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Negara Brunei Darussalam: obituary 2010-2011.

1. Introduction

The paper for 2010 was held over; so the format this time varies slightly from the usual pattern. An introduction to the obituaries for 2010 (part two) is followed by an update for 2011 (part three). The final section (No 4) comprises more detailed biographies in alphabetical order for both years combined. The cut-off-date is the end of November 2011.

2. Obituary 2010

Although this year's sample does not include any member of the NBD royal family, HM Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah grieved nevertheless for HM Sultan Mahmud Iskandar of Johor, who was summoned to the mercy of Allah on 22 January 2010 or 6 Safar 1431.

The most prominent domestic departure during the year was probably that of YB Pehin Abidin bin OKP Abdul Rashid, Deputy Minister of Home Affairs from 1986 until 2002, and thereafter a Member of the Privy Council. Among civil servants, attention might be drawn here to Dato Paduka Sunny bin Ahmat. District administration is represented by Orang Kaya Paduka Setia Diraja Abu Hanifah, an important penghulu in the Belait basin.

The nobility lost YAM Pengiran Seri Indera Pengiran DP Haji Ismail bin PH Mohammad, one of the "small ceteria."

The case of YD Pehin Hong Kok Tin is a curiosity. Deceased for many years, it appears that his estate has still not been settled. One businessman to die actually in 2010 was John Heaney.

The world of entertainment mourned "Liau Badar" (Haji Rais bin Banih).

The roads continue to exact their heavy annual toll in Negara Brunei Darussalam, although the number of fatalities during 2010 (twenty-six) was actually lower than it has been for several years. A further thirty-nine persons would die before the end of November 2011. (1)

Notable personages from the colonial era were Michael Ireland Blackburne, who actually died in January 2011, and Dr. Michael Alexander Rozalla.

As usual, military personnel from the Confrontation era and from the British military structure in Southeast Asia are well represented (see under Bitmead, Evelegh, Gouriet, Hedgeland, Magan, and Moore). Most noteworthy of all in this connection, however, is Brigadier Dato D.M. Fletcher, OC Brunei Malay Regiment 1964-6 (renamed the Royal Brunei Malay Regiment in 1965). The current commander of the Angkatan Melayu Diraja Brunei, as it is now known, is a son of the Pehin Abidin mentioned above.

Writers/journalists include, among others, Winston Churchill (grandson of the wartime prime minister), Lady Healey (distinguished biographer of Angela, Baroness Burdett-Coutts), and Peter Calvocoressi. Elizabeth Scanlon lived in Brunei in 1950-1 and elsewhere in Borneo for much longer.

Some persons are of interest because of their family connections. Pride of place here belongs, perhaps, to Lady Milverton (105), whose husband, Mr. A.F. Richards (subsequently raised to the peerage) was Governor of North Borneo fully eighty years ago. Dr. Dione Clementi was the daughter of the former High Commissioner for Brunei contemporary (as such) with Mr. Richards. Pengiran Haji Patra was the son of a Pengiran Anak while the father of Haji Majid was a POK Maharaja Diraja. Several others fall into this category.

3. Obituary 2011

Several giants took their leave during 2011.

The NBD royal family lost the widow of the Seri Begawan Sultan (YAM Pengiran Bini PA Salhah) and PA Haji Abdul Rahman, as well as (from further afield) DYMM Tengku Ampuan Bariah of Terengganu (originally from Selangor), a cousin of YTM PSPAP Hajjah Norihsani. (2) Dr. Reginald Seymour Lawrie, a former General Physician to HM Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, died at the age of ninety-three on 15 January 2011. Brigadier (Retd) Sawai Bhawani Singh (1931-2011), High Commissioner of lndia to NBD, between 1993 and 1997, had been Maharaja of Jaipur prior to the abolition of such titles in 1972. YAM Pengiran Lela Utama Mohd Said bin Pengiran Ahmad (1921-2011), a nobleman of ceteria rank, died at home on 26 August 2011.

The world of scholarship mourned the departure of Professor Alien R. Maxwell and (in late 2010) of Professor PL Muhammad Amin Sweeney; NBD journalism suffered the grievous blow of the death of its probable doyen, Mr. Ignatius Stephen; while the field of government and administration witnessed the demise of Pehin Zakaria Sulaiman (a former Minister of Communications) and, from an earlier era, Ian Guy Faraker (Master Mariner). Pengiran Kamaluddin was a prominent policeman, albeit not quite as distinguished as his father (a former Commissioner of the Royal Brunei Police Force). The Chinese business community was coming to come to terms with the death of Dato Paduka Lim Seng Kok.

The acting profession was hit again, this time with the final bow of Kudii Sukur, a Kedayan actor, who succumbed at the aged of only fifty-four. Malay literature grieved for Rosli Abidin Yahya, who was even younger.

Senior Sarawak figures with Brunei/NBD connections who breathed their last during 2011 included A.W.D. Brooke (1912-2011) [see Memorial in this issue], sometime Rajah Mudah.

There was the usual crop of military personnel who had served in the sultanate or in the wider region, particularly during the Confrontation era.

4. Obituaries 2010-2011

ABDUL RAHIM bin Abdullah Tan (d. 2009) @ Tan Tong Hock

The "death in custody" trial was still proceeding as of January 2011. (3) The four police defendants in the lawsuit were eventually acquitted on 14 May 2011. (4)

ABDUL RAHMAN ibni Al-Marhum Duli Pengiran Bendahara Pengiran Muda Haji Hashim, [(5)] Pengiran Anak Haji (d. 2011)

Returned to the mercy of Allah, aged sixty-five on 26 September 2011 or 27 Syawal 1432, RIPAS Hospital; survived by widow, five children and eleven grandchildren (PB Is. 10.10.2011:7, istiadat membuka naubat).

HM the Sultan and HRH the Perdana Wazir paid their respects to the deceased on the same day at Kampung Sungai Tilong, BSB (PB R.28.9.2011:3**).

Created YAM Pengiran Maharaja Adinda Sahibul Fikri, 23 July 1968; revoked on 16 December 1968. (6)


Sultan Hashim (d. 1906)

PM Omar Ali Saifuddin (d. 1905)

Dull Pengiran Bendahara Abdul Rahman (d. 1943) (7)

Duli Pengiran Bendahara PM Haji Hashim (1907-1998) [brother of YAM Salhah, d. 2011, qv]

PA Haji Abdul Rahman (d. 2011 aged 65) five children, eleven grandchildren.

ABIDIN bin Orang Kaya Periwara Abdul Rashid, Yang Berhormat Pehin Orang Kaya Saiful Mulok [cr 2004] Dato Seri Paduka [cr 1999] Awang Haji (1939-2010) More than forty-five years of government service in Brunei/NBD, 1957-2002. Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, NBD, from 21 October 1986 until his retirement on 9 August 2002 (PB 11.9.2002:7*); during that time he was regularly acting Minister of Home Affairs; Member of the Privy Council, 5 September 2002 until death (GBOW ON Th.5.9.2002; PB R.24.11.2010:24**); formal retirement presentation held on 30 August 2002 at the Fire Service Department in Berakas (PB 11.9.2002:7*); succeeded in office, 2002-5, by DP AH (later YD/YB POK Johan Pahlawan) Adanan bin BPSK DSS HA Mohd Yusof.

Created YD POK Saiful Mulok, 10 April 2004; previously styled "DSP AH" (BBSO 11.4.2004:h 1.htm). SPMB (carrying the style Dato Seri Paduka), 15 July 1999; previously styled Dato Paduka (PB 28.7.1999:12).

Died at RIPAS Hospital on Monday 22 November 2010, aged seventy-one (PB R.24.11.2010:24"*); but "aged sixty-four" as at April 2004 (according to BBO W.7.4.2004:h28.htm) which, taken in conjunction with his age at death, would indicate a date of birth sometime between 8 April and 23 November 1939.

Funeral attended by HM the Sultan, HRH the Crown Prince, HRH the Perdana Wazir, and YB the Government Mufti (PB R.24.11.2010:24**).

Residence: Jalan Pasir Berakas, Kampong Lambak (BBO W.7.4.2004:h28.htm). Kampung Lambak A (PB R.24.11.2010:24**).

SPMB 1999, DPMB 1979, SMB 1970; POAS 1967, PJK 1987, PKL 1980, Pingat Puspa 1968, Pingat Jubli Perak 1992 (PB R.24.11.2010:24**).

Father of the current (31 December 2009-) Commander of the Royal Brunei Armed Forces (Mejar Jeneral Haji Aminuddin Ihsan).

Educated in Seria, 1953-6 (according to BBO F.4.4.2003:h12.htm). Joined government service on 6 April 1957 (PB 11.9.2002:7); originally a Field Officer (Pegawai Luar) and then an administrator in the Department of Information. Administrative Officer, Department of Justice and at the Land Department, 1958 to November 1960 (PB 11.9.2002:7).

In 1963-72 he served successively in the Belait District Department, the Temburong District Department, and as an AO (Administrative Officer) in the State Secretary's Department (PB 11.9.2002:7).

Acting DO Temburong, 8 November 1961 until 4 April 1962 (BGG 25.11.1961:224; BGG 12.5.1962:88, then styled "Inche Abidin bin Abdul Rashid"); again, nd until 10 September 1962, when he departed to undertake a training course in Canada (BGG 29.9.1962:156); a fortunate twist of fate (for him) because the subsequent DO Temburong, Pengiran Besar bin Pengiran Kula (PANB posthumous), was killed during the "Brunei Disturbances" of December 1962 (BGG 5.1.1963:2; BB 9.2.1963; BGG 12.10.1963:237; BB 11.4.1964).

