was appearing in an RTB/RTM television drama Mentari di Ufuk Timur; photographed at that time around the Jame' 'Asr Hassanil Bolkiah. Died, reportedly of pancreatic cancer, 10 June 2009 at the UKM Hospital, Cheras; age not given (BBO W.24.6.2009*).

VENKATARAMAN, President Ramaswamy (1910-2009)

Born on 4 December 1910 (; died on 27 January 2009, leaving a widow and three daughters; eighth President of India, 1987-92; accepted the letters of appointment of YAM PDNLD Abdul Momin bin PH Ismail (d 2008) as non-resident High Commissioner of NBD to India, 24 November 1990 (PB 12.12.1990:4; see also BRB 2008:35-6).

A lawyer who was detained for two years during the Quit India Movement era, he defended Indian nationals charged with collaboration during the masa Jepun in Malaya and Singapore (DT W.29.1.2009: 31).

WILSON, Captain Roi Edgerton (1921-2009)

From 1966 until 1968 "Tug" Wilson was commander (air) in the carrier HMS Albion, "which was involved in the withdrawal from Aden and the Confrontation to prevent the Indonesian takeover of Borneo." CBE 1974. Obituary, "Aviator who led a charmed life as he pioneered the role of helicopters in search-and-rescue and in combat," DT W.22.4.2009:25.**

See also: Rear-Admiral J.H. Adams (1918-2008) in BRB 2008:37.

WOOD, Colonel David James (1923-2009)

MBE (c. 1966), Legion d'honneur 2004. "In 1961 he was appointed second-in-command of the 1st Green Jackets in Penang and subsequently on operations during the insurgency in Brunei. He was mentioned in despatches" (DT Tu.28.4.2009:27**).

In 1944 he had commanded one of the glider-borne platoons which crash-landed in Normandy in the opening minutes of D-Day; granted a regular commission after the war; retired in 1977; settled in Devon; survived by widow; no children (DT Tu.28.4.2009:27).

WYATT-SMITH, Peggy (d. 2009)

Died on Monday 7 September 2009, aged ninety-five; widow of John. Tapper Funeral Service, 01202 69449 (DT W.9.9.2009:30h #last; online reference 61697).

John Wyatt-Smith CBE (1917-2002). Malayan Forest Service, 1939-63 (except for a spell in Nigeria during the Second World War). As Forest Botanist, Kepong, he visited Brunei for a month in 1954 (Ashton 1964: v). Died on 30 October 2002; husband of Peggy; father of two daughters] and grandfather (DT W.6.11.2002:28h #last). Born in China, 29 January 1917; educated at Brighton College and Wadham College, Oxford, after early schooling in Switzerland; evaded the Japanese in 1942 by escaping to West Africa by way of Sumatra and South Africa; manager, FAO Forestry Project, Nigeria, 1963-8; forestry adviser, Overseas Development Administration, UK, 1968-77; post-retirement work as UN consultant to the Forest Research Institute of the Philippines, followed by a two-year forestry assignment for the British ODA in Nepal; CBE 1981; Bernard Edward Fernow Award, 1981 (for outstanding achievements in international forestry) (printout of LT 12.11.2002, seen by courtesy of Alan Lamb Esq, son-in-law of Mr. Wyatt-Smith; acknowledgements also to Howard Chadwick Funeral Service for forwarding to Mr. Lamb my original letter of enquiry).

YOUNG, Captain Brian Gilmore (1930-2009)

DSO. Born on 25 September 1930, Kent; died on Christmas Eve 2009; survived by widow, Sheila Young (m 1958). Obituary, "Naval 'top gun' who recaptured South Georgia from the Argentines without his troops having to fire a shot," DT W. 13.1.2010:37.**

Also served in 892 squadron in HMS Centaur during the Confrontation in Borneo. Entered RN 1944.

HMS Centaur (1947-1972), aircraft carrier, 22,000 tons; fifty aircraft; 2040mm; Harland & Wolff, 22 April 1947; sold 19 July 1972, arr. Cairnryan 6 September 1972 (Colledge and Warlow 2006:63; key to "arr" not given).

ZAINUDIN bin Haji Jaffar, Dr. Haji (d. 2009)

Dr. Haji Zainudin Haji Jaffar of the Faculty of Business, Economics and Policy Studies at UBD was reported to have died on 25 October 2009, aged forty-eight (Borneo Bulletin online).

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AVM Horton

Wednesday 24 February 2010
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