Financial Secretary, Coronation Administrative Committee, 1968 (BB 3.8.1968:28).

Served in the Land Transport Department, 1972-9; Controller of Immigration and National Registration, 1979-86 (PB 11.9.2002:7).

"Awang Abidin bin Abdul Rashid": 'new acting Controller of Land Transport' (BB 27.1.1973:10a #1).

"Awang Abidin bin Abdul Rashid" was awarded the POAS (Second Class) in 1967 (BGG 9.9.1967:190) and the SMB in 1970 (BGG 26.12.1970:319).

Spouse: Datin Hajjah Fatimah binti Dato Abang Haji Razali: joint Vice President, Persatuan Siswazah Wanita (Women Graduates' Association of NBD) (BBO Tu.2.11.2004); President, Women's Council of NBD (PB 10.5.2006:15"; PB 15.11.2006:9'*; PB 22.11.2006:12). [Oato Seri Setia [cr 1990] Abang Haji Razali bin Abang Haji Zainuddin was a Muslim magistrate (kathi) in Belait District (1950s) and Brunei-Muara (1960s); SMB 1966 (BGG 5.11.1966:260); DSSUB 1990 (PB 18.7.1990:13)].

Offspring include: Dr. AH Affendy bin DSP AH Abidin; Pemangku LK Aminuddin lhsan bin DSP Abidin (subsequently Major-General and, since 31 December 2009, no less than the Commander of the Royal Brunei Armed Forces; "aged forty-three" as at PB Sa.2.1.2010:24); DH Faaizah binti DSP Haji Abidin. Siblings include: AH Badaruddin bin OKP Haji Abdul Rashid; DH Rashidah binti OKP Abdul Rashid.

Footnote: "Abdul Rashid" was a headman in Tutong District, 1928 reference (CO 717/59/52345); and "Abdulrasid bin Orang Kaya Yussoff of Danau" was appointed OK Peri Wara, 9 April 1951 (BGG 16.7.1951).

Simplified genealogy

OK Yusoff Abang Haji Zainuddin

OK Periwara [cr. 1951] Abdul Rashid Dato Seri Setia [cr. 1990] Abang Haji Razali

YB POK Saiful Mulok DSP Haji Awang Abidin (1939-2010) = Datin Hajjah Fatimah

Abdullah Lim

Mejar Jeneral Aminuddin Ihsan = Datin Hajjah Nurhayana Janis

ABU HANIFAH bin Orang Kaya Paduka Setia Diraja Abang Haji Bujang, Orang Kaya Paduka Setia Diraja [cr. 1996] Abang Haji

Deceased in NBD nlt [not later than] 2009; cf application for probate by his son, Awang Hepnie bin Abang Abu Hanifah; reference LA/203/2009 in PB Sa.2.1.2010:19c #1.

Installed as OK Paduka Setia Diraja, 30 May 1996; previously styled 'Abang Haji' (PB 5.6.1996:16). P1KB 1990 (PB 12.9.1990:10f). SNB, 15 July 2005 (BBO Sa. 16.7.2005:h9.htm).

Penghulu of Kuala Belait mukim (PB 22.4.1992:13).

Headman (ketua kampung) of Pekan Belait (PB 20.3.1996:14; PBA 1.1.1997:6; TD 97:102c). Note that 29 June 1998 was the closing date for applications for a vacancy in the post of headman of Pekan Belait, Kuala Belait mukim (PBA 6.5.1998:14a).

Chairman, Kuala Belait Consultative Council (PB 29.4.1998:15).

Anugerah Bakti Hijrah 1424 (PB 3.5.2003:16; PB 12.3.2003:3, 9"*, 10).

Commenced government service as a trainee teacher in 1937 (according to PB 12.3.2003:10); indeed, he was reportedly 'the first teacher to serve in a government primary school in Belait District', guru pertama berkhidmat di sekolah rendah kerajaan di daerah ini [Belait]' (PBA 25.10.2000:9).

A founder of the Persatuan lkhwanul Muslimin (Muslim Brotherhood) (8) in Belait District; allowed his own house to be used for teaching dikir and hadrah; involved in community and welfare work; also served as a headman and penghulu in Belait District (PB 12.3.2003:10). President, Persatuan Ikhwanul Muslimin (PBA 4.9.2002:5).

Offspring include: Awang Hepnie bin OKPSD Abang Haji Abu Hanifah (Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Development, I July 2006); DH Kartini binti OKPSD Abu Hanifah (Deputy Head, Women's National Executive Committee, National Development Party; sometime Deputy Principal, PAP Rashidah Secondary School, Lumut; active in the Women's Welfare Association and the Girl Guides; alternative usage 'Kertini'); Abang Haji Kifrawi bin OKPSD Abang Haft Abu Hanifah PIKB (Assistant Director of the Anti-Corruption Bureau).

AWANG bin Dollah, Haji

Deceased in NBD nlt (9) April 2010; cf application for probate by his son, Haji Zaidin bin Haji Awang, reference LA/78/2010, in PB R. 12.5.2010:22c #3. Please note that one "Awg Awang bin Dollah" was appointed BEM (BGG 25.6.1960:114) and PaNB (BGG 12.10.1963:237).

BARIAH ibni AImarhum Sultan Hishamuddin Alam Shah Al-Haj, DYMM Tengku Ampuau (1933-2011)

Malaysian royalty (daughter of a Sultan of Selangor) who died at Klang on 21 March 2011 (0122h local time). (10) As far as the Brunei/NBD connection is concerned, she was a niece of Tengku Ampuan Rohani (spouse of Sultan Sir Abroad Tajuddin of Brunei, died 1950), and therefore a cousin ofYTM PSPAP Hajjah Norihsani (b. 1935).

Daughter of Sultan Hisamuddin Alam Shah (d. 1960), who reigned in Selangor between 1938 and 1960 (deposed for the duration of the Japanese occupation) and became the second Yang Di-Pertuan Agong of Malaya from April 1960 until his death in September of that year.

Consort of DYMM Sultan Mahmud Al-Muktafi Billah Shah, the Sultan of Terengganu Darul Iman; four sons, three daughters; visitor to BSB for HM Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah's Silver Jubilee celebrations, 5 October 1992 (PB 7.10.1992:15; Kasuya I:xix). Sultan Mahmud DKT DK DMN SSMT SPMT (1930-1998) reigned from September 1979 until mid-1998; he married Tengku Bariah in 1951.

Mother of the current Yang Di-Pertuan Agong of Malaysia. (11)

Alternative usage: "Hisamuddin."

Genealogy (1)

Sulaiman (Sultan of Selangor, 1898-1938)

Sultan Hisamuddin (Selangor, r 1938-60), brother ofTengku Rohani

Tengku Am puan Bariah (I 933-2011) = Sultan Mahmud of Terengganu (1930-98)

Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin of Terengganu (b. 1962)

Genealogy (2)

Sultan Abdul Samad of Selangor (r 1857-98)

Raja Muda Musa (d. 1884)

Sulaiman Shah, HH Sultan Sir Ala'idin (r. 1898-t938)

Tengku Rohani = (1934) Sultan Ahmad Tajuddin of Brunei (d. 1950), brother of SOAS 3 (1914-86)

YTM PSPAP Hajjah Norihsani (b. 1935) HM Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah (b. 1946)

BITMEAD, Captain Jaek (1919-2010)

"Jack" was his actual name, not a diminutive. Obituary, "Naval officer who won a DSO for escorting Arctic convoys but could not save the shipment of 'Stalin's gold' [not salvaged until the 1980s]" (DT M.31.1.2011:29'). Extract: "His last seagoing command was the destroyer Duchess, based in Singapore, during the Indonesian Confrontation until 1965 [sic; cf just below], when she was lent to Australia as a replacement for Voyager, which had been sunk in a collision."

Born on 28 January 1919; educated at the Nautical College in Pangbourne; RN 1939-67 (DSO 1942; Krzyz Walecznych, i.e. the Polish "Cross of Valour"; captain, 1958); died on 21 December 2010. His wife pre-deceased him in 1995.

BROOKE, Anthony Walter Dayrell (1912-2011)

Sarawak Civil Service, 1934-45; visitor to Brunei, 1937. Leader of the Anti-Cession Movement, 1946-51. Writings include The Facts about Sarawak (1946); Has Britain a Guilty Conscience about Sarawak? (1947); and "Foreword" in Reece 1982:vii-viii. A memorial by Professor R.H.W. Reece appears in this issue.

BURNETT, Air Chief Marshal Sir Brian Kenyon (1913-2011)

CB 1961, KCB 1965, GCB 1970; Grand Officer, Order of the White Rose (Finland) 1969.

RAF officer and Wimbledon official (lawn tennis and croquet); born on 10 March 1913, Hyderabad; died on 16 September 2011.

Commander-in-Chief Far East, May 1970: "Based in Singapore for this tri-Service appointment, Burnett had a huge parish extending from the Beira Patrol off" East Africa to Australia and NZ. He arrived just after it was announced that the Wilson government planned to withdraw British Forces from the Far East. While his main task was to implement this, he was ordered to organise a small ANZUK force in conjunction with the Malaysian and Singapore Armed Forces. He was also the British representative at the SEATO conferences. As the time for withdrawal approached, the company of Burnett and his wife was in great demand among political and military leaders in the region. Finally, on 29 October 1971 he took the salute at the final closure of the Command at a multi-national parade and fly-past. Two days later sixteen ships of the Far East Fleet steamed past while Fleet Air Arm aircraft flew overhead. In March 1972 Burnett retired from the RAE" (12)

Chairman, All-England Club, 1974-84 (coinciding with the McEnroe era). (13)

CALVOCORESSI, Peter John Ambrose (1912-2010)

Obituary, "Author and head of air intelligence at Bletchley Park who helped prosecute Goering at Nuremberg," DT Sa.6.2.2010:31. *

Articles include "Cutting Away the Brunei Connection," Sunday Times (London), 1 May 1983.

Sometime Reader in International Relations, University of Sussex; books include World Politics since 1945 (sixth edition, 1991).

The Hon Mrs. Calvocoressi, wife of Peter Calvocoressi, daughter of the sixth Lord Henley, of Bath, who died last July, left estate valued at 401,177 [pounds sterling] net (DT M.21.12.2005:20b #2).

CARLESS, Vic (1928-2011)

Full name given thus. Marine artist who "produced paintings of some of the world's most lavish, some would say gaudy, super-yachts, for owners such as the Sultan of Brunei, Donald Trump, Adnan Khashoggi or Steven Spielberg." Born on 13 January 1928, Walsall; died on 28 August 2011; survived by widow (Hilda) and three children. (14)

CHURCHILL, Winston Spencer (1940-2010) Obituary, "MP and journalist of mercurial talent who withstood scandal but never quite emerged from the shadow of his famous grandfather," DT W.3.3.2010:31.**

War correspondent for twelve years (not just in Borneo, but also in Yemen, Vietnam, and West Asia). Member of Parliament (Conservative) for Stretford (subsequently renamed Davyhulme), 1970-97.

Born on 10 October 1940; died on 2 March 2010. His father (Randolph Churchill) and mother were divorced in 1945. Pamela (nee Digby) subsequently married Averell Harriman and herself became US Ambassador to France in due course.

CLEMENTI, Dr. Dione Rose (d. 2010)

MA DPhil (Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford); Bletchley Park Commemorative Badge, 2009.

Eldest of four children to Sir Cecil and Lady Clementi, (15) her early years were spent in Hong Kong and in Holmer Green, Buckinghamshire. Died on 5 September 2010 at Ashley Park Nursing Home. Age not given. (16) Aunt, great-aunt, and great-great aunt. Wartime career spent at the Government Code and Cypher School, Bletchley. Post-war: Lecturer in History, Queen Mary College, London. Funeral Service: Chilterns Crematorium, near Amersham, HP7 0ND, 23 September 2010:1130h BST, forthcoming. F/D Alan Greenwood & Sons, 01483 210222. Online reference: 80202 (DT Tu. 14.9.2010:28e #4ff).

COWEN, Professor Sir [cr. 1976] Zelman (1919-2011)

Knight of the Order of Australia, 1977. G CMG 1977, GCVO 1980. Born on 7 October 2011 at Melbourne; died on 8 December 2011, aged ninety-two; m; 3s 1d. Rhodes Scholar, 1940. Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford, 1947-51. Professor of Public Law, Melbourne, 1951 (also Adviser to the British Colonial Office on constitutional matters); mentioned (BB 15.9.1956) in connection with a Land Code for Brunei. Governor-General of Australia (nineteenth incumbent), 1977-82. Provost of Oriel, 1982-90.17

CROSLAND, Susan (1927-2011)

US journalist, nee Susan Barnes Watson, 23 January 1927; died on 26 February 2011, aged eighty-four. (18)

Reporter for The Sunday Telegraph (London); visitor to NBD, September 1998; granted separate Audiences of HM the Sultan, HM the Raja Isteri, and HRH Pengiran Isteri Hajjah Mariam (STEL 20.9.1998:25).

Journalist; granted an Audience of HM Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, 1989; interviewed the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Finance, nd (Maclean 1993:369).

Photographed: ST 11.3.1990:C5.

DAVIS, Lieutenant-Colonel Peter George (1923-2011) British Royal Marine officer, 1942-71 (DSC 1944); born on 9 December 1923, Paddington (London); died on 18 August 2011; survived by widow (Janet) and two sons; his own father, Solly Davis, had won an MC in World War I. (19)

"In 1962-63, during the Confrontation (when Indonesia threatened the newly-formed Federation of Malaysia), Davis was a company commander in 40 Commando RM. Deployed from the carrier Albion, he landed by helicopter deep in the jungle with 'Pugforce,' a[n] amalgam of Royal Marines, Ghurkas [sic], Sarawak Rangers, and Iban trackers. On his first operation, Davis set up an ambush near Miri in northern Sarawak, without result; the next day he captured a number of rebels." Served at HQ Plymouth Group RM in 1964-5 and then returned to Albion as Amphibious Operations Officer (1965-7).

EDWARDS, Commander David George (1918-2011)

RN. Born on 5 September 1918, Walthamstow; died on 1 May 2011. (20) "In 1954 he was appointed to the Loch-class frigate Cardigan Bay (21) in Hong Kong, employed as guardship at Hong Kong and off Korea, and on anti-piracy patrols around Borneo and Indonesia, and in training the Malayan RNVR"; promoted commander, 1956. (22)

EVELEGH, Colonel John Robin Garnet Nial (1932-2010)

Served in "North Borneo" during the Indonesia-Malaysia Confrontation. Born on 23 November 1932, Madras; son of Colonel EN Evelegh DSO MC; died on 15 May 2010 aged seventy-seven. Educated at Rugby and Magdalen College, Oxford; commissioned (1952) into the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry (43rd and 52nd), which was subsequently incorporated with the third Battalion of the Royal Green Jackets.

FARAKER, Ian Guy (d. 2011)

SLJ. Master Mariner, late of Singapore and Brunei; died on 30 April 2011 "after an illness bravely borne"; age not given; "a true Officer and a Gentleman"; married to Jane for fifty-eight years; father of Christopher; also of Susan (deceased). Daughter-in-law: Vicky. Five grandchildren. Sister: Kathleen. Funeral due to take place at Eastbourne Crematorium on 18 May 2011:1215h BST. (23)

Acting Director of Marine, Brunei, 9 June 1969; (24) likewise, 13 November 1973. (25) Controller of Ports, Brunei, from 1 May 1974 (26) until 1977. Director of Marine, February 1981 until 1984. Adviser to Director of Marine, 1984-7. (27)

FLETCHER, Brigadier let. 1974] Dato Setia let. 1965] Donald Murray (1922-2010)

Ranking as a Lieutenant-Colonel, the first (and last) British Officer Commanding Brunei Malay Regiment, April 1964 to 31 May 1965; first OC Royal Brunei Malay Regiment, 31 May 1965 to 25 July 1966. DSNB 1965 (BGG 9.10.1965:258). Preceded in office by Lieutenant-Colonel (later Brigadier) Tunku Ahmad bin Tunku Besar Burhanuddin, seconded from the Malayan Army; succeeded by Major (later Lieutenant-Colonel) Henry Fairbridge Burrows (b. 1923).

Born on 18 August 1922. Commissioned into the British Army, 28 November 1942. Awarded an MC in Burma during the Second World War. Brigadier, 30 June 1974. Retired on 23 December 1977. OBE MC BA (Harfield 1977:17, 44; and AL Supplement 1979:13).

Promoted Colonel, 1963. "Fletcher then took command of the Brunei Malay Regiment in the aftermath of the 1963 [sic] Brunei Revolt. This was a difficult period which involved rebuilding the regiment throughout the British 'confrontation' with Indonesia. During his command, he saw its transformation to an All Arms Force, with its own helicopters, fast patrol boats, and hovercraft. On completion of his tour he was appointed OBE" (DT M. 15.3.2010:29*).

Born at Cowes, lsle of Wight; died on 9 January 2010 (DT M.15.3.2010:29). Married (1946) Heather Sinclair, who pre-deceased him; survived by their two sons.

Educated at Newport GS (lOW) and King's College London. Commissioned, Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders. Served with 82nd West African Division Reconnaissance Regiment in Burma (MC 1945). Finished the war with the Parachute Regiment in the Indian Airborne Division. Farmer, lOW, 1948-53. Rejoined the regular army. Commissioned into the Manchester Regiment; posted to Malaya during the Emergency. Transferred to the Parachute Regiment; commanding a company of I Para in Cyprus during the EOKA campaign. Went ashore by landing craft during the Suez crisis, then moved to the 13th Yorkshire and Lancashire Btn, Parachute Regiment (Pathfinders), down to 1963. Promoted Colonel shortly after leaving Brunei; served in Bahrain, NATO Defence College (Rome), SHAPE; promoted Brigadier, 1974; defence attache, South Korea; retired from the Army, 1977. Worked as an estate agent, IOW, and as a consultant to a mainland engineering firm (DT M. 15.3.2010:29*).

Sportsman: athletics, association football, rugby (DT M. 15.3.2010:29*).

GOURIET, John Prendergast (1935-2010)

Born on 1 June 1935, London; died on 4 September 2010. "Gouriet was adjutant of the Trucial Oman Scouts [from no date] until 1963, then served as GSO3 Intelligence to the Director of Operations in Borneo." Educated at Charterhouse and Sandhurst; Army 1955-73; commissioned into the 15th/19th King's Royal Hussars, 1955; served in Malaya (during the emergency) and Somaliland (DTTu. 14.9.2010:29"*).

HARGREAVE, John Michael (d. 2010)

Died in his sleep on Friday 30 July 2010 in County Cork aged ninety-two; widower of Margaret Isobel (April) and of Diana Adair, Baroness Kirknewton; father of Timothy, Oliver, Belinda; grandfather of Alison, Sophie, Joy, Sarah, Piang [thus], Alexandra, Francesca, Patrick, Beatrice; also great-grandfather; funeral due to take place at noon on Friday 6 August 2010 at St Mark's Church, Kilbonane (Aherla), County Cork (DT Tu.3.8.2010:26e #7).

Erratum: Diana Adair had been the widow of Mr. A.R. Adair (1913-81), who was British High Commissioner to Brunei from May 1968 until August 1972 (not "1982" as stated by the present writer in BRB 2007:46).

HARRISON, Alastair Brian Clarke (1921-2011)

"When war broke out Harrison joined the Australian Army. He saw action in the Halmahera islands (now part of Indonesia) as Commandos harried a major Japanese base, and later in Borneo before being demobilised in the rank of captain." (28)

Born on 3 October 1921, Melbourne; son of Brigadier Eric Harrison of the Victoria state legislature; died on 21 August 201 1; m, 1s 1d.

Educated at Geelong GS and Trinity College Cambridge (rowing blue, helping to set a course record which lasted for decades). MP (Conservative) for Malden (UK), 1955-74. John Hare, Minister of State at the Colonial Office, chose Harrison as his PPS. (29) When Hare was promoted to Secretary of State for War in 1956 (Suez crisis), Harrison went with him. (30)

HEALEY: Edna, Lady (1918-2010)

British writer, nee Edna May Edmunds; died on 21 July 2010, aged ninety-two (DT Sa.24.7.2010:27 **). Author of Lady Unknown: The Life of Angela Burdett-Coutts (1978) and of Coutts & Co, 1692-1992: The Portrait of a Private Bank (1992). Other works include Wives of Fame (1986), re Mary Livingstone, Jenny Marx, and Emma Darwin, followed by a full biography of the last-named (2001); and The Queen's House: A Social History of Buckingham Palace (1998) (D T Sa.24.7.2010:27 **).

Born on 14 June 1918 (DT M.14.6.2010:30); married Denis (later Lord) Healey; (31) three children [1s 2d], four grandchildren; educated at Bell's Grammar School and St Hugh's College, University of Oxford; taught and lectured in the UK and USA; broadcaster; prize-winning documentary film-maker (Healey 1992:ibc*).

Autobiography (2006): Part of the Pattern." The Memoir of a Wife at Westminster (Review, 306pp, 25 [pounds sterling]).

HEANEY, John (1931-2010)

Born on 26 February 1931; died on 3 November 2010, aged seventy-nine. Obituary, "Oilman whose early expedition to South Georgia yielded a map used by British forces in the Falklands War" (DT Sa.20.11.2010:35**). "In 1968 Heaney was transferred to London with responsibility for Shell's activities in the Middle East. Two years later he was appointed production manager in Brunei; then, in 1972, he returned to Britain to work on the early development of Shell's North Sea oilfields" (ibid, emphasis added).

HEDGELAND, Air Vice Marshal Philip Michael Sweatman, "Mike" (1922-2009) Born on 24 November 1922, died on Christmas Day 2009, aged eighty-seven. Commissioned into the Technical Branch of the RAF, 1942. MBE 1948, OBE 1957, CB 1977. Obituary, "Engineer who developed crucial navigational and targeting aids for Bomber Command's Pathfinder Force," DTTu.9.3.2010:31.* Extract: "In May 1963 he left for the Far East to fill the joint service post of Director of Signals. With British forces heavily involved in Brunei and in the Indonesian Confrontation, where operations in Borneo often occurred in remote and inaccessible locations, great demands were placed on his expertise and organisational abilities. Hedgeland returned to the UK in December 1965." Spouse died on 31 December 2006; survived by two sons.

HONG KOK TIN, Yang Dimuliakan Pehin Bendahari Kornia Di-Raja [er. 1960] There is an application for probate in respect of Pehin Hong Kok Tin by his anak, Hong Geok Leong, reference LA/163/2010, in PB1 Sa. 11.9.2010:20ab. An earlier application for probate (KB/LA/45/2001 in PB16.2.2002:3b #3) was made by Hong Geok Fwong and Hong Yew Kui, described as benefisiari of the will. In fact, Pehin Hong was described as "the late" as long ago as 1992 (Tan Pek Leng 1992:127), although the precise date of death is not available to the present writer. It appears, at any rate, that there has been some difficulty in winding up his estate.

Created YD Pehin Bendahari Kornia Di-Raja, 24 May 1960 (BGG 25.6.1960:114).

SNB SLJ PSB POAS (as at BAR 1971:373). Of these: SOAS Medal, second class (POAS) (BGG 7.10.1961:194); PSB 1965 (BGG 9.10.1965:259); SNB 1970 (BGG 26.12.1970:318).

Member of the Legislative Council (e.g. BAR 1971:373; BAR 1975:450; but not listed as such in BAR 1976).

Member of a commission appointed by the Brunei Government to ascertain the views of the public with regard to the proposed creation of a Malaysian Federation (BB 13.1.1962).

Saw-miller, Tutong District (BAR 1966:101) and Brunei District (BAR 1971:117).

"The only Chinese to have served in the Brunei cabinet [sic; not to be confused with the post-independence cabinet]. He was appointed Assistant Minister of Medical and Health Services in 1965 and served in this capacity for five years. Pehin Hong was active in the Kuala Belait-Seria Chamber of Commerce and instrumental in the post-war revival of the Chinese school in Kuala Belait" (Tan Pek Leng 1992:127, citing Niew Shong Tong).

IRELAND BLACKBURNE, Michael Robert (d. 2011)

MBE. Died on 21 January 201 I, aged eighty-nine; husband of the late Margaret; father, grandfather, great grandfather; service of thanksgiving at St John the Baptist Church, Harrietsham, Kent, Monday 7 February 2011:1430h GMT; donations to British Heart Foundation; AW Court, F/D, Headcorn Road, Crafty Green, Maidstone, Kent, ME17 2AP (DT W.26. 1.2011: 32f #2; also in LTO 26. 1.2011).

Served in Brunei with the British Military Administration in the immediate aftermath of the Second World War. According to Professor Hussainmiya (1995:87 and 106 n30), the Persatuan Melayu Brunei and the Barisan Pemuda Brunei joined forces in 1946 to protest against the appointment of Ireland Blaekburne as Secretary to Mr. W.J. (later Sir John) Peel, the British Resident in Brunei (see BRB 2004:8-9 and BRB 2008:44). It was felt that Captain Blackburne was conversant neither with the Malay language nor with Malay custom.

Margaret Ireland Blackburne (nee Ellis) had died on 27 February 2010 (online press notification).

ISMAIL bin Pengiran Haji Mohammad, Yang Amat Mulia Pengiran Seri lndera [cr. nd] Pengiran Dato Paduka [cr. 1989] Haji (d. 2010)

NBD nobleman, one of the "small ceteria" (cf Brown 1970:200, No 55). Awarded the DPMB in July 1989; already held the SMB and POAS (PB 19.7.1989:12); died on 20 October 2010, 12 Zulkaedah 1431 (PB R. 10.11.2010:3**).

President of the Brunei Chess Association (PB 20.9.1989:31).

Mentioned: Watson 1982:69 (already styled Pengiran Seri Indera here; already SMB POAS here).

Mentioned: PB 11.1.1984:16*; styled "PAM PSI PH" here).

Offspring: PH Abdul Rahman; PH Abu Bakar; Pengiran Adnan; PH Anuar; Dayangku Hajjah Mastoli; Dayangku Norliha; PH Shahminan; and Awangku Shariful bin PSI PH Ismail.

KAMALUDDIN bin Pengiran Setia Raja Pengiran Haji Jaya, Pengiran

NBD policeman, albeit not quite as distinguished as his illustrious father, who was Commissioner of the Royal Brunei Police Force from 1975 until 1983. (32)

Deceased in NBD nlt (33) July 2011; cf application for probate by his daughter, Dayangku Elina Zuraidah binti Pengiran Kamaluddin, ref. LA/155/2011, in PBI Sa.6.8.2011 : 18a #1.

PSB 1989 (PB 26.7.1989:13a, then ranking as a Deputy Superintendent of Police). Commandant, Police Training Centre, Gadong (PB 3.11.1999:10). Police Superintendent, RBPF, doubling as Head of Secretariat, APEC 2000 Security and Traffic Executive Committee (PB 25.10.2000:3). OC Police District Muara (BBO M.7.4.2003: h10.htm; BBO F.5.3.2004:h12.htm; BBSO 6.6.2004:h21.htm). OC Police District Belait (BBO Th.2.2.2006:h23.htm).

Recreation: polo. (34)

KUDIL Sukur (d 2011)

Kedayan actor, aged fifty-four; died on Easter Sunday, 24 April 2011 (BBO EM 25.4.2011).

Alternative usage: "Sukor."

The Borneo Bulletin noted on 11 June 2011 that the theatrical profession in NBD had suffered grievous losses: Liau Badar, Kudil Sukor, Haji Ahim, and Jamil had all died recently (BBO Sa. 11.6.2011).

LAWRIE, Reginald Seymour, "Rex" (1917-2011)

Born on 22 June 1917; died on 15 January 2011. Obituary, "Outstanding surgeon at Guy's who excelled in a variety of disciplines" (DT M. 14.2.2011:27*). "He retired from Guy's in 1977 and went to work for the Sultan of Brunei." Was married to Jean, also a doctor, and was her principal care-giver up to her death in 2009. Their four children survive him. (35)


Deceased in NBD nlt 2009; cf application for probate by their offspring, Lim Thian Lee, reference LA 236/2009, in PBI 13.3.2010:17d #2. One "Mr. Lim Chui Hock," proprietor of the Sam Kong ice-cream factory in Jalan Kianggeh (BSB), was a member of the Brunei Trade Mission to Singapore in 1977 (WWMBS 1978-9:19*).

LIM SENG KOK, Dato Paduka ler. 2010] Awang (d. 2011)

PSB SMB SNB DPMB at the time of death. DPMB 2010. (36)

A "seasoned entrepreneur," Dato Paduka Lim died during the weekend of 23-24 July 2011 ;37 "aged eighty-five." (38)

President, NBD Hokkien Association, 1998-2010. Other posts held (no dates): Chairman, Brunei Chinese Temple. Active in the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in BSB. Member, board of directors, Chung Hwa Middle School. (39)

Business interests included shoes (1962-), nasi padang (1978-), and real estate, especially in the Madewa area (1978-). (40)

Arrived in Brunei at the age of two; attended primary school in the sultanate until the outbreak of the Pacific War. (41)

SNB, 15 July 2006 (BBSO 16.7.2006:h2.htm, styled Awang here).

Chairman, Hokkien Association of NBD, based at Kiulap (BBO F.14.2.2003: h31.htm; BBSO 18.9.2005:h6.htm; BBO Tu.21.2.2006:h20.htm).

Donor to the Brunei-Muara District Orphans' Fund, 8 January 1998 (PB 21.1.1998:3). Donor to the funds of the twentieth South-East Asian Games organizers (PB 4.8.1999:16).

Registrar of Chinese Marriages, Brunei-Muara and Temburong Districts, appointed for the years 2002-3, in succession to the late Pehin Pang Boon Ting; certificate of appointment presented on 17 January 2002 (PB 23.1.2002:13").

Mentioned: PB 7.10.1998:3.

Widow: Datin Liaw Kuan. (42)

Sons: Lim Han Khim; Lim Han Chiong. (43)

Daughters: Lim Kui Hong @ Lim Siew Hong; Lim Siew Ling; Lim Siew Huey. (44)

Alternative usage: 'Hockian' (BBO Tu.21.2.2006:h20.htm).

MAGAN, Brigadier William Morgan Tilson (1908-2010)

CBE. Died on Thursday 21 January 2010, aged 101; husband of Maxine; father of George and James; grandfather of Edward, Henrietta, and Patrick (DT Sa.23.1.2010:30g #2; online reference 69333).

Born on 13 June 1908, Athlone; died on 21 January 2010; survived by widow and two sons; pre-deceased by two other sons. Obituary, "Cavalry officer recruited by MI5 who became one of the leading figures in post-war intelligence" (DT Sa.23.1.2010:31 */**).

Director, E Branch, MI5, appointed in 1951; "responsible for liaisoning with the Service's many overseas representatives. He played a key role in the colonial emergencies in Malaya, Kenya, Nyasaland, Aden, and Borneo" (DT Sa.23.1.2010:31, emphasis added). Headed F Branch (counter-subversion) and C Branch (protective security), no dates. Retired in 1968.

Educated at Rossall and Sandhurst. Commissioned 1928.

See also: LTO 2.2.2010 and The Independent (online) 7.2.2010.

MAHMUD ISKANDAR AL-HAJ ibni Al-Marhum Sultan Ismail, Almutawakkil Alallah Sultan (1932-2010)

Sixth (not eighth) (45) Yang Di-Pertuan Agung of Malaysia, 1984 (April) to 1989 (PB R.27.1.2010:12-13**); visitor to BSB, 10 August 1984 (AR 1983-1984); installation ceremony (KL, 15 November 1984) attended by HRH Prince Jefri Bolkiah; one of the mourners (along with his consort and two of their daughters) at the funeral of the Seri Begawan Sultan in BSB (BB 13.9.1986:2); bestowed the Panglima Gagah Angkatan Tentera, Malaysia's highest military award, upon HM Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah in a ceremony at the Istana Negara, KL, 28 October 1986 (BDS 1985-6:126); four-day official visit to NBD, early April 1987 (BB 11.4.1987:1; BDS 1987:119; Menon 1988:256).

Fourth Sultan of Johor Darul Takzim, 1981 (11 May) to 2010 (Crown Prince, 1959-61, 1981; Raja Muda, second in line to the throne, 1966-81); visitor to NBD, 1 February 1983; likewise 14-15 March 1984 and in February 1991; and again for the Silver Jubilee celebrations, 5 October 1992 (PB 7.10.1992:15).

Born on 8 April 1932, at the Istana Semayam, Johor Baharu; third son of Sultan Ismail; great-grandson (cicinda) of Sultan Abu Bakar, "founder of modern Johor" (PB R.27.1.2010:12-13**); received his early education in the state capital, subsequently pursuing his studies in Australia and the UK; married (1) Josephine Trevorrow (1956); (2) Tengku Zanariah Ahmad (1961).

Joined the state civil service (DT W.27.1.2010:33).

According to Bernama, His Majesty was Kolonel Yang Dipertua, Rejimen Perkhidmatan Khas Malaysia, Colonel of the Malaysian Special Service Regiment (PB R.27.1.2010:12-13**).

Died aged seventy-seven, 22 January 2010, 6 Safar 1431: 1908h-1915h local time; survived by widow (Sultanah Zanariah) and ten children (BBO Sa.23.1.2010; PB R.27.1.2010:12-13**). Message of condolence, 23 January 2010, from HM Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah to Tunku Mahkota Tunku Ibrahim lsmail ibni Sultan [Mahmud] Iskandar, who had been appointed Regent of Johor (PB R.27. 1.2010:12-13**). Funeral (Johor Baharu, 23 January 2010) attended by HM Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah and HRH the Perdana Wazir (PB R.27.1.2010:12-13**).

After his death newspapers praised him as a "selfless ruler at heart" and as "a ruler close to his subjects." His eldest son, Tunku Ismail Iskandar, has been proclaimed the state's new sultan (DT W.27.1.2010:33).

Recreation: golf (PBA 6.2.1999:16f #4).

See further: Kershaw 1993:290-1.

Alternative usage: "Al-Mutawakal," "Allallah."

MAIDIN bin Momin, Awang Haji (d. 2010)

Principal, Menglait Secondary School, Gadong (BBO Sa.20.4.2002:hl 5.htm).

"Soft-spoken" President of the Darussalam Motorcycle Association (PEMODA), "the core of biker culture and community not only in Brunei but also in Borneo"; died on Saturday 27 November 2010, after he collapsed while exercising; buried just before noon; messages of condolence poured in from bikers all around the region; survived by children and grandchildren (BBSO 5.12.2010).

When he took over, PEMODA faced an uncertain future. It needed an experienced leader to unite and strengthen the grouping. Haji Maidin took up the challenge, apparently with success. He once told a reporter, Mohammad Abdullah, that he refrained from entering the association until after he had retired. "After all, how would it look if your principal were to rumble into school on a bike, wearing leathers" (BBSO 5.12.2010, abbreviated).

If Haji Maidin retired (as is stated) at the age of fifty-five, but was still Principal of Menglait Secondary School as late as 2002, he cannot have been more than 63-64 years of age at death.

In late January 2011 PH Redzuan PH Ahmad was elected to take over the presidency of PEMODA (BBO M.31.1.2011).

Alternative usage: "Mumin."

MAXWELL, Professor Dr. Allen Richmond, Jr. (1939-2011)

US scholar, born on 10 December 1939 at Hanover, New Hampshire; worked at the Department of Anthropology, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, for more than thirty-seven years until his death at home on 16 November 2011, aged seventy-one. (46)

Visiting Professor, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Universiti Brunei Darussalam, 1999-2000. (47) Field research in Brunei, 1968-71; in Malaysia, 1985, 1986, 1988.

Studied anthropology (BA 1961) and linguistics (MA 1962) at the University of Michigan, and anthropology (Ph.D. 1980) and the Malay/Indonesian language at Yale University. He conducted ethnographic and linguistic field research with the Kadayan of the Labu Valley through the DBP, 1968-71. He subsequently did similar survey research with the Badang, Belaga Malays, Buket, Kayan, Kenyah, and Sihan of the Balui Valley, Kapit Division; and the ethnohistory of the Kuching Malays, Kuching Division, Sarawak, through the Sarawak Museum. He taught anthropology at the Southern Connecticut State College; Barnard College, Columbia University; and at the University of Alabama. Recipient of innumerable fellowships, grants, and awards. A full list of his publications takes up twelve or thirteen pages. (48)

MILVERTON: Noelle Benda, Lady (1904-2010)

Widow of Lord Milverton, who, as Mr. A.F. Richards, was Governor of North Borneo in the early 1930s. (49)

Died peacefully at home in Flete [yes] House, Ermington, Devon, on Saturday 11 September 2010, aged 105; funeral due to take place at Holbeton Parish Church, 1430h BST, Thursday 30 September 2010; donations to All Saints Church; c/o Co-operative Funeralcare, Ermedale Chapel, Fore Street, Ivybridge, PL21 9AB; online reference 80386 (DT F. 17.9.2010:32g #2ff). Obituary, "Colonial beauty, footloose traveller, and veteran poppy-seller whose father threatened to shoot her fiance," DT Sa.25.9.2010:31.*

Nee Noelle Benda Whitehead, 18 December 1904, daughter of Charles Basil Whitehead, as at 1920 Chief Police Officer at Butterworth (Province Wellesley, FMS); joined her father in Malaya, 1921; "a considerable beauty, with long golden hair and sapphire blue eyes"; succeeded in attracting Arthur Richards, head of the Federal Secretariat in KL and nearly twenty years her senior; married, 6 September 1927 (permanently estranged from her father as a result); 2s 1d.

Settled in retirement at Maidenhead. After her husband's death in 1978, Lady Milverton "continued to live a full and active life, taking up painting and resuming her study of the piano.... At ninety-four she was still driving her own car, and was said to be doing the rounds between three boyfriends, one of whom, at sixty-five, was nearly thirty years her junior. Spent her final years at Flete, a nursing home converted from a house formerly owned by the Mildmay family with sweeping views over Dartmoor" (DT Sa.25.9.2010:31).

Descended from Sir Thomas Delves-Broughton, Baronet, of Doddington Park, Cheshire. Her mother, Ethel Maude Little, died in 1909, leaving three young children. Her father came from a family of clergy; remarried, 1920, 2d (twins); subsequently became a widower for a second time (DT Sa.25.9.2010:31).

MOORE, Captain John Evelyn (1921-2010)

Born on 11 November 1921 at St Illario, near Genoa; died on 8 July 2010. Obituary, "Naval officer who pioneered new techniques for the Special Boat Service and edited Jane's Fighting Ships," DT Tu.24.8.2010:27.*

RN 1939-73. Editor, JFS, 1973-87; books include Submarine Warfare: Today and Tomorrow (1986); lived on the Pevensey marshes.

Raised in NZ; educated at Sherborne (England). Assisted in hydrographical surveys in the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea in preparation for Operation Zipper; submarine officer, 1944 onwards, rising to command the 1st Submarine Squadron (Sydney) and the 7th (Singapore).

"During the Second World War Moore had experienced at first hand the difficulty of landing men from submarines and the submariner's dislike of entering shallow water. He determined to do something about these problems when in Singapore during the Confrontation between Malaysia and Indonesia between 1962 and 1966, taking a special interest in the operations of the Special Boat Service. By 1965 'Goldfish', an underwater method of leaving and re-entering submarines was under development by the Navy in the Far East. The technique was based on the experience during the Second World War of the midget submarines known as X-craft; but Moore took this further, inventing a homing device called 'Trongle' which enabled swimmers to find their parent boat at night. Next he converted a Mark 20 torpedo ('a useless device for its original task') to become an underwater delivery vehicle which he called Archimedes, and he experimented with this with the then 2nd Lieutenant Paddy Ashdown RM [subsequently, 1988-99, leader of the Liberal Democrat Party in the United Kingdom, and raised to the peerage in 2001 as Lord Ashdown]. Moore also adapted a Polaroid camera to take reconnaissance photographs through submarine periscopes, and eventually perfected a technique whereby special forces could be parachuted to a waiting sub, collect their gear and proceed to their targets."

Appointments in naval intelligence followed when Moore studied the navies of Warsaw Pact nations. His funeral, which he planned, ended with a chorus of Yellow Submarine.

Married (I) 1945 Joanna Pardot, divorced 1967; (2) 1970 Barbara Kerry, d. 2008. Survived by 1s 2d of his first marriage (DTTu.24.8.2010:27*).

MOWBRAY, Lieutenant-Commander Colin John de (1945-2010)

Helicopter pilot, educated at Stowe; entered Dartmouth, 1963. "In Borneo in the 1960s he was a 'jungly,' flying the 'bootneck' Royal Marines of 45 Commando to and from jungle locations that he was advised to 'memorise, then forget'; served in the Falklands war; MBE 1992; retired from the RN, 1994; in retirement spent fourteen years helping to organize the Clipper round-the world yacht races" (DT Sa.31.7.2010:33).

Born on 12 April 1945, High Wycombe; died on 11 July 2010, aged sixty-five; survived by widow, Vanessa, nee Pollock (m 1969), 2d 1s (DT Sa.31.7.2010:33).

Claimed to be descended from Geoffrey and Roger de Monbrai, brothers who fought on the side of William, Duke of Normandy, at the Battle of Hastings, 1066 (DT Sa.31.7.2010:33).

Service of Thanksgiving due to take place at 1430h BST on Friday 17 September 2010 at Chichester Cathedral;; online reference: 78588 (DT W.4.8.2010:28h #1).

MUHAMMAD AMIN SWEENEY, Professor Dr. PL (1938-2010)

Works include "Silsilah Raja-Raja Berunai" (JMBRAS 1968; with supplements, loc. cit., 1969 and 1974).

NO Patrick L Sweeney, London, 1938; convert to Islam; died unexpectedly on 13 November 2010, whilst renovating his cottage in Cisarua. (50)

Ph.D. in Malay Literature, SOAS, University of London, 1971; student (later obituarist) of Christiaan Hooykaas, 1902-1979 (JMBRAS 1981 : 2:151-2). First came to Malaya in 1958, teaching in Johore. Already (by 1976) the author of four books and several papers on Malay Classical and Oral Literature (JMBRAS 1976: 1:153).

Life Member of MBRAS. (51)

"A man of many virtues and vices, talents and skills, and you always knew when he was around" (Putten 2011:103).

Arrived in Malaya at the end of the 1950s after dropping out of secondary school. First-class honours degree (SOAS, 1967). Ph.D. at SOAS (1970) [thus] supervised by Professor C Hooykaas; Lecturer, UKM, for seven years from 1970; moved to California to take up a position in the Department of South and Southeast Asian Studies at the University of California (Berkeley); retired as professor emeritus, 1999; settled originally in Jakarta before buying the house in Cisarua (according to Putten 2011:103-4).

His books include two studies of the wayang kulit of Kelantan (1972), Authors and Audiences in Traditional Malay Literature (1980), A Full Hearing." Orality and Literacy in the Malay World (1987), (52) and Karya Lengkap Abdullah bin Abdul Kadir Munsyi (three volumes, 2005-8). A translation of the complete oeuvre of Taufik Ismail's poems (more than one thousand pages) was completed two weeks before his death. During his final years he was also Editor of Horison (online) (Putten 2011:104-5).

Recreations: gardening and bird-watching (Putten 2011:103).

MOHD SAID bin Pengiran Ahmad, Yang Amat Mulia Pengiran Lela Utama [er. 1996] Pengiran Dato Paduka [cr 1993] Haji (1921-2011)

NBD nobleman of ceteria rank; died at his home in Kampong Mumong on the morning of Friday 26 August 2011 (BTO Sa.27.8.2011).

Born in 1921 at Kampong Kianggeh, Brunei Town (according to BBO Sa.27.8.2011). First holder of the post of Penghulu of Belait mukim, "for twenty [sic] years from 1975" (BBO Sa.27.8.2011); (53) actually retired as penghulu in 2002 (PB 7.5.2004:11); previously worked for the RBPF, BSPC and the PWD (BTO Sa.27.8.2011).

DPMB 1993 (BB F.16.7.1993:3). Created YAM Pengiran Lela Utama, May 1996 (PB 22.5.1996:1. 16);54 previously styled "Pengiran DP Haji."

Recreation: association football (BTO Sa.27.8.2011).

Burial: Tanah Perkuburan Islam Batu Tiga, Jalan Maulana (BTO Sa.27.8.2011).

Mentioned: PB 12.5.1999:15.

Family: twelve children, forty-eight grandchildren (according to BTO Sa.27.8.2011); twelve children, fifty-seven grandchildren, thirty-seven great grandchildren (according to BBO Sa.27.8.2011).

Eldest son: Pengiran Tajuddin (BTO Sa.27.8.2011). (55)

First wife died on 26 August 1983, age/name not given, eleven children; one daughter with his second wife (neither named); survived by widow (second wife) (BBO Sa.27.8.2011).

Alternative usage: Pengiran Laila Utama; "Said" (instead of "Mohd Said"); "Mat Said."

There is a reference in PB 22.4.1992:13 to "PH Mohd Said," described as the "former penghulu of Seria mukim" (bold type added).

There is also an application for probate (reference KB/LA/46/2006, in PB1 15.11.2006:13a #4) in respect of Yahya bin Suhaili, who had died in NBD, by his widow, Pengiran Hajjah Hadizah binti PLU PH Md Said.

Another daughter, Pengiran Hajjah Alimah, is the widow of PH Yunus bin PH Ahmad @ PH Mahmud (cf her application for probate, No 41/2002, in PBI 5.6.2002:2a #2).

Pengiran Ahmad

Pengiran Lela Utama Pengiran DP Haji Md Said 0921-2011)

Pengiran Hajjah Hadizah = Yahya bin Suhaili (deceased nlt (56) 2006). (deceased nlt 2002)

Pengiran Hajjah Alimah = PH Yunus bin PH Ahmad

RAIS bin Banih, Awang Haji (d. 2010)

NBD actor known as Liau Badar; feared drowned at the age of seventy-four (BBO M.30.8.2010); corpse recovered at Batu Panjang, Kolam Besar in Jerudong; had been reported missing on Sunday 29 August 2010, when his boat and fishing net were found at the beach; a massive search ensued (BBO Th.2.9.2010).

Actor, RTB (PBA 10.4.1991:9). "Veteran [comic] actor," pelawak veteran (PBA 3.2.1999:4). "Popular actor," pelawak popular (PB 25.12.2002:10).57 Best Actor, 2006 RTB Awards, 27 January 2007 (PB 21.2.2007:2).

Declaimed poetry (PB 23.5.1990:16).

Assistant Ketua Utama, RUSILA, (58) 1989-90 session (PB 11.1.1989:19).

Treasurer II of ASTERAWANI, the NBD Writers' Association (PB 23.5.1990:16).

Alternative usage: "Baneh."

Funeral due to take place at Limau Manis on 2 September 2010. Survived by widow and at least one son. "Veteran comedian" (internet source, posted by "Turuk Maktoo"; accessed on Saturday 29 January 2011:1039h GMT).

Son: Awang Razali bin Haji Rais (BBO M.30.8.2010). Alternative usage: "Razalee."

The acting profession has suffered some grievous blows in recent years. For example, Yahya Mat Zain died in 2006 (BRB2007:43), Haji Butir bin Serudin followed in 2007 (BRB 2008:39), and Shukery Hashim, a Malaysian with NBD connections, took his final bow in 2009 (BRB 2009:63); with Kudil Sukur, 54, to follow in 2011.


Penname used by Awang Rosli bin Abidin. (59)

Winner, South-East Asia Write [sic] Award, 2002; the seventeenth recipient from NBD; the first local journalist to have won the prize and the first employee from the private sector to have done so. (60)

Born at Seria in 1958; died at RIPAS Hospital on Sunday 30 October 2011 (0800h local time), following multiple medical complications; funeral same day; survived by two daughters and one son. (61)

Works include a collection of his short stories, entitled Pulau Gerimis or Drizzle Island, published by the DBP. (62) He also wrote Rapsodi Mahogani, The Rhapsody of a Mahogany Tree, comprising a short novel along with another set of cerpen (DBP, nd). (63) A further novel, Lambaian Firdaus, The Call of Heaven, followed in 2009. (64)

He also contributed to anthologies with other writers, including short stories in Meniti Guguran Rasa, or Treading a Variety of Feelings, a secondary-school textbook; and Meniti Jambatan Usia, Crossing the Bridge of Age. His poetry is sampled in Kosovo Bilakah Langitmu Kembali Biru?, Kosovo: When Will Your Sky Be Blue Again? (65)

As a dramatist, he wrote a thirteen-part series for RTB entitled Puncak Pertama (The First Summit), based on a novel by Muslim Burmat, and produced by Dasmin Studio Production. He also wrote RTB's productions of Pindah (Migration), Ragap (Confusion), Pajah (Blackout), Aing (Water), Paning (Headache), Tamu (Guest),

Penghulu, and Keluarga Liau Badar. (66)

Winner, Bahana Creative Award, three times (1993, 1995, 1998). (67)

Former Borneo Bulletin reporterz (68) and, less frequently, photographer. (69)

Educated at North-East London Polytechnic, graduating in 1982 with a BSc in Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science.

He showed an interest in writing from an early age. His grandfather bought him newspapers to read every day. By the time he was ten he used to read Malay novels aloud to his family and when he was fifteen he entered his first piece of work for a short-story competition. (70)

Interviewed by Hajjah Salmah binti Haji Abdul Rahman on RTB's breakfast television program, Rampai Pagi, Wednesday 23 October 2002. His mother and grandfather, although illiterate, encouraged him in his reading thereby providing a good foundation for his subsequent literary career. (71)

Photographed: BBO Th.24.10.2002:h15.htm.*

ROZALLA, Dr. Michael Alexander (1920-2010)

Acting State Medical Officer, Brunei, November 1955 to May 1956 (BGG 30.6.1956); preceded in office by Dr. E.C. Vardy (b. 1902; deceased, nd), succeeded by Dr. M.T. Read (1914-69).

Died on 18 April 2010 (according to the Sarawak Association Newsletter 201 O, online, accessed W.21.7.2010).

Sarawak Civil Service, 1949-70 (OBE). Ended his career in Borneo as Deputy Director of Medical Services, Sarawak (long leave 27 April 1970, prior to retirement).

Educated at Calcutta University (MB 1944). Imperial Medical Service, 19458. Medical Officer, Sarawak, 1949. Medical Officer, in charge Leper Settlement, 1950. Divisional Medical Officer, 1951 (Brunei 1953). Medical Officer, 1956. Specialist Health Officer, Sarawak, 1961 (SGG 1954:87; COL 1966:291; Kirk-Greene 1991:313). Lived in retirement in NSW.

SALHAH binti Al-Marhum Pengiran Bendahara Pengiran Anak Abdul Rahman, Yang Amat Mulia Pengiran Bini Pengiran Anak Hajjah Siti (d. 2011)

Third wife (72) and widow of the Seri Begawan Sultan; aunt (later stepmother) of HM Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah; also an aunt of PA Haji Abdul Rahman (d. 2011), qv; died on Friday 18 February 2011 (BBO Sa.19.2.2011, here styled "YM Pengiran Hajjah Siti").

Date of birth not available: said to have been "aged seventy-four at the time of death." (73)

There is an application for probate by her sister, Pengiran Hajjah Siti Hawa [binti] PA Abdul Rahman, reference LA/71/2011 in PB1 Sa. 16.4.2011:16a # 1; here styled "Pengiran Hajjah Siti." (74)


Sultan Hashim (d. 1906)


PM Omar Ali Saifuddin (d. 1905)


Pengiran Bendahara PA Abdul Rahman (d. 1943)


YAM Salhah (d. 2011) = SOAS 3 (1914-86)

SCANLON, Elizabeth (1927-2009)

In 1950-1 joined her husband, Peter Scanlon (b. 1924), who was seconded to Brunei as Assistant Resident; author of "Impressions of Brunei 1950-1951" (BMJ 1988); died on 10 October 2009 (according to Sarawak Association Newsletter 2010, accessed W.21.7.2010).

Born at HK, 1927. Returned with family to UK in 1934; educated at Dunottar School for Girls (until 1942), Reigate Grammar School; Oxford University (honors degree in Geography), 1945-8; Postgraduate Certificate in Social Science, LSE, 1948-9. Married Peter Scanlon, December 1949.

Removed from Brunei back to Sarawak, 1951-64; when in Kuching worked at the Sarawak Museum for Tom Harrisson and helped with the development of arts and crafts throughout Sarawak in conjunction with the Sarawak Arts Council. Published "Sarawak in the Museum." Returned to the UK, 1964 (BMJ 1988:viii).

SINGH, Brigadier (Retd.) Sawai Bhawani (1931-2011)

High Commissioner of India to NBD, 1993-7; granted a farewell Audience of HM Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, 1NI, 8 January 1997; (75) of HRH the Perdana Wazir, BSB, same day. (76)

"Maharaja of Jaipur" (although it is also said that such titles were abolished in 1972), aged seventy-one (STEL 29.12.2002:22"); "polo-playing friend of Prince Charles"; "friend of former President Clinton and Sir Michael Jagger"; (77) no son; nominated a grandson as his heir thereby provoking a family row and possible High Court case over the 400m [pounds sterling] inheritance. (78)

Obituary, "Brigadier Sawai Bhawani Singh [1931-2011]: Maharaja of Jaipur who was decorated for bravery and was proud to call himself a businessman" (DT Tu. 19.4.2011:29**).

Alternative usage: "Bahawani."

STEPHEN, Ignatius (d. 2011)

Ignatius Stephen, 75, probably the doyen of local journalists, died on 16 June 2011 after a fall at his home. (79)

Borneo Bulletin reporter and photographer from at least as early as 1962 and continued to write for the newspaper, latterly on a freelance basis, for half a century until his death. Stories covered including the 1965 wedding between Crown Prince Hassanal Bolkiah and Pengiran Anak Saleha. (80) Winner of the "best freelance" award, second Brunei Shell Press and Media Awards, 1997. (81) Owner of the website. (82) Funeral due to take place on Monday 20 June 2011:0900h at St George's Church in BSB. (83)

Wrote for international news agencies, including Associated Press; survived by widow and seven children (two sons, five daughters) (84)

STRABOLGI, Lord (1914-2010)

Obituary, "Labour peer who served into his nineties and championed Lord Byron and the National Gallery" (DT F.31.12.2010:33"*).

David Montague de Burgh Kenworthy, eleventh Baron Strabolgi (cr. 1318); Deputy Speaker and Chairman of Committees, House of Lords, 1986-2001; Extra Lord in Waiting to HM the Queen since 1998 (WW 2000:1966; WW 2003:2080); born on 1 November 1914 (DT Sa.1.11.2003:28; DT M.1.11.2004:24; DT Tu.1.11.2005:20; DT W.1.11.2006:24; DT M.1.11.2010:30).

"The Lord Strabolgi (Extra Lord in Waiting) called upon The Sultan of Brunei Darussalam at 20 Kensington Palace Gardens, London WS, this morning [Monday 24 July 2000] and, on behalf of The Queen, welcomed His Majesty upon his arrival in this country" (Court Circular, DT Tu.25.7.2000:22).

"The Lord Strabolgi (Extra Lord in Waiting) was present at Heathrow Airport this afternoon [Saturday 29 July 2000] upon the departure of The Sultan of Brunei Darussalam and bade farewell to His Majesty on behalf of Her Majesty" (DT M.31.7.2000:22).

SUNNY bin Ahmat, Dato Paduka [cr. 1989] Awang Haji

Deceased in NBD nlt (85) August 2010; cf. application for probate by his son, Haji Yacob bin Dato Paduka Haji Sunny, reference LA/112/2010, in PBI Sa. 11.9.2010:20a # 1.

Precise dates of birth and death not available to the present writer.

Brunei Administrative Service. Assistant DO, Belait, 1 January 1951 (BGG 1.2.1951, then styled Inche). Acting DO Belait, 1-28 January 1954 (BGG 27.2.1954; BGG 31.5.1954). Assistant DO Belait, until appointed DO Seria, 1 March 1954 (BGG 30.4.1954). Ceased to be DO Seria, 24 April 1956 (CO 985/2 BGG 30.6.1956).

Acting State Forest Officer, Brunei, nd until 13 March 1961; acting DO Brunei-Muara, 13 March 1961 (BGG 8.4.1961:56); acting State Forest Officer, 24 July 1961 to 19 March 1962 (BGG 12.8.1961:140; BGG 7.4.1962:56).

Acting Commissioner of Lands, Brunei, 22 April 1962 to 25 June 1962 (BGG 5.5.1962:84; BGG 14.7.1962:122).

Officiated as DO Brunei-Muara, 1 December 1962 to 16 September 1963 (BGG 8.12.1962:194; BGG 28.9.1963:216). Acting Establishment Officer, 23 April 1964 (BGG 9.5.1964:100). DO, Brunei-Muara, 1 November 1964 (BGG 21.11.1964:282).

Acting Assistant State Secretary: 1-12 November 1965 (BGG 23.10.1965:264; BGG 18.12.1965:316); 28 December 1965 (BGG 15.1.1966:8); 21 March to 14 May 1966 (BGG 9.4.1966:82); 16 May 1966 (BGG 4.6.1966:128).

Acting Establishment Officer: 22 November 1966 (BGG 31.12.1966:318); 2 December 1968, whilst WI Glass was on leave (BGG 21.12.1968:276).

Member, Public Service Commission, NBD (TD 97:223a).

Brunei Coronation Medal, 1951 (CO 985/1 BGG 15.6.1951, then styled "Inche"); SMB 1966 (BGG 10.8.1966:192); PKL (nd; by 1989). Created DPMB 1989; previously styled 'Awang Haji' (PB 19.7.1989:12b).

Alternative usage: "Ahmad." (86)

SWEENEY, Professor Dr PL Muhammad Amin (1938-2010)

See under Muhammad Amin.


David Kyrle Hankinson (1928-2011): born on 30 May 1928; died on 4 April 2011. "In 1963 he was promoted captain of the destroyer Cambrian. (87) During eighteen months as part of the Far East Fleet, he steamed 63,000 miles. He took part in the Indonesia-Malaysia Confrontation". (88)

Professor Wangari Maathai (1940-2011), winner of the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize, visited NBD in March 2007, in connection with the "Heart of Borneo" forestry conservation project. (89)

David Bullock Severn, formerly of the Black Watch, who died at the age of eighty-four on Monday 18 July 2011 (DT Sa.23.7.2011:24h #1), was a son of Sir Claud Severn (1869-1933), Secretary to the High Commissioner for Brunei, May 1907 until January 1912. (90)

WAVELL, Stewart Brooke (1921-2010) Author of A Dream of Kinabalu (Antara Book Company, KL, 1988; a novel set in Sarawak, Brunei, and Sabah (Hill 1991:136, No 1015).

Died after a brief illness on 16 September 2010, aged eighty-nine. Broadcaster. Author of best-selling books on Southeast Asia, including The Lost World of the East and The Naga King's Daughter. Survived by three children (Derek, Stuart, Stella), ten grandchildren, thirteen great-grandchildren. Online reference: A122147 (DT W.22.9.2010:34h #8).

WELSH, Major-General Peter Miles (1930-2011)

Born in London, 23 December 1930 (son of Brigadier W.M. Welsh DSO MC); died on 17 April 2011. Educated at Winchester and Sandhurst. Five-month operational tour in Sarawak in 1965 commanding a company of 2GJ (Green Jackets) during the Confrontation with Indonesia; led a large number of successful fighting patrols, DT M.23.5.2011:27. "These involved crossing wide, deep, fast-flowing rivers in full equipment. The riflemen were frequently out of their depth and the threat of an enemy attack by machine guns or mortar fire was ever present, but he inflicted significant losses on the enemy without losing a single man or weapon. He was awarded an MC, his citation stating that his courage, calmness and determination were an inspiration to the whole battalion." (91)

ZAINAL ABIDIN (92) bin Dato Paduka Haji Ahmad, Awang

Deceased in NBD nit July 2010; cf application for probate by his "widow" (sic), Azlin bin Aziz (sic), reference LA 137/2010 in PBI Is. 19.7.2010:18a # 1; apparent inconsistency in original source. (93)

ZAKARIA bin Orang Kaya Bandar Haji Md Dayang, Awang Haji

Deceased in NBD nlt [not later than] March 2010; cf. application for probate by his widow, Dayang Hajjah Sadah [thus] binti Haji Jumat, reference LA 12/2010, in PB1 13.3.2010:17d #3.

Son of an Orang Kaya Bandar, traditionally one of the land chiefs (menteri darat) in Brunei-Muara District (cf Brown 1970:205). Haji Zakaria's father, OKB Haji Md Dayang, was a member of the Brunei District Advisory Council, 1954 (CO 985/1 BGG 30.10.1954); Meritorious Service Medal (BGG 7.10.1961:194); POAS (second class), 1966; Long Service Medal, 1967 (BGG 2.12.1967:276). Note, also, that OKB Haji Md Dayang was himself the son of a Dato Bandar, an office which does not appear to be listed by Professor Brown (1970:205); and I have no data at all relating to Dato Bandar Haji Tamit.

ZAKARIA bin Datu Mahawangsa Awang Haji Sulaiman, YD Pehin Orang Kaya Amar Pahlawan [cr. 1996] Dato Seri Set ia [cr. 1996] Awang Haji (1937-2011)


Member of the Privy Council (TD 97:190a).

Created YB POK Amar Pahlawan, 11 May 1996. (95)

PSNB, carrying the honorific Dato Seri Setia, 1996; previously styled Dato Seri Laila Jasa. (96)

Born on 22 June 1937; (97) died aged seventy-four on 1 November 2011, 1830h local time, Jerudong Park Medical Centre; (98) funeral attended by HM the Sultan and HRH the Pengiran Perdana Wazir; (99) survived by his widow, Datin Paduka Dayang Hajjah Jusnani binti Haji Lawie (b. 1940), who is highly distinguished in her own right, several children, (100) and eleven grandchildren.

Minister of Communications, NBD, 1 January 1989 to 24 May 2005 (101)

Doubled on occasion as: acting Minister of Foreign Affairs; acting Minister of Defence; acting Minister of Industry and Primary Resources; acting Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport; Minister-in-Waiting to foreign political leaders during their visits to the sultanate. (102) Also Chairman of the 2000 'Millennium Computer Bug' Task Force, which held its first meeting on Tuesday 30 June 1998. (103)

"Working with him for almost seventeen years during my time as the Director at the Ministry of Communications"--thus YB Pehin Abdullah Bakar, the current (2011) holder of the portfolio--"he was not just a leader to me, but also my source of guidance. The late Pehin came up with many initiatives during his tenure of office and brought about positive development and transformation in the communications sector in NBD and set the benchmark for ministers who followed him" (BBO Th.3.11.2011). His Excellency Mr. Joseph Koh (the Singapore High Commissioner in BSB) added that Pehin Zakaria yeas a "witty, charming man, full of zest for life, and intellectually very engaging" (BBO Fh.3.11.2011).

Speeches ranked as: ucapan. (104)

First Director (1982-) of the Brunei Diplomatic Service (according to Eusoff Agaki 1991:205). Permanent Secretary (Politics) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1984-6 (BDS 1983-1984; PB 22.10.1986:2). Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, 1986-8.

Read law at the University of Birmingham; Called to the Bar, Middle Temple; sometime Private Secretary to Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah (some time prior to independence, it appears), Permanent Secretary (Political), MFA, 1984-6505

Acting Commissioner of Development, Brunei, appointed 23 July 1967, while JL Firth was on leave. (106)

Secretary for Coordination, Coronation Administration Committee, 1968. (107)

Acting Commissioner of Lands, Brunei, 8 April 1972. (108) Deputy Commissioner of Lands, 1 May 1972. (109) Commissioner of Lands, 27 July 1974. (110) On leave: 16 July 1975 to 8 October 1975. (111)

First Head of the Economic Development Board, created in 1975 (according to Eusoff Agaki 1991 : 172).

Residence: Jalan Terunjung, Kampong Lambak (BBO Th.3.11.2011).

Recreation: golf. (112)

Photographed: BB Y 1998:115.


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